Thank you readers for viewing this important page as we share our reviews on Scam topics, binary options brokers reviews, autotrader reviews, as well as binary options signals review. Please go through our list of reviews especially those that are labelled as SCAM! As new binary options and trading services are being released on a daily basis, we try our best to review them and share our thoughts on them. Please feel free to share any information/experiences you have with regards to binary options industry including knowledge of illegal activities and unethical business approach.


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Binary Options Scam Brokers!
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New to Binary Options? Binary Options Guide; Binary Options Newbie;

If you are NEW to Binary Options world, you may find the following guide information useful to kick start your journey!


What can I expect upon signing up with a Binary Option Broker?

New traders shall be contacted by an account manager through your phone and email where he/she shall inquire on your trading experience, commitment and expectation on trading in binary options. Obviously it will be in their best interest to have you to deposit as much as possible because that would mean that the broker will potentially earn more money from you.

Hence, it would be advisable that new traders to deposit the minimum amount especially with a new binary options broker which you have not work with before. You may feel free to deposit more when your trading experience with a particular broker is good.


Should I accept Bonus from a Binary Options Broker?

It is advisable for new trader to AVOID accepting such bonuses because by accepting it, there will be additional terms applied to your withdrawal process. The terms and conditions that is commonly applied among binary options brokers is that traders which accepted bonuses shall need to trade up to a minimum trading volume before being able to do a withdrawal. The required trading volume can be as high as (Initial Deposit + Bonus) x 30 which may vary from broker to broker. Some could be a multiple of 20 instead of 30. It is definitely unwise to take up bonuses unless you know what you are doing where in most cases, traders would prefer not to be committed to a certain trade volume and have their freedom to withdraw at anytime.


Withdrawal of funds requiring my ID and Address confirmation as a mandatory requirement?

New traders do not need to worry about binary options brokers requesting for the above documents as proof of identification. The reasons this particular requirement is because it is part of their responsibilities as a regulated binary options broker. New traders will be advised by their broker to complete this process ideally upon signing up.

You will need to complete this process to be able to trade/withdraw your funds from your binary options broker.


Using AutoTrading software to win?

This is a topic where traders should be extra careful because, let’s be real, it is not possible to expect millions of dollars in a matter of weeks while there are auto traders which promise large sum of profits in a short period of time. Hence, choosing a reliable autotrader which would add a realistic profits to your monthly payout is very important.

Autotraders are basically robots/software/programmed trading software to execute trades on behalf of the traders. There are many autotraders in the net which are scam programs and are not reliable.

We have tested many signal services available in the industry and there are some that proves to be reliable in terms of earning profits. Do check our list of trusted signal service systems that has good business practice as well as reliable trading signals.


What can I do to lower the chance of me being scammed?

You can reduce the chances of being scammed by just doing a simple research on the internet. Scams are lurking around the internet. It is advisable to stay away from email offers and promises that includes very large return with zero/minimal loss. Trading binary options is as complex as trading in the stock market/forex.

Do research on the internet to find out about the offers from binary options brokers, autotraders or even signal services. Do extensive research on specific brokers that a certain offers are using. Unregulated brokers and brokers with bad reputation are parties that would expose you to risk of being scammed.

Should you require more information about the Blacklist or any other feedback regarding binary options services, please feel free to leave a comment below or contact us at  


We would recommend new traders to check out other information available in Binary Options Sentinel in order to gain additional knowledge on trusted binary options brokers and signal services before investing your money! New traders may also choose to try out the free Demo Account to gain some trading experience. Keep in mind that trading with real money can earn you A LOT of money, but do keep in mind to minimize your potential loss! Please feel free to leave your comments below and share the love throughout the community!