CFD Society Review – SCAM Chris Chase Signal System Disclosed!

CFD Society Signal Scam Review

Is CFD Society a SCAM or LEGIT Signaling System?

CFD Society by Chris Chase made an impression to make $11,000 per month by joining their exclusive trading signal software? Might be interested in trading with a reliable signal system by getting reliable trade signals? BEWARE, readers! We have tested and reviewed many apps that pledge guaranteed profits or high win rates (97.5% in the case of CFD Society Software). Many turn out to be a total rip off while only a handful is proven to be effective. For this reason, please read our CFD Society Review as we reveal whether is it worth investing into this trading solution!

CFD Society Official website:

After an in-depth investigation, CFD Society System doesn’t seem to keep their word and it’s not even close to making a profit. Day traders have already contacted us tipping us about this potential scam via emails. On the contrary, we should actually call CFD Society a SCAM based on these details available. Nevertheless, we highlight the false details and false promises about this offer below! Funny that this scam tries call themselves CFD Society when they aren’t even trading on Contract For Difference! It’s an outright attempt to mislead viewers and lure investment to their poor performing signaling system.

What is CFD Society?

For the benefit of readers that do not know what is CFD, it is basically Contract For Difference which is another financial derivative. In contrast to binary options which is also another type of trading instrument, CFD is pretty much like conventional trading. Whereby your profits depends on the magnitude of how much the price move in relative to your buy/sell price! Hence, the trader will need to concern themselves with Stop Losses or Take Profit target which may be slightly harder for beginner traders to plan in advance.

This is why many newbie traders prefer binary options trading because traders earn a fixed amount of profits regardless of how many pips gain in relative to the strike price. As long as it is higher or lower than the strike price, we earn a fixed profit! With that in mind, CFD Society is actually not a CFD signal generation system but rather aims to mislead viewers. Consequently, it’s no wonder why CFD Society doesn’t perform well since strategies for both forms of trading is different.

Who is Chris Chase?

The alleged CEO or founder for CFD Society, Chris Chase is a voice narrator bogus character acting as an experienced Forex Trader. Hands on expertise such as 16 years of managing client funds and generating $200 million revenue for 200 members are pure fiction. We’re exposing this fact based on research in an attempt to verify Chris Chase and his trading firm. Notably, we couldn’t find any legit sources to affirm his claims! Worst, we found Chris’s picture is actually a stock photo available for sale.

This finding definitely warns us of the potential fake service given by a fake person with no actual trading capability!

Chris Chase CFD Society

Actual Success by CFD Society Signal Members?

IF this software truly has 200 over profiting members we would have definitely found out by now. Our review team scans the market for profitable trading methods, software and pretty much anything that could boost our money making process. On top of that, a quick research shares negative feedback from users instead of gaining $11,000 per month. You may ask what about the testimonials given in the video and web page? They are also paid actors and stolen pictures which we’ve seen on other scam websites!

The scam artist had apparently hired quite a few familiar faces recognized in some of our Blacklisted Scams! For example, we’ve seen this same guy that supports other fraud by claiming unrealistic profits prior to CFD Society Software. Certainly, we can’t trust a scam individual hiding behind a stolen picture and non-existing members or company. If that’s not bad enough, the trade histories are also false as we examined it closely. It doesn’t make sense when the table lists down trade executions back in August 2016 when it declares a 2017 last update. In fact, the trades in the table includes weekend trades when bank/exchange closes that proves its’ falsity.

In reality, CFD Society is a new scam created providing dishonest evidence of success with no true profit potential.

CFD Society Testimonial

CFD Society Review Conclusion

In summary to all the evidence we compiled, we can simply put CFD Society Signaling System to be a SCAM! This is one pathetic fraud that employs false details, bogus CEO Chris Chase, and fake success stories to sell us lousy software. Negative complaints are everywhere without even a single trustworthy positive feedback on this system.  97.5% Win rate is unbelievable with CFD Society Systems and realistically in most trading signal software! FYI, if there’s a system that claims to have over 85% win rate in binary trading, it is most likely a scam!

The best performance we have personally tested and come across for the Best Performing Trading Software is about 75% to 85% win rate. In binary trading, we’ll require at least 70% to gain profit in the long term. As mentioned above, most scam software tends to over promise with unrealistic win rate. Hence do make sure to check with us before investing into any trading system!

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