Bitcoin Method Review : SCAM Cryptocurrency Details Exposed!

Bitcoin Method Scam Review

Is Bitcoin Method a SCAM or Legit Cryptocurrency Trading Software?

Bitcoin Method by Joe Templeton is yet another cryptocurrency or BTC investment opportunity that offers massive, massive profits! Now, if you are an eager investor that is seeking some reliable method to earn some extra cash from crypto, BEWARE!! Website:

Joe Templeton the founder of Bitcoin Method claims to be able to grow your $250 to $14,000 every single day. Sounds good doesn’t it, that if Bitcoin Method Software can truly earn you that much money? I’m afraid that you’d need to hold your horses and hear us out before investing or login into Bitcoin Method.

There’s many avenue or channel we can actually trade and profit from Bitcoin, BUT, Bitcoin Method is not a good platform. Why?

I have evidence of false details and more importantly negative reputation in the Bitcoin Method Scam. That puts Bitcoin Method as yet another ‘Get Rich Quick’ Scam aiming to lure investor into a bad trading platform. So this is why my Bitcoin Method Review here will be sharing some details that will be useful to you. And possibly SAVE your MONEY!

Bitcoin Method phony lies!

Firstly, if you are new to trading or investing, there is an important rule to know! If it sounds too unrealistic or too good to be true, it is very likely to be a scam! Just like the Bitcoin Method Scam, do you really believe you can grow $250 to $14,000 in one trading day and every single day?

That sounds like the best ever investment, even better than the current BITCOIN CRAZE that goes near $20,000 USD per bitcoin! In order to get $14,000 from $250, that will be growing your account 56 times every single day. 5,600% profits every single day, according to Joe Templeton! Unfortunately, every trader can tell you that is very unrealistic and probably will not even appear in your dreams! :p

The reason why Bitcoin Method Scam stands by this lie is to attract innocent traders to invest in their trading platform. And very often, such phony scam will have poor quality trading software like the Bitcoin Method Software. It was recently released and already gotten so many negative feedback in review across trading blogs.

In a real trading scenario, I’ve been trading for over 3 years and strive for a percentage growth per day the best I can! Definitely not 5,600% per day of course, because that’s just not going to happen. I’d be very happy with a 10% growth per day on my account. (Check out my Demonstration Video HERE)

So in this view, Bitcoin Method is appearing as an obvious Get Rich Quick scam that works much like a Fake Lottery! You will not be profiting and it will just waste your money.

I also found more EVIDENCE to expose Bitcoin Method’s false details or lies below whereby Joe misleads viewers!

Who is Joe Templeton of Bitcoin Method?

Honestly, I’ve checked on various social media and linked in profile to find Joe Templeton that works as a cybersecurity expert. Needless to say, I can’t even find anything about his hacking skills where he can crack the encryption and steal a password.

To be honest, his skills in cracking and breaking algorithm doesn’t apply to bitcoin at all. That is the reason why bitcoin is so valuable because of its’ Blockchain technology which is un-hackable. So to believe that he found a ‘secret’ algorithm to break encryption is nonsense. Because it has nothing to do with trading bitcoin and growing coinbase account (based on his presentation).

His results don’t include actual trade history and trade execution demonstration as well. That’s because he can’t if he does he will be showing how the Bitcoin Method loses money for investors.

He is actually a bogus and fake character hiding behind a stock picture that is all over the internet! Joe Templeton doesn’t exist either!

Also, Joe Templeton resorts into showing us fake Bitcoin Method reviews and testimonials. I will be exposing his $250 to $14,000 daily profits in the next section!

Bitcoin Method Joe Templeton

Fake Reviews!

Notice the video testimonials on Bitcoin Method that claims $14,000 daily profits from a $100 account or $250 account? Unfortunately, they are definitely fake!

I have seen these actors representing another poor trading platform elsewhere and they have supported unrealistic profit potential.

These actors are actually from where they read lying scripts that try to trick us. He expects us to believe that with $250 investment, we can receive $14,000 in our checking account the next day.

That itself is a lie because transferring funds from a trading account to our bank account typically require few business days. This misconception sparks some suspicion to whether these scammers actually trade online in life.

Another thing is the fake endorsement of Bitcoin Method in CNN, Fortune, and True Money surely piss me off. They definitely have not covered a single article on the Bitcoin Method Scam!

Bitcoin Method Review

Bitcoin Method Review Verdict!

Based on the reasoning above, I can safely conclude Bitcoin Method is a SCAM! It’s obvious that Joe is representing a typical Get Rich Quick or be a millionaire of months fraud that doesn’t provide any quality results. Negative feedback and complaints do show this article to be entirely true. You will not be making $14,000 daily profits from a small investment of $250.

Online Trading can actually be a viable option for those interested in investing online. We’ll just have to avoid scams like Bitcoin Method and source for a Reliable Method that can actually make us money.

If you are seeking a reliable tool that I am using to trade cryptocurrency or Forex, check out my videos BELOW! In my demonstration video, I shall explain how I use it and share actual trading results too! Alternatively, you may check my LIST OF TRADING TOOL PAGE that includes these videos!

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