Bitcoin Review – SCAM Fake Investment Caught!

Bitcoin Millionaire today Scam Review

Is Bitcoin a SCAM or Fake Trading System?

Bitcoin by Victor Gray, an automated trading system that supposes earn you $2,440 on the first day. Or at least that’s what Victor tries to have us believe. Hence, today’s topic will be covering one of few trading software that rides the Bitcoin hype by claiming crazy returns. Listen, if you were to invest in Bitcoin now which seats at about $4,000 USD you probably can gain some gains by holding it. But can you earn $2,440 in one day by investing $250?

Unfortunately, the answer is no! Our investigation team discovers traits that scams trading software often portray in their offers. More importantly, the Bitcoin Millionaire Software doesn’t perform good trading performance. There is difference between the traditional buying and holding crypto currency and BitCoin millionaire which is the trading instrument itself. We’re actually looking at binary options trading where traders will purchase Call or Put Option and earn a fixed profit. As long as the trader guess the direction right, Up or Down even only a small 1 micro-pip, they earn 70% to 90% payout.

Hence, here comes the problem, we have already received negative feedback on Bitcoin trading performance to be so bad. Up to the point that it keeps draining traders’ account without being able to guess the right direction! Read below as we disclose the false details within the presentation that mislead viewers!

Why is Bitcoin a SCAM?

Though we can grow our trading account by 10% to 30% daily on good days, actual traders will testify the lies Bitcoin Millionaire is selling. $250 to $2,440 in one single day? That’s more insane than the actual Bitcoin growth that increases steadily. Making ten times of your initial investment in 24 hours is actually a huge lie that Victor Gray attempts to mislead us with his Get Rich Quick Scam! He just tries to sell us the idea of being a millionaire where he keeps on repeating in the video. But in reality, Bitcoin Millionaire is a poor quality tradings system that only drains your money.

In fact, many other Ponzi scheme or millionaire scams work the same way. In addition to that, you may also notice that the presentation video doesn’t show Victor’s face. That’s because Victor Gray pretends to be the founder of Bitcoin Millionaire (also a fake company). He can’t afford to show his scammer face there because people would hunt him down after providing such a bad trading performance and selling false promises. Hence, the false character that never exists in any record or Bitcoin trading at least.

With fake character and founders, scams usually attempt to ‘prove’ their unrealistic results by showing unreal trade history. This is also true in the case of Bitcoin where their trade history clearly has a fundamental mistake. Any trader will know that financial exchanges close on the weekend and there should be no change in asset prices for Bitcoin too. But, Bitcoin Millionaire trade history is showing trades on Saturday and Sunday proving their deceiving gesture.

Scam Success Stories?

What about the people that vouch for Bitcoin Well, we certainly would consider their testimonies seriously when someone gives it to a product. It would have been better if there is a live demonstration for Bitcoin Millionaire Software. However, the people testifying are actually paid actors that show their faces in other trading scams previously as well.

So imagine us, traders, seeing this familiar faces that kind of resembles the another scam software, our trust in the system definitely goes down the drain. These people saying that Bitcoin Millionaire earns them a HUGE amount of money said similar things in other frauds. You can actually pay them to read scripts at where they advertise their services.

Although they may not be aware of who they are helping to promote, at the end of the day, we hope that they will soon stop supporting scams!

BitCoin Millionaire Result

Bitcoin Millionaire Review Conclusion!

Judging to our findings above, we can safely conclude that Bitcoin is a SCAM! We shall include this fraud into our Blacklist where traders should avoid investing in. There is legitimate trading software around, but only a handful that will pass our satisfactory standard and make a profit. Do not invest into scams that claim to make unrealistic profits and also a system that never losses! There is no such thing as no loss in trading or in business!

How To Trade the Market Successfully?

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