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Latest Performance Update (February 2016): Citidel Ltd Investment App has an average ITM of 70% to 75%! Still a reliable Binary Options Auto Trading/Signal System!

Citidel Ltd Investment App, a legit or a scam auto trading software? We have been following through this trending binary options auto trading software since it’s released on 25th January 2016. To be honest, Citidel Ltd’s auto trading software is attracting a lot of attention due to it’s well prepared presentation as well as it’s really do seem very trustworthy on the surface. However, we wanted to give this hot and trending auto trading software some time for us to judge’s it’s capabilities since it’s launch, which we finally came to a conclusion before writing our conclusions here at Binary Options Sentinel.

In our research, we found positive evidences that shows that Citidel Ltd Investment App is a reliable binary options auto trading software in terms of it’s background story and it’s reliable “IN THE MONEY” success rate. Let’s get down to a summarized version of what Citidel Investment App is all about, Dr. Kent Grifly, the founder of this auto trading software has created a platform that is simple and easy to use even for inexperienced traders. He is also known to be a financial analyst that has worked in the investment management industry for many years. Since 1983, he was appointed as Chairman and Chief Investment Strategist at Grifly Capital LLC. Dr. Kent Grifly conducted many public lectures and participates in conferences for investor around the world. According to the presentation, traders that sign up with Citidel Investment App will be given a free access to one of his Investment webinars!

Citidel Investment App - The best performing Auto Trader in 2016!

Citidel Investment App – The best performing Auto Trader in 2016!

What is Citidel Investment App like?

Citidel Investment App can work in both Auto and Semi Auto mode, where traders is able to allow the software to execute trades on their behalf or they can select which trading signals they would like to trade from signal list! The platform is very similar to Virtnext and also Centument binary options auto trading software, however, as we mentioned previously on other reviews that all these auto trading software runs on different algorithm! Hence, their results can be different! Just imagine a computer with different hardware configuration in it. Rest assured that both Virtnext and Centument are also a reliable auto trading software that can be considered as an alternative as well.

Now let’s move on to the claim of Citidel Investment App being able to have 84% ITM success rate, which had sparked interest us because it is indeed a very high winning rate but at the same time it is achievable. Based on their presentation, Citidel Investment App is said to use KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) in their trading algorithm to capitalize the trading markets. We have not come across the term KPI in trading before, apart from measuring corporate team/department’s performance, we choose to not comment on how the algorithm works. The topic of interest right now is can Citidel Investment App perform right? Below are the common feedback we get from various reviewers and also public traders:

  • “Citidel Investment App is able to get 70% – 80% In The Money (ITM) on a daily basis so far since it’s launch”
  • “Citidel has grown $250 deposit to $525 in two days”
  • “Citidel works pretty well on the high risk (5 trades at a time), growing from $1000 to $1891 in current volatile market”

There are many similar comments floating around the internet right now, but we would emphasize the most important factor to take note, which is the percentage of In The Money (ITM). Many testers verified that Citidel is indeed capable of maintaining over 70% ITM in current market condition and it’s averaging near 80%. Although it probably only hit it’s claimed 84% ITM success rate only on certain days, but on average it is still a very reliable tool for trading. We believe this is a very good enough reason to put Citidel as one of our reliable Binary Options Signals provider.

We also came across a pretty good tip on the effectiveness of using Citidal and perhaps Centument as well, some testers prefer to turn on their auto trading function when it is more volatile which they believe is when the Asian market is open along with as many markets as possible. Probably due to the major market movement in China as well as the Oil market!

Last but not least, the binary options brokers that syncs with Citidel Investment App that we are able to identify so far are GT Options and Titan Trade. Both brokers have good reputation so far in the industry and minimal complaints, so traders are expected to not face complications in withdrawals (as long as the verification documents are submitted). The binary options brokers registration may be dependent on location as well, but rest assured that Citidel Investment App only works with reputable brokers!


Conclusion on Citidel Investment App: This is a legit Binary Options Auto Trading Software

We have a very positive impression on Citidel Investment App and believe that it could indeed generate sustainable profits. Grifly Capital LLC and Dr. Kent Grifly seems to be a great leader and legitimate company brings out the confidence in using this reliable binary options trading app. A lot of positive reviews by both testers and traders which are earning some profits as we speak! Should you decide to try Citidel, please do let us know which broker you are registered to and feel free to share your results with us as well! Good luck and trade safe!

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How to Sign-Up for Citidel Investment App?

  1.  Click Citidel Investment App’s link HERE! (Be sure to CLEAR your cookies before clicking the link!)
  2. Register your valid email and name.
  3. Complete the Registration with the require information. Once in the members area, you will be synced to a reliable binary option broker, where you are require to make an initial deposit of a minimum $250. (We would recommend minimal deposit and deposit more once you are satisfied with the performance, please do not accept Bonuses too!). The money that you invested can also be withdrawn at your own liking.
  4. Log into the Auto Trading platform and enjoy trading!
Citidel Investment App - The best performing Auto Trader in 2016!

Citidel Investment App – The best performing Auto Trader in 2016!

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