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Virtnext Autotrader by Virtnext Investment Ltd is legit or a scam?

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Our team came across one of the top and hottest selling binary options autotrader that was recently released on 16th November 2015. We have heard countless positive reviews from this autotrader software users and generate a simple report to further support the claims for this autotrader.

This system is developed by Virtnext Investment Ltd is a binary options autotrader that uses algorithm trading system while utilizing the company’s existing technological infrastructure to perform its calculation and trade executions. This would be one of the first autotrader software it is easy to reviewed the legitimacy of the CEO and company. Virtnext also pride themselves for its extremely fast algorithm trading capabilities since it utilizes the company’s infrastructure.


Virtnext: An Auto and Semi-Auto Binary Options Trading Software

This binary options trading software is capable in running on both Auto and Semi-Auto trading, where traders can choose to allow the software to trade on the their behalf or the traders themselves shall choose which signals they would rather trade with. Virtnext trading software is available for free, however, traders will need to deposit a minimum funds of $250 in order to sign up for their binary options broker system. Which means that the deposited funds will be used for trading thereafter. We also learnt that system has an average ITM of 78% on the auto mode. That is pretty good judging that it is an auto trader! During the initial test, we ran a test on the auto trading mode with $250 minimum deposit and placing $25 per trade, we found an astonishing $70 per day profit on average. The results is indeed very reliable as far as auto trading software is concerned.

Best and Most Trusted Binary Options Robot/Autotrader

Best and Most Trusted Binary Options Robot/Autotrader

What is Virtnext Investment Ltd all about?

Virtnext Investment Ltd was founded in March 2011 and within 2 years, the company has achieve a remarkable income of $304 million net profit for its members. Apart from that, their annual revenue has been increasing gradually every single  year. The Virtnext software is owned by CEO Vincent Bollore, a French billionaire whom has a net worth of $6.4 Billion which most of his wealth are generated through investment. Vincent Bollore Group is also one of the top 500 companies in the world, where his firm developed Virtnext auto trading software. More details can be found at Forbes website regarding this respectable man.

Previously, the Virtnext software was about to go public however due to Michael Lewis’s accusation of algorithm trading creating a secret online depository of “insider information”, which is allows some companies to get information of pricing miliseconds before it reaches the market due to the utilization of high speed technology. Michael Lewis mentioned that this kind of technology should be available to the public which then caused the cancellation of launch of this Virtnext software. However, after a year later, the debate has finally came to an end while no actions were taken by the authorities against algorithm trading based companies. Ultimately, Virtnext is allowed to launch their product to the market.

Virtnext CEO Vincent Ballore


Conclusion on Virtnext AutoTrader Software: This is a legit AutoTrading Software

We are positive that this Autotrading software is a reliable system because the test showed great results while there are no negative reviews about Virtnext software in the net. Virtnext auto trading software has a legit CEO and a legit company that runs its operation which is always a good indication of the software’s legitimacy and reliability. We also encourage users that signed up with Virtnext to share their results in the comments below or email to as we always appreciate an honest feedback from the binary options community!

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Join the Most Trusted Fully Automated Binary Options Autotrader in the industry!

Join the Most Trusted Fully Automated Binary Options Autotrader in the industry!

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