Binary Options ProBot Scam Review! Cheating Exposed!

Is Binary Options ProBot Software a SCAM or LEGIT Auto Trader?

Interested in making extra money via Binary Options ProBot Software? Please do take some time to understand our Binary Options Probot Scam Review before investing into it. It’s a fact that binary options trading can, in fact, generate some extra cash for its trader. However, not every automated trading systems have the genuine intention to help you out! Our observation in auditing auto traders like Binary Options ProBot notice several suspicious details or red flags. Could Binary Options Probot truly bring you at least 40% daily profit or is it a fraudulent trading software?

The Binary Options ProBot Software, an auto trader said to use the same strategies and algorithm similar hedge funds and also fast servers/computer. The unknown voice narrator comment furthers that it is capable of having over 89% Win rate while returning a minimum of 40% daily profits from a $250 deposit. He then describes Binary Options ProBot’s algorithm as an application of 6 different trading indicators. Which includes Trend indicator, RSI, MACD, Stochastic, William %R and CCI. Emphasizing that this trading software is similar to those hedge fund’s war machine, the narrator is confident that it will bring you up the “food chain”. Thus, enabling you to claim your share of the 4 trillion dollar share of the financial trading volume! Although the presentation is not as flamboyant while claiming to make you a millionaire, the details are highly misleading. Read more details below!

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Binary Options ProBot Software Fraudulent Impression

First and foremost, we’re dealing with a bogus voice narrator attempting to represent a “good” system but many times, such kind of offer gives a negative impression. Over 80% of the rip-off software listed in our Blacklist uses voice narrator because the scammer would like to hide their identity. Thus, it’s rather difficult to establish the trust to Binary Options ProBot especially  that it claims to have a team of “professional traders” devising countermeasures to beat large financial institutions. Without a formal company to exhibit their reputation and the use of narrator definitely comes across as an unknown entity trying to appear “professional”.

Apart from that, Binary Options ProBot’s pride in being able to beat the elusive ‘food chain’ to earn profits with it’s patented algorithm is hazily described by the narrator. The indicators listed in the presentation are indeed common indicators in the trading world. Which is totally fine to be mentioned by the bogus narrator, but we failed to understand the special feature for this auto trader. These are no further information about how this algorithm uses this indicator to win but rather just saying them. Definitely feels like a student reciting his thesis without understanding it’s content!

Fake & Contradicting Promises

Binary Options ProBot tries to appear legit by claiming an 89% win rate while providing results which are verified! But we highly doubt that the scam-artist responsible for this auto trader knows how to do the math right. The calculation error found in their FAQ on it’s winning accuracy is simply disgusting. Quoted from the answer given, “the software is capable of making on average at least 6 to 7 correct trades out of 10”. That would give you a 60-70% winning accuracy out of 10 instead of 89%! Surely, this reveals how contradicting Binary Options ProBot can be in terms of their presentation.

Binary Options ProBot Results Scam Review

There is one more statement made in the video which we find highly amusing! Which is the “do not buy fake testimonials over the internet”. As you’ve probably guessed, we found fake testimonials on the web page fabricated by using random pictures online! These individuals aren’t real and you will be able to find these pictures lurking around across many websites! Lastly, the narrator’s lame attempt to attract sign-ups by claiming there is a “demo” account where you will be able to try this software out. However, we did not find any options for a demo account for Binary Options Probot but instead was lead straight to the deposit page! There will not be any actual ‘demo’ account for Binary Options ProBot users!

Fake Testimonials Binary Options ProBot Scam Trading

Self-Made Trade History!

Another typical lying efforts employed by scam-artists is to include self-made trade history to support their vaguely described story. We identified that the trade history is clearly a fake because it includes weekend trading activities! Thank goodness for us as we wrote this review during a weekend and when the market is closed! Hence, there should not be any trading activities in binary options at this time! Yet another red-flag viewers should be aware of!

Do Not Invest with Binary Options ProBot! Find Better Alternatives!

Based on the above reason, we can conclude that Binary Options ProBot is SCAM Auto Trading System! There are no authentic demonstration or even proof of its success but instead false evidence. As much as the bogus and unnamed narrator tries to appear professional, he overdid it by promising a non-existence demo account, providing fake testimonials and misinterpreted winning rate! This trading software shall go into our Blacklist to accompany the low performing auto trader in the industry. We’ve also received negative feedback from both reviewers and traders alike regarding Binary Options ProBot. Hence, it should be wise to avoid depositing with them!

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