Binary Brain Trust Scam Review! Scam $5,000 Daily Guaranteed?

Binary Brain Trust is a SCAM Review

Binary Brain Trust is a new binary options auto trading system that was only recently launched in mid-March 2016. After investigating on the webpage and it’s offers we are highly skeptical of this auto trader due to several red-flags that we discovered. There are rather a few highly scam-like aspects to Binary Brain Trust especially in the claim that it guarantees it’s members of minimum $5,000 profits every single day (even from initial deposit of $250). Binary Brain Trust is like the typical scam systems often promises/guarantees unrealistic returns within a short period of time. It really does come across as a “Get Rich Scheme” or a “Get Rich System” and very often innocent traders that sign-up for them loses money. We highly discourage traders to sign-up for such a system!

Binary Brain Trust Auto Binary Signal Scam Review

In summary, Binary Brain Trust presents itself as a “secret get rich club” which is founded by Martin Clayton. Obviously we are unable to put a face to the name because it is just a voice narrator representing as him. He claims that Binary Brain Trust have been making $5,000 daily for every single members for over 5 years. The auto trader works by copying the exact trades that the Binary Brain Trust “expert traders” executes in their office on a daily basis. Martin also claims that Binary Brain Trust is a heavily regulated company with many offices around the globe (Wall Street, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo). Which provides the trading expertise around the clock. So whatever the “experts” trades, the system will execute the same through this software. So should we believe in this over-promising claims and background story? Please read the following information for the truth!

Binary Brain Trust Scam and Suspicious Background

To be honest, there are already a few binary options scams that attempts to represents itself as a “secret get rich club” like Your Legacy Club and Secret Millionaire Club. Time and time again we found highly unrealistic claims and reported bad results from traders. Binary Brain Trust has similar traits where it claims to be able to guarantee $5,000 daily profits, without fail to every single members since 5 years ago. That is highly unrealistic in the world of trading where even the best traders or auto trader in the world would not be able to achieve that. Many of these promises only leads to disappointment and loss of money purely because of the false promises marketed by Binary Brain Trust.

Secondly, who is Martin Clayton, the alleged founder and CEO of Binary Brain Trust? It is just a voice narrator that represents him which we are unable to verify. Although that may not that big of a deal, but he claims that Binary Brain Trust have been consistently making profits for 5 years! However, based on search, we found that Binary Brain Trust’s webpage is only registered in January 2016 and updated on March 2016. Meaning that the webpage has only recently gone live this month! We can only deduce that both Martin Clayton and Binary Brain Trust as a company are fabricated characters to support this scam system!

Logically should a company be a legit company, Binary Brain Trust should be verifiable through company registry which we have failed to verify simply because it does not exist! Apart from that, the claim of having offices around the globe seems too unreal and fake. The claim physical offices most likely does not exist either! All these claims simply goes unverified and not backed up by any prove that actually convince us that they do really exist. What the narrator keeps mentioning in the video is the opportunity to make $5,000 daily and becoming a millionaire within a year, Guaranteed! Obviously these are not proves of success but rather simply pressure viewers to get greedy and sign-up.

Binary Brain Trust Fake Testimonials and Trade Histories

Although the narrator did not actually give us a good verbal prove of it’s existence but rather emphasizing on getting rich quick, Binary Brain Trust did attached testimonials and trade history in the members’ area. But within seconds, we are able to tell that these supporting documents are also fake and fabricated!

Let’s look at the testimonials, by Hollie McDerry, William Smith, and Jin Park which had different country of origin and profits. First discrepancies that we noticed is the duration of the members being in Binary Brain Trust. As mentioned previously, Binary Brain Trust was only recently online but these members have claimed been using it for over 6 months to 4 years. That can’t be true simply because Binary Brain Trust has not existed yet! Another suspicious fact about these testimonials are the photos attached to it. The photos are actually stock photos or random photos that we can find online! For example, Jin Park’s Photo is taken from a blogger named Jon Quach from Canada! Thus, these testimonials can’t be trusted as a reliable evidence to support Binary Brain Trust’s scam claims!

Fake Testimonials Binary Brain Trust Scam Review

Fake Testimonial Binary Brain Trust Scam Review Random Photo

The trading history that is shown to us also has a very huge defect in it. The success rate is indicated as 100% which is absolutely unrealistic in binary options trading, and the trades were executed back in 2014. It’s quite suspicious that Binary Brain Trust do not include updated trade history. The worst is that the trade history has been edited as well! We can notice that all the entry rate, expiry rate, asset and investment are actually repetitive in each row. They are the same data points! But what’s odd is that the positions taken, Call/Put, is different. So some of these trades supposedly be a LOSS trades but it is indicated as WON instead. Lastly, the payout for it’s indicated investment does not make sense at all! Based on the trade history, an investment size of $235.25 supposedly gives about an 80% return should there be a win. So it suppose to have a payout of about $188, not $15,500! That only can happen in your dreams where you invest $200 for a payout of $15,000! It is very obvious that this trade history is a complete fake!

Binary Brain Trust Fake Trade History Scam
Fake Trade History

Binary Brain Trust’s Conclusion

We conclude that Binary Brain Trust is a SCAM binary options auto trading system! It employs many scam-like elements like unrealistic claims, fake testimonials, fake trade histories and lack of supporting evidence to show that it is indeed capable of making $5,000 daily. Please stay away form Binary Brain Trust and do not invest your money into this system! Please refer below to our trusted binary options auto trading system below for safer alternative.

Verdict: Binary Brain Trust is a SCAM!

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Binary Options industry is indeed flooding with many scams especially related to auto trading systems! However, there are reliable system that can in fact generate profits for you which we are also interested in. So, do not be discouraged by scams that you find online but rather do more research before investing your money! Please do SUBSCRIBE to our FREE daily scam and binary options trusted system newsletters to keep yourself updated!

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Binary Brain Trust is not trust. Great Review thank you for taking your time to write this app. It helps puts all these scams in check


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