Brooks Blueprint Software Scam Review! DANGER: Trading Hoax!

Brooks Blueprint Auto Binary Trading Software Scam Review

Is Brooks Blueprint Software a SCAM or LEGIT Auto Binary Trading System?

Looking for money making opportunities online and stumbled upon Brooks Blueprint Software at Wondering whether Brooks Binary Trading System could truly make you over $100,000 every week? In all honesty, binary options trading is a great instrument for people to make money online and it’s could definitely show some exciting returns! However, there are many scam auto trading system out there losing innocent traders’ money. Our Blacklist could render that as a truth while we have studied over 100 trading hoax and also warned traders about. So, do take a moment to go through our Brooks Blueprint Software Scam Review before you commit your money to this trading system.

The Brooks Blueprint Software by Steven Brooks is essentially an automated binary trading system with Guaranteed profits of $148,000 every week. Apart from that, it also upholds a 100% win rate with ‘never lost a single trade’ ever. Apparently, it is due to the ability to scan billions of bytes of data such as trader sentiment, news, etc within milliseconds. The presentation video is notably well-produced with various luxurious cars, home, office, etc. On the other hand, we can’t shake off the difference between the reality of binary options trading and what’s being said in the presentation video. Steven had included various fraud and inaccurate details to mislead viewers! Read BELOW to find out!

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Being a Millionaire With a 100% Win Trading Software by Steven Brooks?

First and foremost, our background in trading binary options has taught us that there is no such thing as a 100% win or be a millionaire within a short time! Believe us, we had in fact tested such a scam previously too. Such pronouncement is typically made by scam software intended to appear as a ‘Get Rich Quick opportunity’. As much as Steven denies that he’s not representing such a trading software, it’s presentation video tells us otherwise. All the luxurious lifestyle with expensive cars and homes are very typical of such a ‘be a millionaire’ hoax. In reality, there is no such thing as a 100% win in the world of trading as any experienced traders can vouch for it.

In fact, many innocent traders had lost their funds with Brooks Blueprint simply because firstly, it’s inevitable to lose a trade. But worst, these Brooks victims lost their funds with this in-genuine trading software.

So why would Brooks Blueprint employ such a lie? Simply because it is a ‘Get Rich Quick’ trap with bewildering claims of profits! It takes a lot more money to earn millions in binary trading in comparison to a minimum deposit of $250! Profiting in binary trading is possible and measured in a healthy 10% to 30% account growth per day (a more realistic goal). But, very often NOT with an auto trader that claims to make you a millionaire!

Steven Brooks the Fake CEO?

Questions about how Steven became rich in the first place is highly doubtful! Especially about his story about discovering a vaguely described method of making money after he left his job. Should we have a look at his ‘tech guy’s description on how the algorithm works, it’s uncertain that Steven has anything to do with it. Even more, Steven has zero trading experience in his career. And to claim that he discovered a money making method is very fictitious. Furthermore, the ability to go through billions of bytes of data on traders sentiment, or technical analysis are the common description of ‘trading strategy’.

Hence, there’s almost zero chance that Steven Brooks discovered this commonly used method. Plus, his lack of trading credibility, as how he puts it ‘he doesn’t know how the algorithm works’, he can’t have made millions on his own. Thus, this vague Brooks Blueprint is simply a made up story with a little understanding of how trading algorithm actually works.

 Forged Testimonials?

We’ve also noticed discrepancies on Steven’s attempt to prove the impossible 100% win rate as well. Let’s take the demonstration show in the webpage as an example. It seems that the Steven made an account with $250 and grew it to  $908 in 4 short minutes! With the lack of actual trade history, it’s difficult to justify such a growth in account especially growing your deposit by 300% in 4 short minutes. As an experienced trader, good trading opportunities definitely does not come up within a short 4 minutes!

Plus, we’ve identified that the ‘checks’ of over $100,000 profits received by Ken Ramirez, Stephanie Hawkins, and Walter Robinson are dated in May 2016. However, their broker accounts clearly indicate that the date of April instead. We don’t get the point of receiving check from this fake Brooks Blueprint. Especially when they rightfully should get their cash from their broker. Worst, was only recently created on July 2016 based on a research.

Hence, Brooks Blueprint is most likely non-existent prior to the site creation date and fabricating account screenshots only produces illusion! Obviously, as mentioned, such a profit is unrealistic and not achievable by binary traders. So there’s no reason to believe these paid actors supporting a ‘Get Rich Quick” product that does not actually perform!

Fake Testimonials and Checks Brooks Blueprint Scam Review

Brooks Blueprint Conclusion

We can safely conclude that Brooks Blueprint Software is a SCAM Auto Binary Trading System! Traders have reported a poor accuracy rate of less than 60% recently as compared to their BS 100% win rate! The weak description of how Steven came to be a millionaire prior to the founding of Brook Blueprint is also highly questionable. Unrealistic profits guarantees and winning rates are common ‘Get Rich Quick’ indication traders should be aware of! As seen in many Blacklisted hoaxes! Do Not Invest into Brooks Blueprint!

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