Bitcoin Focus Group SCAM – Review Shows Dangerous Trading Fraud!

Bitcoin Focus Group Scam Review

Is Bitcoin Focus Group a SCAM or Legit Trading System?

Bitcoin Focus Group by David Kramer provides a chance to be in a research group that earns its members $250,000 at the end? As interesting a focus group can be, Bitcoin Focus Group shows a few alerting aspect to what we regard as scam signs! Generally speaking, a focus group’s function is to study a market potential for a particular product. But the problem is what if the Focus Group’s organizer like David Kramer turns out to be a fraud?

It will definitely take a negative turn of events and lastly loses investors’ money since the mastermind is a fraudster!

The Bitcoin Focus Group is a rather new trading opportunity that came up in December 2017. However, during its’ short time of launch, we discover countless complaints and negative responses from the market. Furthermore, unrealistic claims like earning $250,000 in 45 days or $500,000 in 90 days are Bitcoin Focus Group’s ultimate lies that never come true. We have reason to believe that Bitcoin Focus Group attempts to use Bitcoin’s hype to con innocent investors’ money.

Rather than being a genuine opportunity to be trading with a good trading system, Bitcoin Focus Group is another scam software. As much as it claims to not be another ‘BE a millionaire scam”, it is another “Get rich scheme’ with unrealistic profit potential.

Check out the scam elements we found within Bitcoin Focus Group offer below!

Why is Bitcoin Focus Group a Scam?

Firstly, a focus group does require the organizers to be a legit entity or person though. If not, it will just be another scam that acts as a focus group. Typically a focus group does compensate its participants with money or at least with an item as mentioned by David. However, Bitcoin Focus Group seems to be stealing money from their investors and not providing a good quality trading software. So in either case, it is bad news for whoever that joins Bitcoin Focus Group.

But it is no surprise that we found much negative feedback from Bitcoin Focus Group traders though. One good reason is that the group have been feeding us lies. Let’s check out the first lie, which is the organizer themselves. We find that David Kramer and Johnson & Rutger Focus Group is not a real person or entity. So if David Kramer, the Head Project Manager for Johnson & Rutger Focus Group is a fake, we can expect the worst.

Naturally, the product they are testing is also poor quality and worst, a scam. We found that the picture depicting David Kramer is nothing but a stock photo available online. Also, neither Bitcoin Focus Group or Johnson & Rutger Focus Group are legit entities. They are completely fake and very likely to be fabricated stories.

These are typical scam tactics we see in other related scams that has “Get Rich Quick” theme on it. So, is this a safe place to bet your money on? Definitely not in my opinion!

David Kramer Bitcoin Focus Group

Bitcoin Focus Group and Johnson & Rutger Focus Group Fake Review?

Secondly, we also found fake video reviews on Bitcoin Focus Group 2017. It’s funny that we didn’t find any success stories from 2016 that made people millions though. Well, then again they haven’t existed since we were already exposing scams last year!

Anyway, scam artist tends to use the same group of paid actors to read scripted success stories on their poor quality trading software. Like Bitcoin Focus Group, we have seen all these members in other ‘scam software’ where they earn huge money. If they indeed have gained so much profit, I’m sure they don’t need to be reading scam success stories for these guys.

Most of the time these paid actors may not be aware of what they are promoting. Nevertheless, it can clearly indicate that these people aren’t real members of Bitcoin Focus Group Scam.

Lastly, and perhaps the funniest scam tactic of all, fake endorsements. Notice the Global Crypto Magazine 2017 voted Best Bitcoin Program? Also an article on Why you want to be apart of Bitcoin Focus Group?

Bitcoin Focus Group Article

Global Crypto Magazine doesn’t exist and neither does the award. Also, we found the original article that titled “What is Bitcoin Focus Group? And why you want to be a part of it” which is clearly edited. It seems that the scammer bothers editing an article from

Bitcoin Focus Group Review

Bitcoin Focus Group Review Verdict

We can safely conclude Bitcoin Focus Group is a SCAM! There’s literally nothing genuine or real about David Kramer or Johnson & Rutger as they are completely bogus. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency are definitely booming and gaining a lot of attention lately. However, this situation made some scam artist trying to take advantage of this crypto wave. Unfortunately, not every cryptocurrency opportunity is genuine. Bitcoin Focus Group is an example of a scam cryptocurrency trading opportunity.

While we can actually make money from cryptocurrency trading, you have to be careful with which crypto trading offer you invest in. There is no such thing as a trading opportunity that can make you $500,000 from a small joining fee of $250 in real life. However, a percentage increase and return on investment are surely possible. Only with a genuine trading system that can be possible.

If you are interested in cryptocurrency trading, you can check out some of our live trading video on how we actually made some returns from. We have included some of our trading experience in our Review Below and our Recommended Trading Software Page. Else, just be sure to avoid Bitcoin Focus Group Scam and save your money!

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