Cash Formula Scam or Legit Review? Warning:’s Deceit!

Cash Formula Scam Review Binary Trading

Is a SCAM or LEGIT Trading Solution? Can Tim Stafford’s Cash Formula Software Make Money?

Intend to earn some profits from Cash Formula Software by Tim Stafford at Do go through our Cash Formula Scam Review prior to making a deposit to this auto trading software. Our experiences as a binary options traders definitely affirm the possibility to profit from dynamic trading instrument! However, it is also true that many auto traders out there simply does not work (As stated in the Cash Formula presentation video)! This urgent review is done upon a complaint we received from our subscriber stating the ineffectiveness of the Cash Formula. Thus, prompting us to release our investigative report on this offer.

Honestly, does have an impressive look and presentation. Tim Stafford pretty much shares his concerns about sharing the Cash Formula “secret” which he claims to be nothing like the scams out there! As much as he resents the phony apps which we also Blacklisted, we can’t shake off the similarities between the scam auto traders and this trading app. Although the website/presentation seems to appear genuine, Tim claims that the Cash Formula will be able to make you $20,000 per day for the next 30 days. He also mentioned that the CashFormula wins a trade every 60 seconds! Which supposedly make you a millionaire before the Feds (FBI) stops this ‘secret’ Cartel money making weapon!

As good as it sounds, Cash Formula is a well disguised “Get Rich Quick” type of offer where Tim Stafford provide contradicting and misleading facts! Find out more BELOW!

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The Cash Formula or ‘The Formula’ depicts as a ‘secret’, unexplained algorithm capable of reading the upcoming money waves/money trends before it happens. Or so Tim says! Tim also attempts to appear mysterious as the Top 1% wealthy people’s secret weapon, while Cash Formula will follow the money flow. Thus, exploiting the market when the market is trending! For one, such a pitch is used in much other fraudulent software! Many times, these are just fictitious details trying to cover up their misleading promises!

Interestingly, the presentation includes a variety of interviews or short market news hoping to establish a link between the ‘money flow’ and taking advantage of it. But, our research dug up that these news reports has nothing to do with Cash Formula Software at all. There is no such ‘secret weapon’! Take the 60 minutes interview with Michael Burry, a famous hedge fund manager, as an example! Tim conveniently narrated in between the interviews while stating Michael used the Cash Formula and withdrew $750 million!

That’s completely misleading and misinterpreted! Michael Burry did his own market research and bet against mortgage subprime deals which profited his firm a lot of money! Although he did kinda saw the link and speculate that the market was going to crash. But Cash Formula wasn’t involved in any way! It certainly seems like Cash Formula is attempting to take credit for all the legendary trading events without any actual contribution!

Michael Burry Cash Formula Scam Review

60 seconds Trades with Be a Millionaire within 30 days?

Next concerning aspect about Cash Formula is that it focuses on 60 seconds trades (as depicted in the presentation video). We’re highly skeptical of ‘predicting’ the money wave for a 60 seconds expiry! Purely because it is just too volatile to even form a consistent trend and consider it an actual wave. Hence, Tim’s assertion of winning a trade every 60 seconds is definitely implausible. It’s just not going to happen!

Worst, Tim created an expectation of being a millionaire or earn $20,000 per day with the Cash Formula Software. Obviously, the negative feedback we received would be enough to disprove such an unrealistic statement. But for the benefit of inexperienced traders, we’ll just say that it’s impossible to make millions from binary options without investing millions! A workable goal to set is a 10% to 20% account growth per day while trading binary options instead! And it’s do-able, of course with the right auto trader/trading knowledge of course!

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Another disgusting statement that Tim made was the fact that he’s not going to create any false sense of scarcity in his deal. But obviously, that’s not the case when there is meaningless “countdown timer”, annoying pop-ups, and auto-redirect of pages too (when you leave the page). Obviously, his attempts to separate Cash Formula as a different caliber to a phony software failed terribly. The counter timer clearly doesn’t mean anything as you will not be locked out from the page when it reaches zero! Plus, the pop-up appears when you attempt to move your mouse cursor to the top of the pages adds onto his desperation. is always available for viewers and the Feds is not going to bother wasting their time on Tim’s cunning lies!

Fake Countdown Timer Cash Formula Scam

Cash Formula Conclusion!

Based on the facts above, we conclude that Cash Formula is a SCAM auto trading system! The negative response we received from traders regarding this system also affirms our conclusion too. Tim Stafford is providing ambiguous details about the elusive “money wave” catching algorithm which does not perform! The enticing profit potential of $20,000 per day and being a millionaire are common scam tactics fooling new traders. Which is are typical indication that this offer is too good to be true with no intention of actually making a profit!

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2 comments on “Cash Formula Scam or Legit Review? Warning:’s Deceit!

Kate Allison

The link I received for Cash came from another SCAM company called Push Money, who took me for $750.00 before I was alerted to the fact that it was a scam, I think they are in collusion with each other. Buyer BEWARE!!

Nick K

I’ve fallen for this CashFormula and lost $250 to this. Careful with this trading app


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