Centument is a SCAM Review! LEGIT Trading Software!

Is Centument Binary Options Auto Trading Software a SCAM or LEGIT?

Please read our review  on Centument before investing into this binary options auto trading system!

Centument Binary Options SCAM Review!

Centument is a binary options auto trading software that was released on the 18th of January 2015, which is just a few days back and it is already receiving so much attention in the binary options industry. Many reviews can be found crawling in the internet and mostly are pretty positive with regards to this auto trading software. Nevertheless, we proceed with our own unbiased evaluation on the offer, hopefully we are able to give an additional perspective on this subject matter.

Upon taking a quick glance on Centument’s website, we would say that it’s design and presentation is rather well designed and neat which is a good thing to know that the owner of the site did put in extra effort to make sure it looks professional. The next good news is that we are unable to pin point any stock photos of the person or Fiverr actors in the testimonial sections. This would indicate that Centument does not employ such tactics in creating a scam out of this binary options auto trading software like many scam websites available in the internet. The testimonials given on Centument’s website is pretty realistic as well especially on making a few hundred dollars on the first day, and slowly progressing it to a few thousand dollars in a few months as shown in the website. The alleged founder of Centument Ltd, Gerald Reed, also mentioned that this binary options software would not make traders into a millionaire and we always appreciate the honesty on that end.

We shall proceed with the background story shared by Gerald himself in the high cost production sales video, (in all honesty, we are impressed that the video is very well staged with all the expensive items in the video). He claims to be a successful trader from Wall Street and used to earn huge buck from trading with his secret trading techniques until the change in US regulation after the crash, there was a massive limit to what a successful trader can earn during that time. Hence, with the change of the trading environment and limit to what maximum potential earnings, he decided to start his own company, Centument Ltd. He then shared that he sourced for the best people to design this binary options trading software and algorithm based on his trade secrets which he claims to make him and other best traders in Wall Street uses to earn big bonuses. And hence, born the Centument Ltd Binary Options Auto Trading Software.

Based on the presentation video, we honestly think that being a great stock trader in Wall Street does not necessarily mean that it would be equally successful in binary options trading. The only direct link between trading stocks/currency in the market and binary options is that binary options uses the data feed to provide real time charts! In fact, many binary options auto trading software tend to correlate Wall Street traders and binary options which is often a huge misconception. Being rich from trading physical stocks/currencies and trading binary options are two different ball game all together. But at least Gerald was right in giving realistic expectation to traders by stating that it will not make you rich overnight, but instead it is a money making system that can generate additional profits. We encourage our viewers to clearly understand that trading binary options is not a “GET RICH SCHEME” and it could potentially lose everything. Hence, do not risk the money that you can not afford to lose! Start of at the minimum and begin profiting from that amount is an excellent way to go while learning more about binary options!

One of the Best Performing Binary Options Auto Trader! Consistent and Profitable!

One of the Best Performing Binary Options Auto Trader! Consistent and Profitable!

Next, we noticed that there are snapshots of news articles attached to the website from Bloomberg, CNNMoney and Money.com which in our opinion, is the only section that Centument Ltd OVERSOLD their own product. Despite giving a relatively realistic expectation and example on how much a trader can earn in a few section of the site, this news article clearly took it to a whole new level in giving unrealistic hopes to the potential earnings. Moreover, we are unable to find the original article on those three news website too. We highly doubt that the software can turn $250 to $12,000 by day’s end or being a millionaire trader in weeks. Moving on, we are also unable to verify the existence of Centument Ltd. as a company which we find quite odd that a company that is interested in bringing his company public by offering IPO, but there are no articles/news/source about this company! Based on what we can see on the site, we have a mixed feelings on this auto trading software due to the insufficient information on Centument Ltd as a company.

However, we have received positive feedback by numerous binary options traders and reviewer that Centument Ltd works very well as a binary options auto trader! As a result, we choose to look into the performance of this software purely based on it’s ability to generate profit. We found that Centument binary options auto trading software is indeed able to generate good profits with it’s 70% to 80% ITM success rate on the first few days of trading. We are very interested to know the performance of this software on a slightly longer term to give a more accurate ITM% and we advise traders to stay tuned for an update on this test run. As of this moment, Centument Ltd is a legit binary options auto trading software and we hope that the software’s algorithm could perform at above 70% consistently in a longer trading duration. Binary options auto trading software that performs above 70% ITM would definitely generate profits for you!

Should there be anybody that is going to try Centument Ltd’s software for yourself, please do share your feedback in the comments sections or shoot us an email at binaryoptions.sentinel@gmail.com!

UPDATE (22 January 2016): Good News on Centument! We have received various feedback from traders and have indeed concluded that Centument is a reliable binary options auto trading system!! It averages at 78% so far! On a bad day it could average from 70% to 73% but that’s all good! As long as the software is performing above 70%, it is definitely a profitable system worth trying out! Please feel free to drop your feedback on this software to binaryoptions.sentinel@gmail.com to share your results!

UPDATE (22 February 2016): We have gathered many feedback from users and other online reviews alike for the performance of Centument Ltd’s auto trading software! Great news! Despite noticing a drop in ITM%,  Centument is still holding strong above 70%. Which is still within the profitable trading percentage. After comparing performance results from various sources, we are pleased to announce that Centument has an average ITM% of 71%!

Verdict: Centument is a Legit Binary Options Auto Trading Software

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One of the Best Performing Binary Options Auto Trader! Consistent and Profitable!

One of the Best Performing Binary Options Auto Trader! Consistent and Profitable!

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