Bitcoin Mine Software Review – SCAM Warning!

Bitcoin Mine Scam Review

Is Bitcoin Mine a SCAM or Legit Cryptocurrency Trading @

Bitcoin Mine at allegedly by Satoshi Nakamoto, founder of Bitcoin, sends out a warning of world domination of currency recently! If you have no idea who Satoshi is, don’t worry! Because no one in the world knows who exactly Satoshi Nakamoto really is aside from some crazy theories. Since the creation of bitcoin in early 2000, he managed to keep his identity unknown to the rest of the world. But this is not why you are here I presume.

Rather, you are wondering whether is this Phase 2 Bitcoin Mine Software provided by is a scam! Hearing crazy devaluation of USD and EUR currency by 2020 and exploiting bitcoin’s rising value would sound like a good idea. However, this warning is for you because is nothing but a scam! I have reasons to believe that Bitcoin Mine has manipulated some facts to attract some investors to come in.

In short, no, you will not be a millionaire by 2020 using the Bitcoin Mine Software! Unfortunately, this is a scam that uses some facts about bitcoin to create interest in their poor quality cryptocurrency trading software.

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Why is Bitcoin Mine a SCAM?

Firstly, looking into the presentation video of seems very suspicious. Although no one actually knows who Satoshi Nakamoto really is, I seriously doubt that is the actually Satoshi Nakamoto. It is using the conspiracy of world domination in the devaluation of the US Dollar and Euro from Bitcoin domination as a backstory. Plus, he continues with the story of having a secret server that knows the exact Bitcoin being sold and bought before it hits the Forex Market. Which allows him to predict the price accurate that makes users $7,598.15 every day.

So we are actually looking for a bitcoin developer/founder that proposes bitcoin trading software which doesn’t quite add up. Which is the blockchain technology that doesn’t include a ‘secret server’ that monitors a number of bitcoin sold/bought? If you check out the blockchain technology article on the internet, it works like a public ledger of transactions!

This means that records of bitcoin being bought and sold in relative to other currency is within the blockchain technology doesn’t exist. The Bitcoin Mine Scam registration simply leads us into a trading robot that works very poorly. I have covered many cryptocurrency trading scams in the past and true enough the results are very poor. There are complaints from my readers that share disgusting trading results even in Bitcoin.

Honestly, the real Satoshi Nakamoto has no business in giving the public a ‘trading software’ to make us rich right? It’s hilarious that the scam artist decides to fake a video using his name to sell a low-quality trading software. Although it is hard to prove who Satoshi is, we can be sure of one thing though. He hasn’t released a single video on Bitcoin announcement ever. Won’t you agree that a sudden notion producing a video to sell trading software suspicious?

Unrealistic Profit Potential!

In addition to the cloudy background of the Bitcoin Mine Scam, I doubt anyone earns $7,000 every day using Bitcoin Mine. This is clearly not a Mining software! If you google bitcoin mining, you will realize that mining requires a computer/hardware, just to run mathematical encryption. BUT, it is currently hard to mine bitcoin due to the finite number of bitcoins available to mine and most miners would know the hash rate is too low.

Miners would rather mine other altcoins for profits at the moment. Additionally, the real situation is that leads users into a trading software linking with a CFD broker. Although trading cryptocurrency via CFD can be lucrative, will you be earning $7,000 a day? Well, Bitcoin Mine Scam complaints show the likelihood of your trading account depleting due to bad trades.

As a typical trading related product, there should be a proper risk warning and terms/condition clause. However, site fails to have any of this but instead claims an MIT license under open source license. This is actually a breach of a proper trading/investment tool. Also, I notice that is not affiliated with the website which I believe provides legit advice about bitcoin.

Hence, copies that provides good information about bitcoin. If we compare the website age and Bitcoin Mine Project that claims to have a 2009-2017 copyright, it reveals falsehood! I find out that was only recently registered in late November 2017!

Compare to a legit that has a copyright from 2009-2018, it was registered from August 2008. Which completely make sense judging by the age of their website. Scam Review

Bitcoin Mine Scam Review Verdict

Based on the suspicion and complaints from my subscribers, I can conclude or Bitcoin Mine Software is a SCAM! It is a scam that uses the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto and the copy of website to promote a poor quality crypto trading software. This is not a legit trading solution for you, hence do not waste your money with Bitcoin Mine Scam.

As much as investing in cryptocurrency has the potential to make money for you, due to the rising prices of crypto. You should invest in a Legit Trading Solution that actually capable of making good trades!

Want to start trading cryptocurrency, check out a trading demonstration video BELOW!

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