Binary Compound System Scam Report! Trading Truth Review!

Is Binary Compound System a Scam or Legit Trading Software?

Traders, Be Warned! Came across Binary Compound System at and wondering whether it could be a profitable investment? Thinking whether you can achieve financial freedom via this Compound System with an average $2,000 to $12,000 each week? It’s without a doubt that binary options trading could supplement you with good profits! But, the frequent occurrence of fraudulent software threatens the odds of profiting for many users. Also, traders stand a better chance at seeing account growth with the use of great trading tools/software and knowledge. So, it’s essential to understand our Binary Compound System Scam Report before you invest into this auto trader!

The Binary Compound System auto trader by Harold Crowells claims to be the most advanced trading technology with a potential $2,000 per day capability. This is unfortunately an unrealistic illusion that this phony software falsely claim! Negative feedback and emails fills our inbox with complaints of poor performance that triggers this scam review. Also, it makes the assertion of gaining financial freedom just a short lifted illusion. In fact, the “magnetic effect” which allows users to ‘identify’ trends before it happens is almost non-existence! Even more, we discover common scam tactics that scammers apply to deceive viewers into registering with BCS Scam! Read more BELOW!

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Who is Harold Crowells from Binary Compound System (BCS)?

The first obvious deception lies within the founder/CEO itself, Mr. Harold Crowells. Any attempts to verify Harold’s expertise in the largest investment firm in 2012 with management of largest portfolio fails. The fact that Mr Harold is using a voice over narrator to read his scripted lie is suspicious enough. Our investigation reveals that he is just a bogus character which is rather typical for many fraud systems. The actual lousy performance of this auto trader certainly contradicts Harold’s claim of being able to catch a trend before it happens. That’s clearly an over promising statement as such scenario could possibly be achieved by insider trading information. As such, it’s not as reliable as the conventional technical analysis.

Lying Testimonials by Actors!

Besides that, fake testimonials are another favorite deceit scammers use to support their sham trading software. In the case of Binary Compound Software, we notice that both video testimonials and profit claims in the webpage are fake. The video testimony consist of actors from and they are also part of an old scam, the Millionaires Code. These paid actors are basically reading lying scripts and have no actual trading experience. Any experienced trader would not have supported a lying $2,000 per day trading software. Also, the written testimony primarily is using random pictures from other websites attached with fake profits!

Binary Compound System Fake Testimonials

Meaningless Countdown Timer and Suspicious Trade History!

Next, the impression that Binary Compound System is a rare opportunity is clearly a lie. Scam artist commonly attempts to give an extremely short time limit to create a false sense of scarcity. Which in turn, encourages newbie traders to deposit with BCS within a few minutes. However, the countdown timer clearly does not mean anything as viewers will still be able to submit the registration at zero second. Yes, this is absolutely a small and meaningless trick that scammers love to use. The unreal trade history has an entirely high frequency of trades execution that is unbelievable. Obviously due to the negative feedback, it disproves the performance displayed in the table. It’s also a red-flag indicates a phony trading software!

Fake Counter Binary Compound system Scam

Binary Compound System Conclusion!

Referring to the evidence above, we can conclude that Binary Compound System (BCS) is a SCAM Auto Trading Software! Harold Crowells is an unknown bogus character grouping up with paid actors to promote poor performing software. Additionally, the usual red flag only reaffirms our conclusion having insignificant countdown timers, paid actors and suspicious trade history . With the actual negative feedback and negative reviews spreading around the internet brings out the truth! The truth of it’s terrible win rate with delusional concept of “trend speculating”, which is dangerous for many inexperienced trader.

Better Alternative Auto Trader?

Our deepest thanks for sparing some time in reading this important warning on Binary Compound System Scam! We hope that this review would share some vital insight towards a safer investment decision in binary options. Such scam situation clearly doesn’t benefit the binary options industry instead tarnishing it with deceits. Our experience as binary options traders have allowed us gained profits and keep Binary Options Sentinel up and running to spread our warning. Meaning profits is indeed possible through proper trading channels. Our Blacklist reveals over 100 frauds which we identified in the past and it will serve as a good reference!

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