Blazing Trader SCAM Alert! Bad Trading Software Review?

Is Blazing Trader a SCAM or LEGIT Auto Trading Software?

Curious about Blazing Trader legitimacy by Johan Strand and Lars at or We have received comments from our readers about Blazing Trader Software that offers $20,000 per day profits for life. That’s right, for life, with a guarantee that $20,000 cleared into your bank account within the next 24 hours! Sounds too good to be true? Well, most cases similar to this often leads to disappointment especially when the profits are definitely unreal. Read more details below before you invest into Blazing Trader Auto Trading App.

Warning: There is only a handful auto trading system that can actually serve its users with consistent profits. But many operates with a lousy algorithm. It’s more alarming that this poor performing auto trader sells itself with dishonest promises. In this Blazing Trader Review, we will debunk the promises by Johan Strand and share some reality in binary options trading. In short, reasons to why $20,000 will not be in the bank account tomorrow! Although we are successful in trading binary options, newbie traders should at least read the information below!

Blazing Trader Not a REAL Trading Software!

For the benefit of those that is unfamiliar with binary options trading, it is a form of financial instrument that is rather simple to grasp. Simple in a sense that traders will only need to invest in one of two possible outcomes, higher or lower than the strike price within a specific time window. Although the basic idea of it is easy to grasp, you’ll need a trading method or algorithm for long term consistency. Unfortunately, scams like Blazing Trader exploits this trading concept to produce a bad trading result with a low-quality trading algorithm.

One of the biggest myth we observe in many scams is that it represents itself as a “be a millionaire” deal or guarantee profits. As in any endeavors in life, not every day is Sunday! Thus, the profits guarantee of $20,000 per day for life from a $250 is impossible. Same can be said on the 93% win rate and ZERO Loss allegations made by Johan. In trading, there is no such thing as a guaranteed profits or No Loss trading. Any experienced trader can confirm that it is the way of things. So it is simply not an indication of distrustfulness in offers that claims the above.

We shall explain the falsity in the Blazing Trader offer and the truth to how binary trading works in the follow segment of this review!

The reality of Blazing Trader and Binary Trading!

Earning $20,000 profits by investing the minimum $250 and cleared into your bank account in the very next day? Come on guys, that’s a blatant lie of improbable success that even winning a lottery has a better chance. A realistic approach to trading binary options is through a consistent growth of account around 10% to 30% of your total funds per day. A trading account achieving that is considered to be a successful trading account. This ensures long term consistency by trading with proper risk management while risking 5% of your account on every trade. Unlike 50% account as demonstrated by Johan, where one loss could mean disastrous for you.

What about the truth to Blazing Trader Performance in the real world? Well, we have already received negative feedback on losing at least half of their funds on the first day. Blazing Trader Software’s claimed win rate goes unproven and worst, fabricated with lies! Let’s take the testimonials that backed up Johan’s fantasy of winning $20,000 per day. We found that these individual that spoken about their successes are all actors from In fact, many of them involved themselves in previous scam software!

Blazing Trader Scam Fake Testimonial Actor

Why 93% wins and 7% Break-Evens won’t happen?

The uncover the truth behind the fail-proof mechanism of Blazing Trader, you’ll need to understand one thing. Binary trades has a specific expiry time for each trade and expiry time differs in each every moment. Hence, if a trader were to execute a trade to be expired at 1:00 pm, traders will not be able to place a trade for the same expiry 10 minutes before the actual expiry. So even if the mechanism detects a last second trend change, the software is unable to execute a trade for 1:00 pm expiry. Instead, trades will be executed for a 1:10 pm with entry price due to the 10 minutes lockout period. Thus, guaranteeing a break-even is illogical and unreal! Doesn’t take a Math Professor to figure that out!

Blazing Trader Conclusion!

The basis of why Blazing Trader is very suspicious and highly improbable based on our explanation above. Thus, Blazing Trader is a SCAM Auto Trading Software with false promises of $20,000 guarantee! Besides that, receiving the profits in the very next day plus and the “special invite” are also lies. Withdrawals from trading accounts typically require a few business days to process. Also, fake testimonials are what we observe many times in fraudulent trading apps! Stay away from Blazing Trader and invest in high-quality Auto Trader instead!

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We like to express our thanks in supporting our Blazing Trader Scam Review (any shares will be appreciated)! This article with hopes to bring awareness to the falsity in trading software like Blazing Trader Software. We have been reviewing and blacklisted over 100 phony software that seems to lose money than profiting! Do check out our List of Scams before investing into any auto trading system or binary trading tools! Fortunately for us, the disgusting feeling of identifying scams is remedied by a discovery of GOOD Auto Trading System. Do check it our list of Profitable Trading Software!

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