BinaryXTrader is a SCAM Review!

Binary X Trader is a SCAMM!!!!

BinaryXTrader is a SCAM!

Please read our review on BinaryXTrader before investing into this binary options auto trading system!

BinaryXTrader Scam WebPage and Offer

BinaryXTrader is a binary options auto trader that was released in July 2015 which was approximately 7 months ago. The reason why Binary Options Sentinel is covering a review on this auto trading system right now is because we have received word that BinaryXTrader has released a lot marketing emails recently. This has raised increased number of queries on the potential of this offer being a SCAM and ultimately save your money.

The presentation for BinaryXTrader focuses into it’s functionality of the software which is a fully automated system that executes trades on behalf of the trader, reduce the time needed to perform technical analysis, anyone can be a user of this simple system, and it’s proven steady results over time as a money making system. We certainly do not have qualms over those pointers except that the presentation video only reiterates WHAT is a binary options auto trader is. In fact, the selling points of this system only explains what a binary options auto trading system do, but not why this system is worth investing in.

Besides that, the offer made in the video presentation states an offer that BinaryXTrader will be offered to traders for a free 60 days trial period. Additionally, this is an offer that binary options auto trading system rarely give to customers where the website quoted that BinaryXTrader can be purchased of $299 while offering this software for free by filling out the details required. So we have a deal that says traders can either buy this piece of software for $299 or you can get it for free during a 60 day trial. The offer itself sounds very strange especially in the binary options auto trader industry, where traders do not usually pay for the auto trading software but instead just deposit a minimum amount of $250 for the broker registration. Based on our experience, BinaryXTrader will also not charge traders for using their software even after 60 days because they will already earn money by partnering with the listed binary options brokers. Another suspicious fact is that BinaryXTrader was released last year and it is still up in early 2016 which proves that the 60 days free trial is merely a sales strategy to pull new traders in.

The video presentation also had mentioned that your credit is not needed and we probably all know that is not true because credit card details will certainly be needed during broker registration. The banner also mentioned that BinaryXTrader works 24/7 when the market will not be open for trade during the weekend. We also found that the testimonial provided in the registration page is made by using fake actors that can be found in testimonial videos in other industry as well. We can safely deduced that the website was made with little knowledge of trading binary options industry. There is also very little information on how the software works apart from the statement and example of its track record (there is only mentioned of how much money he made). Lastly, we have found two typo errors in the registration page that will come off as unprofessional.

Typo Errors BinaryXTrader
Typo Errors found in the Registration Page!

Conclusion: BinaryXTrader is a SCAM!

We conclude that BinaryXTrader Auto Trading Software is a SCAM due to the lack of demonstration/information on how the software works, fake testimonials provided that gives the impression of untrustworthy, unprofessional typos and fake trial period. Binary Options traders are recommended to sign up with binary options brokers and services which is reliable and trustworthy. Please do avoid investing in this Auto Trading software and only invest in those that reliable and trustworthy. Binary Options Auto Trading software often are not able to take fundamental analysis into account in its algorithm, hence it might be better to look into Manual Binary Option Signal provider which is provided by experienced traders.

Verdict: BinaryXTrader is a SCAM!

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