The Bitcoin Code Review – SCAM Trading Offer to AVOID!

Bitcoin Code Scam Review

Is The Bitcoin Code a SCAM or Good Trading Software?

Bitcoin Code by Steve Mckay at is a tricky offer we strongly advise against investing into! Warning readers, earning $13,000 in the first 24 hours with 250 dollars investment sounds good. Unfortunately, the truth is far from it and worst it is one of the worst trading investment services on the net. What more Steve also claims to make you a millionaire that is not going to happen. Please read our Bitcoin Code Review as we reveal this deceiving scam. Also what is realistic for options traders around the world.

This scam is trying to get viral as we speak with claims of making $550 per hour guaranteed with their secret Bitcoin trading software. Since its’ release in early July 2017, the Bitcoin Code already generate enough complaints of poor performance. Thus, prompting us to expose their ill intention and shed some light on actual trading expectations.

The Bitcoin Code Scam Aspects!

If you’re wondering, this is not actually a Bitcoin trading platform as you have probably heard of this crypto currency had a huge jump in value. Bitcoin did generate many millionaires, especially for early investors back before it reached a valuation of $2,000. But the sneaky presenter, Steve fails to tell us that it is actually a binary options trading platform. Don’t get me wrong, binary options are what me and my team trade in for its’ simplicity of since we gain fixed profits out of two outcomes. Nevertheless, The Bitcoin Code is not the trading system you would want to start your investment journey with.

This gives the impression that scammers attempt to use the fame of Bitcoin to lure newbie investors in trading with Bitcoin Code. Moreover, what kind of investment opportunities that can truly grow $250 to $13,000 in one day guaranteed? There’s no such thing in this world except for “Get Rich Quick” scams that sell false hopes. Especially many of the scams we exposed in our Blacklist shares this lying quality in their offer. All of which doesn’t even perform at a level that brings actual profits.

Plus, everything within their presentation reveals much misleading information that isn’t real. Unsurprisingly, there is no reliable demonstration of the Bitcoin Code trading capabilities. Obviously, they can’t because they will only reveal their poor quality trading algorithm in their system! :p Check out below as we share more lying details within the Bitcoin Code scam.

Fake Steve McKay & Testimonials?

To further validate our standpoint, our investigation brought us to a false identity of Steve McKay. The alleged CEO or creator of the Bitcoin Code is nothing more than a bogus identity claiming to made millions. As we can have suspected, there is no such person as Steve Mckay or real users that actually made money with this scam software.

Steve Mckay Bitcoin Code

We lookup on the picture depicting Steve himself and guess what? He’s not even Steve McKay but a model from Yet another common scam red flags scam artist uses a fake character pairing with false unrealistic success stories. We shall also further expose the false testimonies in the presentations that use actors from

Bitcoin Code Testimonials Results

These are very typical of trading scams and we see them appearing repeatedly in many other scams too. Hence, it is not surprising to find that Bitcoin Code is failing many traders when we find common scam tactics!

The Bitcoin Code Review Verdict

We can safely conclude that Bitcoin Code is a SCAM trading software that will not make you $13,000 the next day. Additionally, it will not earn any profits because their trading algorithm seems to perform at best a 40% win rate. Definitely not enough to earn a profit in options trading. If you would like to have a look at some demonstration of a system that we tested, check out our Trading Software Page.

How To Trade the Markets Well?

Basically, you can either do Manual Trading or use an Automated Trading Software or even both. Totally depends on your schedule and how much time you have to read the charts and make trading decisions. Especially on trading manually by yourself which would be great if you like to practice trading as a new skill. On the other hand, there are tools that are able to aid you in making trading decisions, be it manual trading signals or auto traders.

Auto Trading – This software analyses the market and executes trades based on their own algorithm. Hence, the users will be able to set the risk level, trade size and also how many trades at a time. However, be careful with which auto trader you choose because there are many scams around exploiting newbies. For Tested & Proven Trading Software, please check out our list of approved Trading Software!

Manual Trading – You can also get access to trading signals via a Manual Trading Signal Software. The difference between this and the above is that it requires you to place the trade. It will also look into the asset prices and patterns to generate trade recommendations that include expiry time as well as directions too. Want to know what it looks like? We have a demonstration video on our Home Page or Best Software Page!

Essential Tools Traders Need to Have! 🙂

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