Bitcoin Loophole Review – SCAM Investment Software Unmasked

Is Bitcoin Loophole a SCAM or Legit Trading Investment Software?

Bitcoin Loophole, or rather bitcoin, a cryptocurrency wave that we probably heard about when it soared to near $5,000 per bitcoin! Honestly, it caught almost everyone’s attention when it finally broke some skeptics opinion about it being a failed venture. Definitely shown some doubters that didn’t invest when it was valued less than $1 when it was first created. So guess what happens when we see an opportunity join in the hype with only $250 minimum investment?

Naturally, people get super excited, plus Bitcoin Loophole claims that it guarantees a $13,000 return on that small investment! Within 24 hours, 60 times of return of investment!

BUT, when something sounds too good to be true, like the Bitcoin Loophole, it is most likely to be a fraud anyway! There is no real investment that can bring such a return in 24 hours, seriously! I’m writing as an actual trader to vouch for online investment as an alternative source of income. However, this is where you should understand this Bitcoin Loophole Review before investing!

We will be discussing why Bitcoin Loophole is a SCAM just like 200 scam trading platform that uses public hype to manipulate innocent traders!

Bitcoin Loophole Sneaky Elements!

As I look into Steve Mckay, it’s obvious that this scam uses public news about this mainstream cryptocurrency to draw attention. Claiming such a monstrous promise like the $13,000 in the first 24 hours definitely sounds strange. Even the presentation doesn’t cover a great deal of detail.

According to Steve, Bitcoin Loophole is an auto trading platform that is beta testing cryptocurrency investment. The actual investment infrastructure which is option buying wasn’t covered in great detail. Instead, Steve merely says it is an opportunity to achieve financial freedom by gaining $13,500 daily profit. Who doesn’t want to make that much money, but unfortunately, it’s just lies!

Trading or investing doesn’t work like that where you get 60 times your return within a day. It is usually gradual growth and consist of risk management that ensures long-term success. Seeing such an unrealistic statement depicts a typical Get Rich Quick or Financial Freedom Scams we expose in our Blacklist!

Another sign that we always see with such a phony scam is an unrealistic win rate! Steve Mckay demonstrates a 99% accuracy with 123 wins and 3 losses within 24 hours. For your information, we have not seen anyone or any software that can perform over hundred trade setups in one day and hit 99% right. Our experience in testing shows that realistic win rate sits around 70% to 85% win rate. Anything higher than that, are pure BS. (more scammy element in their demonstration exposed in the following section)

In reality, many trading software that pretends to be a 100% win or near perfect trading algorithm ends up being a disappointment. Most of the phony software we warn our readers about only manage at best 50% win rate which is not enough to make a profit in options trading. We’ll need 70% win rate and above to actually have a growing account.

False Reviews, Testimonials & Demonstration!

Besides clear motive of tricking viewers with false promises, we identified fake information to support their lies. Let’s start with Steve McKay, an anonymous voice-over actor with a fake background. How do we know? Well, initially the Bitcoin Loophole employs a stock photo to depict as Steve. Right now they removed it in their official presentation after we highlighted this information. We also found no social profile of a software developer Steve McKay related to Bitcoin Loophole trading anywhere on the internet as well.

Apart from a phony founder or creator, remember the misleading demonstration of having 126 trades? Yeap, the math for the trade history clearly doesn’t make any sense. Let’s go by the scenario. Steve supposedly set Bitcoin Loophole on Auto Trading with a $25 per trade and has 123 wins and 3 losses with an average of 70% to 75% return per trade. No matter how we calculate, it is not possible to reach $13,000 with 123 wins.

Please allow me to demonstrate, say that even if we win 123 times with $25 per trade. (123 x $25 x 175%(return per trade) = $5,381.35. That’s not even close to the overpromising $13,000 guaranteed. The strange part is that the trade history magically consists of $50 trades when it runs on $25 auto trading. As a trader, we definitely do not want our software to double our trades magically like that without any control. Which we don’t see any apparent control for it anywhere.

Lastly, false testimonials using random pictures from other website are obvious within Bitcoin Loophole’s website. This simply means that the so-called ‘free users’ that are experiencing luxury lifestyle are made beliefs. The pictures of the super-rich lifestyle aren’t the actual person nor is the pictures showing their faces.

Bitcoin Loophole Results Steve Mckay

Bitcoin Loophole Review Conclusion

At this point, we strongly advise our readers to stay away from Bitcoin Loophole Scam as there is no genuine aspect within their offer. It is not a financial trading tool that you would want to use because of their cunning nature. This scam is out to drain your trading account with no actual ability to perform good trading decision. So, this will be a typical warning from our review team about yet another “Get Rich Quick” fraud. This is NOT a genuine trading tool!

Our subscribers who are keen people to learn to trade often inquire, what trading software that could possibly help them to perform? Well, although we blacklist most of the phony scams, because yes scammers are pretty damn hard working. We found some that are actually reliable and tested them with our own funds. Check out the list of tested & proven trading solution in the box below!

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