Binary CashBack Review – SCAM Trading Factors Spotted!

Binary CashBack Scam Review

Is Binary CashBack a SCAM or Good Trading Offer?

Binary CashBack got your attention in safeguarding your initial capital in trading? Beware, readers, there is more hidden agenda that could potentially put your investment at risk! Although Veronica, the unknown narrator in the presentation video promotes 100% risk-free trading, the reality can be otherwise. The main issue about this offer is that many newbies didn’t understand what Binary CashBack @ is about. Plus, there is news of investors not getting their capital protected at all (not receiving the cash back after a month).

The deal Veronica is offering is that the Binary Cashback gives back up to $250 at the end of the month depending on your deposit. Yes, a maximum of $250 maximum return of capital. While most brokers, even the legit ones, have a minimum deposit of $250, this means traders should deposit no more than $250. If you deposit more than $250, you will not be entire 100% risk-free! This is exactly where some newbies got it wrong when Veronica misleads them. Especially traders would like to have a slightly larger investment to have higher gains.

Please read our Binary CashBack Scam Review before investing into this offer!

Why is Binary CashBack not a good offer?

Aside from the small misinformation above about being 100% risk-free, we found that there are some traders didn’t get their cash back. What makes this more concerning is that there are no contact or support from the website about Binary CashBack. Just imagine there is someone promising to pay you back some money but there is no contact information on their website. Some victims are left helpless when they fail to get hold of Binary CashBack and this isn’t the brokers’ fault at all. Simply because this isn’t an offer by the broker per se, but only from the bogus Binary CashBack. So complaining to brokers won’t get you the money!

Let’s just be clear now, even if someone is giving us free money, it doesn’t mean that it is risk-free especially when there is a maximum $250 cash back. There’s no such thing as 100% risk-free in trading and it is a very misleading statement. In every business there is some level of risk involved, same goes to online trading. So, getting a services or tools that can help you in making good trading decisions is a better. As opposed to just taking free money which doesn’t help you in your trading decision. Poor trading decisions increase your risk of losing while improving it helps reduce it.

Additionally, the presentation about bonuses from binary options brokers is rather true, in the past! As we speak, many brokers are going through serious regulatory obligations and one of it involves bonuses. Brokers are not allowed to give bonuses particularly due to the reasons Veronica mentioned in the video. So, you probably don’t need to worry about it since legit brokers will not offer such a thing anymore. But ironically, it doesn’t make Binary CashBack a plus also.

Poor Broker Choices

Another concern to our review team is the introduction of fairly new brokers in the industry. It becomes a concern when Binary CashBack only works with dodgy and shady brokers. Although it has nothing to do with traders not getting the cashback, it is forcing viewers into opening account with them. Especially there are brokers that I have never heard of before which aren’t reputable.

Not to mention Binary CashBack uses fake reviews and testimonials to trick viewers. The website claims to have over 600 happy traders, and huge Paid Cashback. But at the same time, we are unable to verify these claims as the trading community says otherwise. More angry traders giving complaints and not a single good review available as well.

Binary CashBack Review verdict

Please stay away from the Binary CashBack Scam! It is not a trading app or tool that can help improve your trading performance. But rather a false and misleading money back guarantees that most likely wouldn’t work out. You won’t gain knowledge or trading edge but getting trick into signing up with new brokers with no value!

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Trade the Markets Properly!

People may choose to approach online trading Manually or using Auto Trading System. The choice is entirely up to how much time you have in managing the trading account and making a decision. So if you have a keen interest in picking up technical analysis or fundamental analysis in trading, Manually Trading is a good practice! On the other hand, there are trading apps where you can use to help to make trade decisions for you. Warning, there are many scams around that aims to only steal your money.

For Tested & Proven Trading App, check out our Trading Signals App Page for a video demonstration.

Auto Trading – It is essentially a software that executes trades on your behalf based on a mathematical algorithm. Traders will usually have the ability to set their own risk level and investment amount. Hence, this helps with busy people that will not have time in making sense of trading charts etc. Please Stay away from Scams we exposed in our Blacklist and choose reputable ones!

Manual Trading Signals Software – There are also trading app/software that provides trading signals based on their own calculations. But the difference is that this software will not make the trade for you. But rather serves as an indicator of market direction and expiry time suggestions. Hence, traders can refer to the conclusion and reference them with their own price chart to execute trades! (Note: we have a video on this type of service on our home page)

Essential Tools Traders Need to Have! 🙂

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