Bitcoin Millionaire Pro Review – Dangerous SCAM Promises EXPOSED!

Bitcoin Millionaire Pro sparked your interest in riding the latest bitcoin craze as an investment opportunity? Obviously bitcoin and other cryptocurrency offers opportunities that could indeed turn into profits. But the question is whether Bitcoin Millionaire Pro by the International Bitcoin Council is trustworthy or it’s just another SCAM?

Please Read this Bitcoin Millionaire Pro Review before your invest!

Our study on this trading system reveals evidence of fraudulent and phony trading system. Which we commonly see in all other trading software intending to represent as “Get Rich Quick” opportunity. Come on, doesn’t $11,665 extreme profits overnight from a $250 investment sounds too good to be true? It most certainly did for me.

Hence, we can’t recommend you to trade with Bitcoin Millionaire Pro Software as it is not reliable and high scamming chance. Alternatively, check out the trading system we Tested & proven itself to actually worked for us.

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Bitcoin Millionaire Pro Software – What it is?

According to their website,, this trading signal software is developed by an unknown “The International Bitcoin for Council“. Honestly, who the hell is this bitcoin council anyway? Good question right? Our research shows that there is no official council for Bitcoin that goes by that name, in fact, it doesn’t exist. The bitcoin tool itself is known to be open source and community based doesn’t have an overseeing council!

So, should traders actually take advise or trading signals from a trading software operated by a bogus entity? Definitely not! The only take away from the presentation would be reaching financial success, luxurious lifestyle and freeing yourself from 9 to 5 jobs. However, we feel that there is no actual substances in their presentation.

Simple because there is no useful information on how their trading signals work. Instead, the Bitcoin Millionaire Pro focuses on earning millions of dollars from a small investment of $250 is the main message. Which is a common over-promising trading goals scam trading software often use to lure victims.

In the end, the Bitcoin Millionaire Pro software is a trading signal software that sells unrealistic investment opportunities. But sadly, this trading software, doesn’t deliver reliable trading results.

Bad Reputation & Results

Our research suggest that the Bitcoin Millionaire Pro and The International Bitcoin Council both are related to each other. Sadly, their reputation is currently known as a phony trading system that claims over promising goals. Worst of all, their trading results is unreliable which causes loss of investors entire investment.

We even received email complaints of Bitcoin Millionaire Pro suggesting poor trading performance and results. Whereby we advise users to use our complaints section and withdraw their funds.

Fake Reviews & Bogus Characters

The International Council of Bitcoin

Don’t be fooled by the video presentation extracted from news interview and famous people. In fact, people like Richard Branson, Mark Cuban, Nas and Bill Gates are not connected to the Bitcoin Millionaire Pro Scam. In fact, there famous figures are used to create bitcoin investment opportunities. Although bitcoin truly does bring us profitable opportunities, Bitcoin Millionaire Pro should not be the tool to trade bitcoin with.

In fact, they are using it as a review but notice that they did not mention this software. Also, there is no demonstration or any actual trading video we can refer to. Hence, this scammers aren’t able to show any real trading executions or results. Simply because this software actually sucks. If you are interested in checking out some trading videos, check out our Testing Sessions!

Lastly, the mysterious David from the International Council for Bitcoin is a fake character. A quick research on the image attached to his testimony, claiming $1.1 million profit from 1 trade, is FAKE! We discover that the image is actually a stock photo that many other website uses for testimonies. Hence, the lack of actual reference to David and unrealistic profits increases our suspicion of scammer activity!

Bitcoin Millionaire Pro is a SCAM!

Judging from our research and negative discoveries, we can safely conclude Bitcoin Millionaire Pro is a SCAM! It is a trading signal software that only sells fake dreams of being a millionaire and luxurious lifestyles. Unfortunately, their trading signal is not reliable to actually be useful. It is only an unrealistic dream used to lure newbie investor to trade with their poor performing signals.

You will definitely be better off trading with a reliable trading system or maybe your own. As opposing to wasting your money with the Bitcoin Millionaire Pro scam! Check out some of the Tested & Proven Trading Signals system that has provided consistent trading results for us!


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