The Bitcoin Challenge SCAM – Review Shows DANGEROUS Fraud Signs!

The Bitcoin Challenge Scam Review

Is The Bitcoin Challenge a SCAM or Legit Bitcoin Trading Software?

Bitcoin Challenge pledges to make $1,000 per hour on trading cryptocurrency with their trading software. WAIT A MINUTE? Did he say $1,000 per hour and also $30,000 per month from a $250 deposit? Before you decide to trade with the Bitcoin Challenge, allow us to clarify a few things for you! First off, cryptocurrency trading is definitely booming, especially bitcoin soaring past $15,000 per bitcoin just today.

There’s no question of whether should you invest in cryptocurrency if you have some extra cash to make some profits. Anyone that invested says last month or earlier this year, have already made some profit with the strong upward momentum on bitcoin.

However, let’s be real, $1,000 per hour profits from a $250 investment? Really? It seems to me that the Bitcoin Challenge is portraying elements from a Get Rich Quick Scam. In fact, I and my team see this unrealistic and impossible profits potential in other scams we exposed. On top of that, there’s a few concerning and misleading details that distort the truth about online trading and bitcoin trading.

So if you are wondering whether the Bitcoin Challenge Scam can make you $1,000 per hour or a $30,000 monthly income, no you can’t. There are quite a few complaints coming in our inbox in the short time we discover this trading software as well.

I will be listing some of the reasons why Bitcoin Challenge is a SCAM below! So check it out before investing!

Why is The Bitcoin Challenge a SCAM?

Firstly and more importantly, characteristics of a “Get Rich Quick” scam typically comes with unrealistic profit potential. Generally, profits that don’t make any sense. Trading Forex, Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency does have the potential to earn you money. BUT, definitely not multiplying your account 4 times larger in one hour! In this case, $250 to $1,000. Any experienced traders can stand by to that fact, and even if it happens in 1/1,000,000 chance, it won’t be consistent.

Trading profits are usually a percentage growth from your account balance, say about 10% – 20% per day. Which would be a great goal as a trader to have if you are trading daily. Nevertheless, scammers love to give outrageous claims to attract viewers to their product. Unfortunately to these victims is that the trading application like The Bitcoin Challenge doesn’t deliver, This is because their trading algorithm has poor quality executions.

Hence, the reason for many Bitcoin Challenge complaints coming our way. In a way, the trading activity itself is not the culprit but rather scammers making “Get Rich Quick’ Scheme is polluting the trading world.

Besides this typical scam get financial freedom within a month lie, find out more misleading details from The Bitcoin Challenge Scam below!

Fake The Bitcoin Challenge Details!

Next, let’s check out the Bitcoin Challenge team that actually consist of fake characters! How do I know? Many scam system includes fake characters that don’t exist! Let’s look at Charlie Vasquez (CTO of Bitcoin Challenge), Raul Thompson (Head Analyst), and Jane Fernandez (Head Customer Support). All of these individual’s picture is actually stolen a picture from random websites over the internet.

This proves that the team is not only non-existence but the Bitcoin Challenge Scam tries to appear like a legit service with proper support. We have also received complaints of support team not being responsive to the Bitcoin Challenge Support Team as well.

Apparently, this is true for the Bitcoin Challenge Testimonials or so-called reviews from Bitcoin Challenge users! They are all stock photos from other websites that don’t correspond to their names. Even their social media time stamp is very misleading since it doesn’t change no matter when you come back to the site. Not to mention the twitter accounts aren’t real accounts as well.

Even the picture taken on a conference to what appears to represent Bitcoin Challenge is edited! We found the original picture from that provides pictures to site owners for a price. It seems that the scammers have already put their name into the picture to seem like a legit service.

Clearly, these gestures only point towards how deceitful and tricky this dishonest trading service to be.

Bitcoin Challenge Team

Misleading Trade Demonstration

Bitcoin Challenge demonstration that shows a miraculous $250 to $450 in minutes is very misleading. Like I’ve mentioned above, it is rather unrealistic to expect such a result. Which is why the scam artist didn’t bother sharing their actual trade history with entry price and position size. If they are indeed legit service, they would have shared that information with us as viewers won’t they?

Of course, they wouldn’t since the Bitcoin Challenge results are very poor judging by the number of complaints and negative feedback.

A legit trade demonstration should include a trade history at least and also how to use the trading software. You can check out a sample of my own trade demonstration with a Legitimate Service in the VIDEO BELOW this segment!

The Bitcoin Challenge Review Conclusion

Judging by the details above, I can safely conclude that the Bitcoin Challenge is a SCAM that aims to waste innocent traders’ money. As traders, we will not be getting reliable trading performance from this poor quality trading software. Hence, I will be putting the Bitcoin Challenge into our Blacklist along with other Scam software to warn my readers!

Despite all these scam systems, I am still trading as a trader simply because it makes sense as a profiting business. Like I said, trading itself is not an evil activity as long as we avoid trading with phony services. It is the scam artist that tarnishes the industry with Be a Millionaire promises and brings fears to people that could have benefited from online trading!

So, do cross-reference with our list of scams to make sure you avoid them. On the other hand, if you are interested in trading online with some reliable trading service, check out my Review BELOW or my Recommended Trading Software Page! 🙂

As promised, a demonstration video below will include some necessary details and trade histories. This can serve as your reference as an example to some reliable trading service I use.

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