Bitcoin Bonanza Review: SCAM Warning John Truman Exposed!

Bitcoin Bonanza Scam Review

Bitcoin Bonanza is a SCAM Cryptocurrency Trading Software!

Bitcoin Bonanza by John Truman creates a hype of earning $9,600 per day along with bitcoin’s crazy price movement! However, before you invest in Bitcoin Bonanza, please read our warning! We found typical trading scam signs that have a characteristic of “getting rich quick” fraud tactic. And not to mention, trading services that associate themselves with similar promises of unrealistic profits. Whereby very often ends up wasting investors’ money.

The worst part is that Bitcoin Bonanza trading services are nothing close to a reliable trading signal software. Many complaints and negative feedback arise from their poor trading performance. So, in this Bitcoin Bonanza Review, we’ll be sharing some evidence of misleading information within.

If you are expecting to earn $9,600 per day with a$250 deposit mentioned by John, you’ll be living in a fantasy. As a day trader, we know trading cryptocurrency can indeed make us some extra bucks! But we can’t expect to earn four figures income with a mere three figure capital right?

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In reality, Bitcoin Bonanza Scam deludes viewers with unrealistic and misleading profit potential to lure people to invest. Check out their lies below!

Why is Bitcoin Bonanza a SCAM?

Aside from unrealistic $9,600 per day income with a deposit of $250, we find the identity of John Truman himself suspicious. Our research shows that the character John Truman being a developer in the trading algorithm is false. It’s quite easy to come to this conclusion with a Google search of John Truman Bitcoin Bonanza. Although there is a John Truman Wolfe, author of Financial Crisis. But, this particular John Truman Bitcoin Bonanza is a bogus character.

He has never appeared in TIME magazine which represents Bitcoin Bonanza, also there is no featured article on it as well. Basically, the TIME magazine we see in the presentation didn’t actually be on sale. Bitcoin Bonanza is actually trading software that came out not too long ago with little legitimate testimonies and results. Hence, with a false identity, we can surely notice the purpose of misleading viewers. Thus, trying to sell a false credibility that has never existed.

This action only points towards the direction using false details to sell poor quality service. It is no surprise that we hear negative feedback from traders not only Bitcoin Bonanza fails to make $9600. Bitcoin Bonanza scam seems to also fail to make a profit for any investors.

False Trade Testimonies and Success!

The falsehood doesn’t stop there! Apparently testimonials at further lists down fake reviews! Individuals like Tony Petrosky and Nora Winfree that claims $9600 in one hour aren’t real. It seems this scam stole few random pictures from the internet and created these characters.

The presentation didn’t even show any trade histories or trading methods which they probably can’t. Since this cunning Bitcoin Bonanza Auto Trading Software doesn’t work with anything authentic, they probably can’t show us anything. Obviously, this scam tries to trick us of their unrealistic profits with untrue evidence.

In addition to that, the video testimonials we see at the beginning of the video involves paid actors. I personally saw a few of them in other scams that endorse scammers lie. All of their video testimonies aren’t realistic and untrue. At this point, watching these same actors almost serves as an early sign of lies!

Personally, reliable trading services rarely employ such lying tactics although it can be seen as a marketing tactic. However, tactic such as there is a little too much because Bitcoin Bonanza itself is not a reliable trading tool at all. This means Bitcoin Bonanza Result stating $9,600 isn’t real and it is not going to happen.

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John Truman Bitcoin Bonanza

Bitcoin Bonanza Review – Conclusion!

I can conclude that Bitcoin Bonanza is a SCAM using untruthfully evidence of success. The bogus John Truman and other testimonials are simply promising $9,600 daily profits. Unfortunately, it is without the real capability to trade profitably in the cryptocurrency market. You should stay away from Bitcoin Bonanza Registration as your money would be better invested elsewhere. Neither the trading performance or John Truman brings good trade opportunities for you.

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