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Mike’s AutoTrader Review!!!

One of the most Trusted and Reliable Binary Options Semi-Auto Trading System in the industry! Great learning tool as well as consistent profit generation system! Free Access to Mike’s Manual Signal Group where experienced traders provide Signals based on their analysis EVERYDAY!

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Michael Freeman, the founder of Mike AutoTrader is a man well known and respected by various binary options reviewer for his Mike’s AutoTrader software. Nevertheless, it is important to do various research on the binary options auto traders/services before investing purely because there are many binary options services being launched every month. That would minimize the chance of being scammed and waste your precious money on low results. Rest assured, we have reviewed Mike AutoTrader in great detail and we have concluded that Mike’s AutoTrader is a legit binary options service that is worth trying especially for new traders!


Who is Michael Freeman?

Michael Freeman’s name has been circulating around in the binary options industry through various media such as his Youtube channel that has over 200 videos, Manual Signal Group as well as this Autotrading software. He has indeed been in this industry for a long enough period to have earned himself a credible as a mentor in FX and binary options trading. Apart from that, his Youtube videos covers various topics regarding binary options such as simple tips & tricks in trading binary options, trading strategies, important news and guidelines when trading.


What does Mike’s AutoTrader do?

Mike’s AutoTrader is a semi-automatic binary options trading software that was developed by Michael Freeman himself. The software is capable of simplifying and automating technical analysis thus applying the relevant signals to the binary options trading platform itself. The software itself will generate trading signals for the trader as long as the market is open based on its sophisticated auto trading scripts. One of the selling point for this AutoTrader is that the user can choose to follow the signal or not. Once the signal is of interest to the trader, he/she shall have to input the trade amount too which allow traders to control their trading risk.

Join Mike's AutoTrader today! Best Semi-Auto Trading Software in the industry!

Join Mike’s AutoTrader today! Best Semi-Auto Trading Software in the industry!


What is it like using Mike’s AutoTrader?

Mike’s AutoTrader has an impressive ITM which is about 70% to 80% where it averages at about 75% success rate. This is an example of a good autotrading software where is realistic due to the quality of the signals provided. Additionally, Michael Freeman does not charge for this software, yes, it is free. Instead, traders that signed up for Mike’s Autotrader will be required to register and deposit funds into the required binary options broker where the autotrader is able to sync with the binary broker’s interface. Thereafter, traders will be able to trade with the deposited funds and receive the trading signals from Mike’s AutoTrader. The only system requirements for this autotrading system is that traders should run their trading platform on Google Chrome where it performs best.

Michael Freeman is also known to be a sincere person and very serious in his binary options services, therefore, traders that registered for Mike’s AutoTrader, he/she will instantly gain access to his Facebook community page, Mike’s Manual Signal Group that includes free binary options signals as well. The community members in that page consists of active members and admins that constantly share trading advises, trading signals and also provide a perfect space for traders to ask questions where the members will openly give advise accordingly.


Mike’s Manual Signal Group (Facebook)(FREE!!)

Mike’s Group is one of the most reliable manual signal provider we have encountered in the binary options industry. Members will receive on average 20-30 high quality trading signals per day from professional traders on various asset class. Besides receiving signals, members can have access to join the learning community where webinars and active admins that respond to your questions pertaining to binary options.

We also find that the Facebook group page is very well maintained and has very specific rules that members has to follow to avoid being banned. The reason for the strict rules is to keep information organized and at the same time, maintain a high ITM (the average ITM for Mike’s Manual Signal Group is about 75%, where sometimes it goes up to 90%) for its manual trading signals.

Mike's Manual Signal Group - high quality manual trading signals provided everyday!

Mike’s Manual Signal Group – high quality manual trading signals provided everyday!

Conclusion on Mike’s AutoTrader:

Mike’s Auto Trader has been around the binary options industry for a long time and it is still one of the most trusted binary options semi-auto trader! Since Mike’s AutoTrader is a SEMI-AUTOMATED trading software, by having just basic knowledge of chart reading and basic trading knowledge, traders can improve their ITM% with this software! We would strongly recommend new traders to utilized the Mike’s Manual Signal Group to gain some trading knowledge and sign up for Mike’s AutoTrader. Since it will allow members to have access to the manual signals while referring to the auto trader’s signal. This will minimize new binary options trader’s loss while being able to gain some money and trading knowledge at the same time.

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Trusted Binary Options Auto Trading System!

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