BotPlus 365 Trading Software Review! Dangerous Scam!

BotPlus 365 Auto Binary Trading Scam Review

Is BotPlus365 a SCAM or LEGIT Auto Trading System?

Beware of the Bot Plus 365 by Jay Ross at should you are thinking of investing into this binary trading software. Although binary options trading could be an awesome financial instrument for you to earn profits from home, it’s vital to understand the software beforehand. Success in trading is achievable granting that you have the correct trading tools. Even more, scammers have exploited the simple concept of binary trading to produce poor performing software while luring newbie’s investment. As such, please read our BotPlus 365 Review before investing into this non-performing auto trader.

The BotPlus 365 affirms that it generates $1,000 per day for over a thousands members with it’s 100% proven method. Based on the vague “real world logic that works”, Jay Ross claims that it generates an unreal 98% winning accuracy and quadruple your investment. Conversely, our investigation reports a highly contradicting elements within this offer that are obviously suspicious. Thus, rendering BotPlus365 to be a phony software despite proclaiming a “get rich quick” and “too good to be true” aspects. Read Below!

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Deluded BotPlus 365?

As binary options traders, the presentation by Jay is highly misinformed with misleading information regarding trading. Aside from that, the emphasis on the luxurious items and rich lifestyle is not supported with at least a logical trading concept. Specifically Jay’s vaguely described reason of BotPlus365 success while stating that this is the exact software the top 1% uses to generate revenue. Additionally, the “real world logic that works” not only doesn’t provide logical explanation in its trading concept. But also reveals the lack of understanding in trading binary options itself.

One of the most deceiving statement from Jay is that traders stand to win 4 times the amount of each trade. Further elaborating this lie, he adds that a trader can earn $100 from a $25 trade value. Which obviously is not the actual payout for binary trading while attempting to mislead BotPlus365 viewers. The reality in binary trading’s profits is the 70% to 80% of the trade amount, instead of 400% as stated by this scammer.

Thus, Bot Plus 365 has effectively lost its credibility due to the inaccurate trading details and ambiguous “real world logic that works”. Another red flag which we commonly pinpoint in many fraudulent software is the unrealistic win rate (mostly over 90%). Honestly, there is no trader or algorithm that can achieve a win rate of 98% as Jay said in the presentation. Such impractical win rate misleads inexperienced traders to believing into this lying software. A realistic expectation or mindset is to have 10% to 30% account growth per day in binary trading!

Who is Jay Ross?

BotPlus 365 not only misinterpret its trading capability, but is also represented by a bogus characters! As we have attempted to source out for Jay’s identity, there is no formal details or information to validate himself or BotPlus365’s thousands of happy users. Besides that, picture depicting Jay Ross is actually random pictures stolen from other websites. In fact, quite a huge number of phony software adapts voice narrators acting as a bogus character similar to this offer.

Jiro Hakomoto, the alleged software engineer for BotPlus 365 is a complete fiction too! It’s rather odd for the “famous” software engineer to not have any professional profile online to affirm this claim.

BotPlus 365 Profiting Members?

Phony software usually is accompanied by false testimonials! In the case of BotPlus 365, we spot familiar faces previously exposed as scam software providing their fake testimony in this very software. Most of these actors promotes this service through marketplace. Essentially, the use of actors in marketing is not exactly a direct red-flag and it totally depends on their reputation. The individual shown below have been actively lying on behalf of many fraudulent hoax like Binary Profits System, Money Glitch and a few more scams.

His appearance in Bot Plus 365 expresses as strong smell of fraud! It’s also to no surprise that we are unable to verify the other 1,000 profiting members announced by  Jay. Apart from that, we have never heard of BotPlus 365 throughout our binary trading experiences up until recently. It most certainly gives out an obvious indication of BS.

BotPlus 365 Fake Testimonial

BotPlus 365 Conclusion!

To conclude our in-depth research on Bot Plus 365, we can safely declare that this is a SCAM auto trading system! There is lack of authenticity in their presentation primarily the inaccurate details about binary trading. How could Jay Ross make an obvious mistake about the payout system (instead of 400% its a 70% to 80%)? Simply because the scammer would like to mislead newbie traders to believing the fantasized payout potential. Fake testimonies further affirms our conclusion with the BotPlus 365 evil intention!

Stay Away from BotPlus 365!

What Should I Trade With? I Need Help!

We like to express our deepest thanks for taking the time to read our BotPlus 365 Scam Review! As usual, we hope that this article provides an important warning message and a little bit of information about binary trading. It’s without a doubt that binary trading can be profitable for anyone! However, you’ll need the RIGHT tool and basic trading knowledge to maintain good consistency as well. For a good reference of GENUINE Auto Trader, please refer BELOW!

3 Essential Tools Traders Need to Have! 🙂

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