Binary Freedom Formula is a SCAM Review! Binary Options SCAM!

Binary Freedom Formula is a SCAM! Binary Options SCAM!

Binary Freedom Formula is a SCAM Review!

Please read our review on Binary Freedom Formula before investing into this binary options auto trading system!

Binary Freedom Formula SCAM-like Aspects and Offer!

Binary Freedom Formula is a scam binary options auto trading system that was released on 22 January 2016 (just a few days ago) and it seems that this binary options software is getting a lot of attention in the span of few days after it’s launch. This is probably because Binary Freedom Formula had done a massive email campaign and it had reached the eyes of many innocent traders. Unfortunately for these innocent traders, some had already lost their money in a matter of hours. We also noticed that there are positive reviews already up for Binary Freedom Formula, some blogs/review site that supports Binary Freedom Formula are not even binary options specific! It is sites like this that contributes to the number of innocent traders being scammed of their money when they are advertising products that they are not familiar with. What is more concerning is these review sites released their reviews 1 day or 2 days before the actual product is launched! Guess Binary Freedom Formula did get some help in boosting it’s Google Rank prior to its launch. We strongly advise viewer to look for binary options specific websites as a more reliable source of information because, binary options itself has many scams being launched every now and then.

Please continue to read our review for more scam-like aspect for Binary Freedom Formula as we highlight a few aspects that is suspicious, in addition to the negative feedback we received in just a few days of it’s launch. We are going to try our best to prevent more innocent victim from falling into this scam!

Binary Freedom Formula by Glenn Hascall employs over promising claims such as this software is capable in making $1,300 per day consistently, GUARANTEED! This is very typical of binary options scams where those scammers claims that the software is capable of making a certain amount of money, GUARANTEED! There is no such thing as guaranteed profits in binary options trading, and binary options trading is all about managing your money and risk in a consistent manner. 90% of the time, software that guarantees a certain profits tend to guarantee LOSS of money instead. Besides that, binary options trading’s payout is dependent on the investment size and traders that invest in minimum amount can not expect a profits of $1,300 per day. We can only expect a certain percentage of realistic returns instead rather than expecting a large fix sum like $1,300 per day. Binary Freedom Formula also did not advise what would happen if the software is unable to perform at $1,300 per day (which is what they guaranteed), the best traders can do is to email a complaint email to Binary Freedom Formula, but most likely it will go unanswered!

This scam websites also employs the typical scam websites tactic where the offer will state that there are “limited offer” trick. Binary Freedom Formula has a phrase of “I don’t know how you landed here but there are only 27 spots this year (2016)”, which we all know that it is not true at all, just meaningless sales tactics~ Binary Freedom Formula will most likely still operate even after closing more than 27 sales anyway. Hence we do not need to take this kind of phrase seriously especially it is being used in many binary options scams.

Binary Freedom Formula also claims to have an impressive success rate as high as 93.5%, which is very unrealistic in binary options. Binary Options Sentinel has so far unable to find any binary options auto trading software that has over 90% win rate. Should a software claims that they have 85% win rate, that could be true in a span of one or two weeks, but in the longer term, over 90% is definitely unrealistic claim. Scams binary options software usually employs such over promising claims to lure viewers into giving this software when such win rate is pretty much impossible especially on a binary options auto trading platform. We recommend binary options auto trading software that can perform over 70% which is a realistic performance for an auto trader and it can also be profitable with that win rate. Do check out our Binary Options Signals page for reliable auto trading software and their reviews!

This scam website also employs actors into their testimonials and also a fabricated trade history in their website! We are able to identify Fiverr actors in their testimonials videos as well as the trade history with impossible win rate! The live trade activities will always have a 100% win rate no matter when you access the website. This shows us that the live trade history is just another programmed widget to display the 100% win rate! It is clearly a fake trade history to bait viewer yet again. We conclude that Binary Freedom Formula is a scam due to it’s scam-like aspects of using Fiverr actors for testimonial, over-promising claims, fake trade history and most importantly, negative feedback from users that already lost money to this software. Please avoid this binary options auto trading scams!

Verdict: Binary Freedom Formula is a SCAM!

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