Binary Meta Bot is a SCAM Review! Binary Options SCAM!

Binary Meta Bot is a SCAM! Binary Options SCAM

Binary Meta Bot is a SCAM Review!

Please read our review on Binary Meta Bot before investing into this binary options auto trading system!

Binary Meta Bot SCAM Webpage and Offer

Binary Meta Bot by Sir Roger Thorne is a SCAM binary options auto trading solution that has a rather neat website while offering various articles on advises, strategies, and guides to binary options traders. We find that the website is pretty well designed and would be useful in providing basic information about binary options for beginners. Despite that, our focus right here is’s Binary Meta BOT which has many suspicious scam-like aspects about the offer. That is a rather cunning way of scamming viewers to trust their binary options auto trading system by using their well presented website and character. We will share some of the scam-like aspects of Binary Meta Bot in this review in hopes to prevent traders from losing money to scams program such as this one.

Sir Roger, the alleged founder of Binary Meta Bot claims that the it is the world’s first guaranteed binary options auto trader that has an accuracy of 98.7%. There is certainly no such thing as guaranteed binary auto trader in this world simply because one algorithm will not be able to perform in every single market behavior and it most likely does not react to fundamental changes in the market as well. Additionally, Sir Roger did not exactly mentioned how is he guaranteeing the performance of this binary bot, what if it does not perform as well as 98.7%. He also claimed that he has 30 years in trading scene and rather successful as well, where he attached a few pictures of himself with famous celebrity like Richard Branson and Bill Gates. With this incredible claim where Sir Roger is that well-known, obviously we would be curious to whether is Sir Roger really that famous because we have never seen him before. Hence, with a simple Google search, we found that the pictures used to portray Sir Roger with the famous celebrity are photoshopped. It is such a hilarious scam attempt to fool viewers into trusting his credibility. There are also no evidence found in the internet regarding his success in the trading industry as well. Therefore, we can safely say that Sir Roger Thorne is a fabricated character created to represent this scam binary options auto trader.

Photoshopped Image! Hillarious SCAM from Binary Meta BOT
Photoshopped Image! Hillarious SCAM from Binary Meta BOT
Photoshopped Image! Hillarious SCAM from Binary Meta BOT
Photoshopped Image! Hillarious SCAM from Binary Meta BOT
Binary Meta Bot is a SCAM! Binary Options SCAM!
Why would Binary Meta BOT choose faces of actual BILLIONAIRES as testimonials and give them another name??

We also found familiar faces from Fiverr in the testimonial sections of the webpage. Please refer below for some of the evidences as it should really speak for itself and yet another aspect that shows us everything on this site is fabricated! Literally, from Sir Roger Thorne, to who he is, who he hangs out with (apparently Bill Gates knows him), testimonials given, and exaggerated claims of the binary options auto trader, none of these aspect seems to trustworthy. We would rather provide more illustrated evidence below as there is nothing much left to be said about this dishonest presentation.

Some example of Fiverr actor giving testimonials for Binary Meta Bot:

  1. Testimonial from Darren N., Binary Option Expert! – FAKE
  2. Testimonial from Richard D. Trading Veteran! – FAKE
  3. Testimonial from Madeline B, Binary Options Trader! – FAKE
  4. Testimonial from Callum D, Binary Options Trader! – FAKE

Sir Rogers also mentioned that the broker that Binary Meta Bot works with had been trained and given specific instructions to ensure that traders from the British Traders Association reaches their financial target as early as possible more specifically, turning the traders deposit into millions in profit. This is clearly a lie because no binary options brokers in the world would agree in such terms. The simply reason is because traders earn their profits from binary options brokers and vice versa. Hence, it is not logical for a broker to be willing to help the traders to earn millions of dollars especially if it comes out from their own pocket. This is probably a sales pitch to trust the account manager’s advise or even convince the traders to allow their account to be handled by some “professional trader”. We highly discourage traders to allow their account to be controlled by professional traders or “account managers” because it is not in their best interest to do so! Do not let them trade on your behalf!

We also would like to highlight one more important aspect about Binary Meta Bot, should traders try to sign up now, the trading software looks nothing like the video the site owner probably has changed it’s trading platform. Even the login page is redirected to a different URL as compared to his “demonstration” video, where instead of, we will be directed to This is a clear and obvious to us that the video presentation is outdated and does not represent what they are truly offering as of this moment. We also did not receive any confirmation email during the sign up process from either Binary Meta Bot or even the broker. Hence, upon signing up, the software will prompt user to deposit funds into the account, however there is no details about which broker you will be depositing your money into. Since we did not receive any confirmation email from both Binary Meta Bot and the unknown broker, we figured it is risky to deposit your money into an unknown account. Despite that, we figured out that Banc De Binary is the broker that syncs with Binary Meta Bot because Banc De Binary sent an email confirmation to our email but we did not receive any confirmation email by Binary Meta Bot. Guess the only priority for Binary Meta Bot is just to sign up with the broker and did not bother sending us any other confirmation email. We advise traders not to sign up with Binary Meta Bot simply because it is full of scam-like aspect and an outdated video presentation that demonstrates nothing of the current version of the software.

Verdict: Binary Meta Bot is a SCAM!

We would recommend new traders to check out other information available in Binary Options Sentinel in order to gain additional knowledge on trusted binary options brokers and signal services before investing your money! New traders may also choose to try out the free Demo Account to gain some trading experience. Keep in mind that trading with real money can earn you A LOT of money, but do keep in mind to minimize your potential loss! Please feel free to leave your comments below and share the love throughout the community!


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