Binary Secret is a SCAM Review! David Craig’s Secret Weapon?

Binary Secret is a SCAM!

Please read our review on Binary Secret before investing into this binary options auto trading system!

Binary Secret is a scam binary options auto trading system that is officially launched on 8th February 2016. Based on the website details, Binary Secret’s website was created in March 2015 however was recently updated early in January 2016. On top of that, the website is due to expire on March 2016. Seems like Binary Secret’s website will not be operational for a very long time and it probably aims to scam as many innocent traders in this 2 months. The 24/7 support probably will not be contactable after March 2016 as well. Nevertheless, we have identified many scam-like elements in this offer which we are going to expose in this review. Please continue reading for more information.

Binary Secret is a SCAM! Auto Binary Signal SCAM! Binary Options SCAM!

Binary Secret’s website Expiring soon! Hit and run SCAM?

Binary Secret’s Background

Binary Secret ‘s website employs many typical binary options scams tactics which can be noticed within seconds. First, let’s go through the presentation video for Binary Secret. The voice narrator, David Craig, claimed to be an experienced Wall Street Analyst for one of the biggest brokers there. We strongly believe that David is a fabricated character which is created to represent this scam offer. David did not show himself in the entire video and the presentation is only conducted via a voice narrator only. Apart from that, the picture used to represent David Craig is commonly used in adverts for other website as well. This means that David’s face was simply purchased via stock photos provider. We can also say that the character David Craig is fully fabricated and everything about his claimed background story can be assumed fake as well.

Fabricated Character: David Craig! CEO that does not exist! Binary Secret is a SCAM!

Fabricated Character: David Craig! CEO that does not exist! Binary Secret is a SCAM!

Based on the presentation video, Binary Star provides semi auto and automatic trading mode where traders are able to choose which signals to trade with manually or let the program execute trades for them. There is not much details about their algorithm but they claim that software has a 93.62% accuracy. The demonstration in the video also shows that the program made $700 in a 60 seconds trade. To be honest, the claimed 93% accuracy on a 60 seconds trade is highly unrealistic achievement. Relying on 60 seconds trades will be very similar to gambling because prices are very volatile to identify consistent patterns on it. Although it is possible to win 60 seconds trades using a binary options auto trader, but achieving over 90% accuracy is highly unlikely! The risk of losing is so much higher in 60 seconds trades because the trend is more likely to change all of a sudden.

Binary Secret’s Trading Capabilities

Additionally, the demonstration of trades shown in the video is simply a demonstration of placing a trade through normal binary options broker. Based on the video, we can tell that David is just showing that he is placing a 60 seconds trade through Banc De Binary by clicking the PUT button. Should you complete the registration, you will be redirected to Binary Secret’s trading platform which is entirely different from the demonstration video. Yet another unreliable demonstration which show viewers that what they are testing is not the product that their are offering.

Binary Secret also claims to be able to make tens of thousand of dollars in a week and also they proudly market the ability to make $700 in 60 seconds. Apart from that, David also continue sharing that the software will execute 5 trades per day with an example of trader investing $700 per trade will make $3,500 a day. This is a typical scam tactic where the narrator tries to attract viewers by showing unrealistic profits and hope for a sign-up. It is definitely unrealistic because as mentioned previously 60 seconds trade are very volatile and it is not realistic to assume a 100% win rate for it. So $3,500 a day is most likely to remain a dream that will not come true. We also advise traders to not invest $700 per trade unless you have at least $14,000 funds in your trading account. In order to profit from binary options, we have to aim for long term consistency instead of a bet big win big mindset. It will only be a matter of time until your funds run dry should the trader decides to gamble in binary options. DO NOT EXPECT to earn $700 consistently in each trade especially on a 60 seconds trade.

Binary Secret’s Fake Testimonials and Trade History

Another scam-like feature in Binary Secret is that the website employs fake testimonials and trade history. As mentioned previously, David Craig is a fabricated character by using a voice narrator and stock photo from the internet. The video testimonial is also a fake by employing Fiverr actors to convince viewers to believe their unrealistic claims! The website also claimed that the trade history shown in the website are third party verified. But there is no mentioned on who are the third party that verified the trade history. So far with all the scam like aspects, it seems like Binary Secret can not be trusted at all.

Binary Secret’s Conclusion

We can safely conclude that Binary Secret is a SCAM binary options offer. We strongly advise viewer to not invest any money regardless of who the binary options broker that sync with this scam system. It seems that Binary Secret only aims to attract viewers by showing unrealistic earnings, fake testimonials, and fabricated CEO. There are more reliable binary options auto trading systems around that can make consistent profits for you. Do take a look at our list of Binary Options Auto Trading System and Blacklist for list of scams! At the same time, we advise traders to adapt good money management habits, to only risk 5% to 10% of your total funds in trades instead of a fix $700 as shown in the video.

Verdict: Binary Secret is a SCAM!

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