BinaTrust Trading Signal Review – SCAM Warning, Evidences HERE!

BinaTrust Signal Scam Review

Is BinaTrust Trading Signal a SCAM or Legit Service?

BinaTrust aka Bina Trust Signals is a newly launched service at the end of 2016 with a huge profit declaration! With an invitation to earn $4,800 from $250 a day as a headline, you may be wondering is this legit. For one, we definitely dispute such a claim especially if BinaTrust Signal represents a trading signal provider! As experienced traders, this offer definitely represents a scam! Not only the mentioned earning potential is unrealistic, but we’re doubtful of their actual signals quality! Reason being it’s being provided by bogus traders and negative complaints on BinaTrust Scam. Hence, please read our BinaTrust Review before investing into it!

BinaTrust Signal Website:

Trading signals provider are indeed a good source of profit-making platform especially when you have limited knowledge and time. This enables a trader to simply refer to trade recommendations and execute the trades with minimal effort. However, in the case of BinaTrust Signals, there seem to be more suspicious aspects similar to scams we’ve exposed recently. Moreover, negative reviews of inaccurate trade recommendations that don’t reflect their 78% win rate bring more concern. It is also not surprising for us to discover fabricated elements within Binatrust which we’re disclosing below!

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What is BinaTrust Profits Program?

Generally speaking, Binatrust supposedly a company that generates trade signals via algo-trading software analyzing high probability winning trades. But in fact, this offer preys on newbie traders aiming to earn $4,000 within 24 hours without quality services. It only aims to entice viewers with a blindly assumed profits potential without showing any genuine information regarding their signals services! Our initial study attempting to check their so called ‘proven verified results’ shows no clear evidence of their signal quality. One reason is because this offer is relatively unknown within our industry even though the website was launched in July 2016. Also, there is no actual trade histories or trading sessions provided anywhere as well.

The notion of using an animated presentation to represent a genuine trading signal service provider is very suspicious as well. Firstly, the voice narrator represents himself as one of 6 algo-trading and hedge funds experts who plans to share their daily trade executions. Yes, an unknown, no-name person is planning to send us signals! The other problem with that is BinaTrust is not even a legitimate business entity trading their own funds. It’s a falsely made story attempting to trick us by posing as professional traders. If they are indeed professional, there should be at least some example of trade histories or chart setup openly shared with their brand. Guess that is not the case because scammers do not have any original trades to show!

Fake Testimonials & Endorsements?

In other words, scam-artist often sugar coat their promotional items that work poorly with false testimonials! Not to mention that the countdown timer at the bottom of their website urges us to sign up quick. But clearly it doesn’t matter because viewers will still be able to sign up at zero and it’s a common indication of scam! As we investigate the social media praises of BinaTrust Signal, we can’t identify the exact person giving these testimonials. Unsurprisingly, they are forged with stolen pictures from the internet pairing with random names. Take the picture Lucas Jacob shares! That is obviously a picture of Richard Bransonn, a proud owner of Virgin Airlines with Nick Boulos on Necker Island.

Fake Social Media BinaTrust Scam

Secondly, the endorsement badges by Forbes, CNN Money, Le Monde and Bloomberg are meaningless icons with no actual credibility. These major companies have never covered BinaTrust Signals Trading and a quick research within their database shows no results. Clearly, it may not be a wise investment app to be investing into! What about the 2015 Most Profitable Signal Service badge? They are fabricated lie since we know this website or service was launched in 2016!

BinaTrust Review Conclusion

Based on the concerning evidence above and negative feedback, we can conclude that BinaTrust is a SCAM! Any legit trading signals services will share genuine results or trade histories almost on a daily basis! Evidently, BinaTrust does not belong to a sincere service provider but rather a $4,000 from $250 fraud! Additionally, the bogus background/creator of BinaTrust maintains an anonymous with fake testimonies filling up their website too. Please do stay away from BinaTrust Trading Signal!

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Ultimately, it is important to know that there are genuine services out there whereby newbie traders can use to earn $100 per day! Or 10% – %30 account growth per day as a target is not impossible as opposed to a $4,000 from $250 trading signals. If you are seeking for the best tools to help you, check out our List of Best Trading Software! Alternatively, we can hook you up with a genuine trading signal group as well (please email us at to send in a request)!

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