Blazing Trader 2018 Review : Old SCAM Returns to CHEAT Us!

Blazing Trader 2018 by Johan Strand is a new trading system that claims a $20,000 a day opportunity! According to this trading software, he says that he guarantees traders a $20,000 per day income for life! That means a $440,000 monthly income. Who wouldn’t want to earn $20,000 with a $250 trading capital right? BUT WAIT, we are about to reveal important warning about Blazing Trading 2018 SCAM aspect! Also, we’re going to answer can you actually find Blazing Trader 2018 a reliable trading system.

Please read this Blazing Trader 2018 Review before you put capital inside an account!

Unfortunately, Blazing Trader 2018 @ is actually a comeback scam trading system that appeared in 2016. It was known back then as Blazing Trader Scam which we have exposed last time. Only this time, it returns as a newer version even though it was the same presentation. Where Johan had also presented the opportunity to make $20,000 in 24 hours. But unfortunately, no one actually made a single cent back then.

So it is no surprising that we find out the same Blazing Trader 2018 Results that loses money once again this year. It will continue to lose traders money no matter the year that’s for sure. We strongly advise to not invest with Blazing Trader 2018 as we found similar scam elements within it. Alternatively, you may want to check out some of the Tested & Proven Trading Signal Software below!

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Same Old Blazing Trader Scam?

As we examine the Blazing Trader 2018, it is confirmed that nothing has changed from website content, trading system up to trading results. This scammer product that claims an outrageous $20,000 per day profit for life is just another Get Rich Quick Scam. You can read about our research on this matter at the old Blazing Trader Review back in 2016. And also notice that the scam designer did not bother changing anything. Hence, this article may be repetitive except knowing that it is back to SCAM!

In summary, John Strand took the liberty of using false credential (exposed in below section) to convince viewers to invest. However, we know that his credential are fake and no one actually made money with his system. A genuine trading system would have shown a trading demonstration and provided proof of results. But since 2016, Blazing Trader 2018 scam will not be able to produce any real demonstration video or trade history for us to see. Just because it is a losing trading system.

Blazing Trader 2018 also uses false proof of success to support their ridiculous profit making claim. We are certainly not saying that online trading isn’t suitlable to make money with. But rather, trading with this system itself is definitely a bad choice for a trader. We have traded in the markets for a couple of years and manage to produce some results. Check out our videos in some of our testing Session!

Fabricated Details & Review

Blazing Trader 2018  Member

Scam trading system typically employ tactics like fake reviews and results to support their nonsense. In the case of Blazing Trader 2018, the identity of Johan Strand is one suspicious character. According to him, he is a professor for applied math that designs the worlds’ smartest algorithm. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to find any legitimate educational thesis that comes by that name or even in NASA! Hence, we suspect that he is just another paid actor that acts as a math expert.

Not only Johan, but also the video reviews Blazing Trader 2018 has in the presentation are confirmed actors as well. In fact, we have seen them in many other scams previously that supports fake results. Although the use of actors in marketing isn’t a representation of a scam, but these faces that appeared in many related scams surely means something. They kind of serves as a sign of warning for us traders!

Not to mention that their Results section in their website showing Blazing Trader Members making money is very dodgy. It has been like that since 5th April and hasn’t changed ever since. Many scam system uses such table to trick viewers that doesn’t include trading details. It is unlike our trading videos where we include exact trading history to show our executions. But surely the real Blazing Trader 2018 loses its’ users money!

We are still receiving emails complaining about their poor performance which prompts us to write this warning. Remember, there is no such thing as a guarantee in trading as it is like any other business. There will be ups and downs in trading. However, there is of course ways to manage your trading account and be consistently profitable with a reliable trading method. Not forgetting proper risk management as well.

Any trading system that promises $20,000 or thousands per day for life, is very likely to be yet another Get Rich Quick Fraud! Be careful!

Blazing Trader 2018 Review – Conclusion

Blazing Trader members have been losing money since 2016 to the Blazing Trader brand. It is no surprise to learn that new users have lost their investment by following the Blazing Trader 2018 signal. It is a scam that promises unrealistic and crazy daily profits like $440,000 this month or $20,000 per day income. All with a $250 initial investment. Does that even sound logical to you? Definitely not!

It tricks viewers with ridiculous promises and false proof of success. Without any genuine trading execution or video to back up their claims, Blazing Trader 2018 is not to be trusted!

You will be better of trading with a reliable trading system or different trading method. As long as it is not this scam auto trading system, you will be fine. Instead of wasting your money to Blazing Trader 2018 Scam, you can check out some example of Reliable & Proven Trading Signal software that works for us!


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