Trusted Binary Options Brokers!

Broker's NameMinimum DepositMinimum Investment per TradeOnline SinceAllow US TradersRegulated
24Option$£€ 250$£€ 242009NoCySEC, license no. 207/13.
TopOption$£€ 100$£€ 52012NoCySEC, license no. 092/08
Nadex$ 100$ 12004YesCFTC
Tradorax$£€ 250$£€ 252014YesNot Regulated
Banc De Binary$£€ 250$£€ 12009NoCySEC, license no. 188/13
Porter Finance$£€ 200$£€ 52014YesNot Regulated
TradeThunder $£€ 20$£€ 12015YesNot Regulated

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Signing up with a Binary Options Broker for the first time may be a scary feeling especially with various scams and unethical brokers around. Thus, there are a few important factors that you should consider before signing up with a binary options broker. Any form of online trading including binary options and forex works around risks. Investors needs to be aware of their individual capital gain, liabilities, and tax formality in their country of residence. Do not trade with money that you cannot afford to lose!


How do we deal with Binary Options Brokers?

Do note that most binary options brokers have capable sales and marketing team to generate income for their own respective companies. They are trained to upsell you and squeeze as much money from your pocket. This is the purpose of personal account manager which will be assigned to your account when you sign up with a binary options broker. For that reason alone, we would advise not to blindly follow your personal account manager’s guidance where that person may lead you into promising dreams that may put you in a tough position.

Should you are new to binary options, you may want to consider using reliable Binary Options Signal Service until you have gained enough trading experience to rely on you own chart and fundamental analysis.

Choosing a broker?

While there are unregulated binary options brokers that have been operating for quite a while in industry that may have good reputation, it would be safer to go with regulated brokers for security purposes.

Initial Deposit and Account Management?

We recommend to deposit the binary options brokers minimum amount as your first deposit. This would enable you to familiarize with the broker’s platform, test the fund withdrawal’s process, or any lag issues with the platform. So once you are familiarized with the broker, you will be able to judge whether you are satisfied with their services and trading platform. Feel free to deposit more funds once you find that your binary options broker are performing at a satisfactory level that meets your needs. We also recommend not to exceed 5% of your budget in each trade, that would minimize your exposure to losses.


Accepting bonuses from binary options brokers is not recommended for new traders. Simply because by accepting them, the broker will impose terms that would restrict your withdrawal of funds until you have reached a certain trading volume which would be an undesirable situation for new traders.