Binary Profit Method SCAM – Review Uncovers Steve Nichols Truth!

Binary Profit Method Scam Review

Is Binary Profit Method a SCAM or LEGIT Trading Software?

Binary Profit Method by Steve Nichols proudly invites interested traders to generate $100,000 in a month! Beware readers! We took a good look at this offer and have reasons to believe it is an outright scam! As far as actual reward potential is concerned, the Binary Profit Method Software fails to provide concrete evidence of success. Or at least a genuine testing session. If you are truly expecting to earn $100,000 by the end of the month with a minimum deposit of $250, it’s just not going to happen. There is no legit services or company that would declare such a “Get Rich Quick” deal!

Binary Profit Method Website:

Steve the alleged founder of this fraud or declared as “Self Made Basement Trader” claims to be able to simplify technical analysis achieving accurate win rates. Thus, enabling newbie traders to utilize the easy to use an automatic trading platform. Even though it is possible to generate some income with an auto trader, Binary Profit Method promises fast cash! Similar to many frauds we have exposed in recent past, Steve and his software promise unrealistic level of income. Additionally, there is very little credible information about the software itself along with several suspicious aspects! Read the rest of our Binary Profit Method Review before investing!

What is Binary Profit Method?

As mentioned, we are using some form of automated trading software to help us trade when we’re busy. However, it is rare to find a legitimate and trustworthy ones! Unfortunately, Binary Profit Method belongs to a group of empty promising hoax! According to Steve, this service takes consideration of technical analysis such as Market Power, Price Range and Price Sample as indicators. But, any experienced trader could point out that such data are simply what we see on the price chart with a little help in decision making. It isn’t quite an indicator like EMAs, Bollinger Bands, RSI, etc.

So how could the signals provided by Binary Profit Method Scam possibly profit a 6 figure income a month? As much as the reward sounds good, it’s simply false promises since the algorithm itself is not convincing enough. Also, the gesture of claiming hundred thousand dollars within a month is an outright scam! Let us share with you what’s possible. We can most certainly grow our binary trading account gradually through daily percentage goals. For instances, 10% to 20% account growth per day is indeed achievable with good services or trading knowledge. We also checked out the success stories which evidently less convincing after we debunked them!

Artificial Success?

Firstly, we noticed the emails supporting Binary Profit Method false claims dated back in 2014! That’s rather interesting because we checked the domain age, is registered on 2015. This means that this services should not exist during the time when the emails are dated. Moreover, we have been in this industry for quite a while, and there’s no actual positive trading experience with this auto trader. We also strongly believe that Steve himself is not a hotel executive in the first place but an actor. The story of being able to create a trading software with no actual experience is hard to believe, what’s more earning $100,000.

What about the Wall Street Guy that helped Steve to create the Binary Profit Method? He is yet another bogus character depicted by some stock photo and not an actual trader too. Thus further enhancing our suspicion on this scam operation!

Mark and Steve Nichols Binary Profit Method

Dark Truth on Binary Profit Method!

BEWARE Traders! We gain some intel within the trading community stating the true culprit behind this fraud, Mr. Asaf Weinstein along with a Linkedin Profile. In addition to this hoax, he is also connected to yet another scam Passive Income Bot while disguising as a reviewer. He is the owner of where he hides behind random pictures under the name of Patrick Jones. Also directing traders to the two frauds! On the other hand, another site seems to be associated with this scam too.

We shall keep our readers posted on this matter and share our findings very soon. Stay Tuned!

Binary Profit Method Review Conclusion!

Judging by the falsified details in the website and bogus Steve Nichols, our verdict shall be Binary Profit Method is a SCAM! The description of its’ algorithm doesn’t make logical sense to be a functional software. As a result causing many traders to suffer heavy losing rate instead of profiting! Please have caution with, and this offer to save your money!

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