What Trading Signal Software I Use for Signal Recommendation?

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What types of Trading Services are available?

The two types of trading services that can be found in the market are automated robots and semi-automated robots. Automated software/robot are synced with your binary options account and it shall execute trades on your behalf based on its own algorithm. The users shall only need to complete the setup and the program shall do everything for the users. As for semi-automated robots/software, users shall receive signals on a regular basis based on programmed technical analysis. However, the user shall need to apply their own fundamental analysis and decide which trade to execute. User’s using semi-automated program shall need to make their own decisions and trade executions. Lastly, there are also groups/community that has experienced traders provide good quality signals on a daily basis and group members shall execute trades based on their recommendation.This type of signal provider can also be referred as manual signal groups, where traders shall wait for recommendation from experienced trader and thus, executing trades based on it. 

With various trading services emerging in the market, BO Sentinel strives to provide reviews and honest opinion on these various types of trading services including auto traders, semi-auto traders and also trading signal provider/community. We have also come up with a list below with some of the most reliable binary options services which would improve trader’s profit in binary options trading or Forex or Cryptocurrency trading.

As the world we live in is very hectic and people may not have sufficient time to enable them to learn and profit at the same time. Sitting in front of a computer for 10 hours a day may not be ideal for most people. This is where auto trader and signal services may be a preferred choice for this group of people. Online trading industry is expanding rapidly and countless trading services emerged as a response to the demand of traders. However, there are many fraudulent services that offers unrealistic returns in a very short amount of time. BO Sentinel shall look into those binary options services and provide an honest review/opinion to allow traders to take into their consideration before investing money into it. Please refer to the table below for a list of Binary Options Signal Services or Binary Options AutoTrader that we find reliable. From a trader’s perspective, an AutoTrader that has an ITM/Success rate of 70% and above can be considered reliable. With that level of ITM, traders are able to make descent amount of money in relative to their investment.

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*Trading alerts should not be considered as investment advice. The decision to act on any signals is yours and taken at your own risk*