Binary Interceptor Scam Review! Robert Harper’s 100% Win App?

Binary Interceptor Auto Binary Signal Scam Review

Binary Interceptor is a SCAM Review! Could this Binary Options Auto Trader truly be 100% WIN?

If you have recently received in email invitation to Binary Interceptor, please read this warning carefully! You are probably trying to find out whether is it worth investing into Binary Interceptor by Robert Harper because their 100% win streak software. Firstly, there are many binary options automated system that markets itself by claiming too good to be true and often the auto trading system losses money instead. We have also received a small number of complains that Binary Interceptor is not producing what they are claiming to. Worst, these victims actually lost money!

Let us go through what is Binary Interceptor fraud is all about. Robert Harper, the alleged CEO or founder of Binary Interceptor claims that he gets most of his wealth from binary options trading. He also claims that Binary Interceptor can do the same for you because they have a 100% win streak software that grow your initial investment of $250 into $10,000 recurring income. In addition to that, there will be “Real Life Startup Specialist” whom will guide you to make your first $10,000. That is absolutely not true, because the person that is going to be in touch with you are the binary options broker themselves. NOT people from Binary Interceptor. In fact, there is no specialist from Binary Interceptor that is going to be in touch with you at all. The unrealistic part of getting a 100% win streak is also another over-promising beliefs that have people with losing streak instead!

Why is Binary Interceptor NOT TRUSTWORTHY?

Upon reaching their website,, we noticed several red-flags or aspects on the offer page that indicates it is a SCAM. There is no need for a genuine offer website to employ any of these scam tactics or small tricks to actually lure in immediate registrations. The first obvious scam tactic is when you attempt to leave the page and you will be redirected to a new landing page. There which Robert will “offer” you $1,000 in your binary account just to “prove” that Binary Interceptor is superior. Although it sounds like a good deal, but in reality it will actually restricts you account in terms of withdrawals. It is also known as the “withdrawals” or “bonuses” trap! The TRUTH is that the $1,000 will not come from Robert himself but rather it is a deposit bonus from the broker! The consequences of accepting binary options broker bonuses is that you will not be able to withdraw your funds until you reach a very large trading volume (usually bonus x 30). So why would a genuine service stop you from leaving his page by offering something that would put you in a tight spot? Simply because Binary Interceptor is clearly out to scam you!

As we blacklisted many binary options auto trader scams in the past, we noticed that Binary Interceptor also employs one of the common traits that we see among many other scams. That is the “limited offer” fraud tactics that urges viewers to sign-up immediately. The scammers often tries to create a false sense of urgency to prompt viewers to register for this limited time only offer. In reality, these scam websites are here to stay as long as they can to scam over 50 people! Hence, we strongly advice you to look through our Blacklist before signing up for any binary options systems!

Binary Interceptor have indeed spent quite a lot of money in their production while trying to portray a legit company with real testimonials. However, we can’t help but to feel that the entire presentation was staged too much especially in the 3 “demonstration”. One with each type of devices to show that they can indeed use any mobile device to access the site. Additionally, we are unable to source for valid information about Robert Harper himself. While he claims to be a “guru” that helped thousands of traders profit in the binary options industry in the past, there is no legit source that can confirm that fact. There are other aspects that seem not legitimate which we are exposing below.

Binary Interceptor Scam Tactics

Aside from the well staged but not so trustworthy claims and story, we found that the Client’s Live Result to be fake too. Noticed that the four testimonials which leads to a “monthly/daily profits” calendar at the member’s area page are too good to be true. The Binary Interceptor’s so called claimed performance is already a fantasy which is a 100% win streak and it is highly unrealistic. What’s more than to see such a staggering profits on each and every day of March 2016. The most shocking fact is that all four of the pictures used in their “testimonials” are actually taken from random sites over the internet. This simply disproves that the testimonials are legitimate! Fake testimonials are also a common strategy that many other scams used to lure people to sign up as well.

Fake Testimonials Binary Interceptor Scam Review
Fake Testimonials!
Random Binary Interceptor Fake Testimonials Pictures
Random Pictures Taken from the Net to make Fake Testimonials

Apart from the fake testimonials, we noticed that the “live monthly” profits are also fake! Based on a simple research, we found out that is actually created on April 2016. How can Binary Interceptor produced results when the site is not even up yet? The only logical explaination is that the “live results” are fake and untrustworthy!

Fake Trade Result Binary Interceptor Scam Review

Only Invest into LEGIT Binary Options Automated Trading System!

As mentioned Binary Interceptor has already lost some money on behalf of innocent traders since it’s recent launch. We constantly blacklist under performing auto trading systems that it’s sole purpose is to scam people’s money. However, every once in a while we will come across binary options trading system that is reliable and profitable. Hence, always refer to our list of trusted auto trader and blacklist before making your decision to invest.

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Binary Interceptor’s Conclusion

We conclude that Binary Interceptor is a scam binary options automated trading system. Please do not invest into this system that employs fake testimonials and “live profits”. The claim of 100% winning streak is also highly unrealistic and would be the sole reason of disappointment due to the over-promising nature of it. Please feel free to contact should there be any questions related to binary options trading. We will be happy to reply to your queries. Thank you for reading and TRADE SAFE!

Verdict: Binary Interceptor is a SCAM!

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