Cash Crew Scam Review! SCAM or LEGIT? 10k Everyday?

Cash Crew App Auto Binary Signal Scam Review

Cash Crew App is a SCAM Review!

Cash Crew App binary options auto trading system is one of the latest scam that is trending presently with it’s simple and genuine outlook. The webpage is relatively simple that comes along with a simple/humble story of the alleged founder of Cash Crew, George Patterson. Despite the humble/genuine looking outlook it presents, we are able to pin point suspicious claims that many other binary options scam systems uses too. As such, we hope that our review shall reach as many readers as possible to warn potential traders about our skepticism on Cash Crew!

The story that comes along with this offer is about George Patterson, whom worked as a commodities trader until the market crash in 2008. Which then resulted in lost of his job and he has been struggling financially since. After trying several methods on how to make money online, he had finally decided that he would trade in binary options for some profits and small, consistent profits started pouring in. Cash Crew was said to be created as a result of a partnership between George and his son, Steve, which programmed and automated his father’s trading style. Like many typical scam system, he claims that his auto trader is capable of making thousands of dollars per day, consistently, and also made over 40 profitable trades per day. Apart from that, he claims that this system is capable of making 6 digit income per month and is able to make $10,000 per day as well. While we have a humble story about Cash Crew, the exaggerating claim about potential profits made by this system is too difficult to ignore. This is because we have reviewed many other scam system that claims the exact scale of profits too. Apart from that, we have also managed to pin point other scam-like behaviors that disprove Cash Crew’s genuine outlook.

Cash Crew’s Fake Claims!

George mentioned that the results of Cash Crew is third party verified and confirmed by a CPA but we do not see any physical evidence for it. That would naturally cause some suspicion on the claimed capability of making it’s users rich by earning $10,000 a day. Why would someone says that it is verified but did not provide any sort of evidence for it? This is because Cash Crew could not prove their claims and the lack of demonstration of the system/software just adds to the suspicion too. We are not provided with any walk through of their claimed “easy to use” and “profitable” system, but the scammer expects us to deposit funds in just to take a peek? Pure example of scam-like behavior right here indeed!

Apart from that, the “Income Generated by our members” which amounts to over $1,000,000 is claimed to be the total sum of profits generated with the Cash Crew App. It is also labeled as VERIFIED by D&B Credibility Corp but naturally we know that it is also a fake endorsement. Simply because the endorsement badge is not linked with the D&B Credibility Corp site to prove it’s endorsement. The “Live Income Generated” is also a fake because it refreshes itself every time we enter the webpage! Thus, it is definitely not a live results but rather a fake pre-programmed counter.

Fake Profits and Endorsement Cash Crew

Cash Crew’s Fake Founder and Testimonials!

Aside from Cash Crew offering the unproven “opportunity to get rich”, we are also unable to verify the existence of George Patterson, the alleged founder of Cash Crew. Although he did mentioned that he is a low profile person with few verifiable sources, we find that the picture used to represent himself highly suspicious! We found that the photo used to depict George Patterson is a stock photos purchased from other websites! This is a typical scam-like behavior that many binary options scam system uses as well! His photo can be purchased from under the “Businessman PNG image”! This proves that he is simply a character fabricated to represent this scam!

George Patterson Fake Cash Crew Scam Review
George Patterson is a FAKE!

When a fake founder/CEO is fabricated to support a scam claims, there are often fake testimonials that comes along with it too. That is exactly the case for Cash Crew scam where testimonials of “Success Stories” are also proven to be fabricated too. Fake name and fake profits used together with random pictures around the net to create fake testimonials! We have managed to source the origin of the photo used to represent the made up names too. For example, Jason O’Connel is actually Sam Muirhead (a filmmaker), Bob Renner is represented by another stock photo from shutterstock, Russel Pranton is actually a Malaysian, and Maggie Shannon is actually Francessa Segal (British Author). So it seems that both the founders and testimonials are untrustworthy sources to actually back-up Cash Crew’s ridiculous claims!

Fake Testimonials Cash Crew App Scam Review
Fake Testimonials! Pictures from StockPhotos or Random Sites!

Do Not Believe in the “Limited Offer” Deal

Cash Crew also employs a typical scam strategy where it claims that the offer is only available for the next 20 to 30 people only. We certainly know that it is not a true fact especially when George, the fake founder, claims that the method could be saturated if there are too many users. Although we do not completely understand what he means by that, but what we know for sure is that trading binary options does not affect the market prices! Since binary options trader does not actually buy or own assets, therefore no matter how many people use the same method, it would not be saturate the market or affect the profit level. Many times scam system uses this tactic to lure viewers to sign-up immediately which we always advise against! Always do your research to find good source of information before investing your money to earn good profits from binary options!

Cash Crew App’s Conclusion!

With the evidence shown above, we conclude that Cash Crew App is a scam binary options auto trading system that employs fake founders/testimonials, exaggerating claims of profits and fake endorsements. There is definitely lack of details that could even save this system from the level of falseness it portrays. We strongly advise traders to stay away from this auto trader and look into more reliable auto trading system! You may refer to our Top Binary Options Auto Trading System below for a profitable auto trader!

 Verdict: Cash Crew App is a SCAM!

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Binary Options industry is indeed flooding with many scams especially related to auto trading systems! However, there are reliable system that can in fact generate profits for you which we are also interested in. So, do not be discouraged by scams that you find online but rather do more research before investing your money! Please do SUBSCRIBE to our FREE daily scam and binary options trusted system newsletters to keep yourself updated!

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Thanks for your review! These fake actors and claims made by the Cash Crew are ridiculous and downright misleading. Thanks for looking out for us!!


Thank you for posting this review, this app is quite clearly a scam. I am going to stay clear of this app

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No problem Miraz. Glad it Helps!


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