Binrobot Lady Robot Review – Abi SCAM Trading System Loses!

Is Binrobot Lady a SCAM or LEGIT Trading Software?

Binrobot Lady and its’ robot mascot Abi begins offering an automated trading software and online signal services. So, we investigated the legitimacy of this trading services and found out that Binrobot is a SCAM! If you are seeking for additional tools to help with your trading journey, it will be wise to not invest into Abi’s Binrobot as we discovered rather concerning details about this offer. Be it an auto trading solution or signal provider, both aren’t producing actual 87% win rate. Worst of all, this auto trader focuses on short term turbo trades that last from 60 seconds to 5 minutes!

Binrobot Lady Website:

Any experienced traders know that having a software to trade short term turbo trades is highly risky, especially when the 1-minute chart does get pretty volatile. Thus, it is no surprise that Binrobot Lady Software users experienced failures and heavy losses in the markets. Hence, most traders would prefer to execute these turbo trades manually as it is more reliable in the long run.Reliable auto trading system is medium term trades (10 mins to an hour). Simply because these are the optimal expiry for a trend to hold or a typical reversal to happen. Additionally, you may find all our Recommended Trading Software list with testing sessions and proven profits.

Meanwhile, we shall focus the rest of our Binrobot Lady Review with all our findings and misleading information. Do make sure you read our reviews on the Best Trading App with some video demonstration on its trading platform to gain an edge in trading binary options!

Why is BinRobot Lady Scam?

For one obvious reason is that more negative feedback about BinRobot Lady appears within the trading community itself. Furthermore, we find details on their website to be false and sneaky in nature! Even their brand name and mascot chosen does cause a suspicious look where no other legitimate services have. For instance, Adi is a mascot the scammers employ to hide their true identity. Hence, they can provide poor performance and not take any blame. There’s no demonstration or even a presentation video to enlighten viewers about BinRobot Trading platform.

Secondly, BinRobot Lady scam attempts to fool viewers with fake success stories and trades! We found an auto script that shows random currency pairs and dates with random payouts too. But if you look at it long enough, you will find that they are basically repeating cycles and not a real list! No legitimate software would use such a fake method to show their trades. Furthermore, we pinpointed one of the ‘users’ trade histories that are clearly edited when the arrows and Call/Put direction contradicts! (Call is Up, Put is Down) These arrows are a complete opposite of what it should have been so there’s clearly some sneaky actions by Abi Automatic binary options robot.

Lastly, BinRobot is actually a new scam trading robot that recently became viral. However, Abi tries to clown us by establishing itself with 2 years of operation, 5 international awards and over 90,000 traders. This is clearly con job! We have been in this industry for quite some time but we have only recently heard about BinRobot Lady. Also, a research informs that came online back in mid-2016 and discontinued. So, a simple math would disagree that this scam trader has been around that long!

BinRobot Lady Results

BinRobot Lady Review Verdict!

Without further ado, we conclude that BinRobot Lady Trading Software is a SCAM! There is clearly a lot better and safer alternative to trading binary and be successful in it! However, you may want to take note that there are many scam software aiming to steal your money and provide poor performances. For instances, our Blacklist has gathered over 200 fraudulent software that behaves like a Get Rich Quick hoax. In the case of Binrobot Lady, it is simply too good to be a true scam that promises 87% accuracy and $1,570 trading indicator. Stay away from this offer!

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