Binary Boxer is a Scam Review! Binary Options Scam!

Binary Boxer is a Scam Review! 

Please read our review on Binary Boxer before investing into this binary options auto trading system!

Binary Boxer Scam Webpage and Offer

Binary Boxer is not really clear in the services that they provide on their presentation as well as their main website. Upon reaching the landing page of this binary options services, there will be a video presentation that tells a story of a man named Sherman who claims to be a boxer whom earn minimal income until he met his friend Travis whom earns a lot of money through binary options. Apparently, Travis has shared his secret of his success which is contributed by a trading seminar in Singapore which cost $2000 and he loaned the money to Sherman to attend this seminar. Upon completing the course, Sherman claimed that he learnt a strategy that is similar to Travis which helped Sherman to increase his income and eventually he quits his boxing career while earning $30,000 a month on average. Based on the video presentation, we are unable to validate that Sherman is a legit binary options service provider apart from this website and there is no clear indication of what kind of binary options services Binary Boxer is all about. Additionally, we also find that the ‘Affiliates’, ‘Privacy’, ‘Disclaimer’, and ‘Support’ tabs at the bottom has no purpose other than to link you back to the presentation page. We were wondering what is the use of putting the tab there when it does not serve any proper purpose.

Since the presentation page does not include specific details about what Binary Boxer is, we looked into the second page by advancing into the application process. We found that Binary Boxer is representing itself as a ‘system’ that links to a binary option broker, which is Binary Book. We find that a little unprofessional and very unclear because we had the impression that Binary Boxer is providing a sure win strategy to earns Sherman lots of money up until now. And upon arriving to the next application phase, we find that Binary Boxer is representing themselves as a binary bot system.


Binary Boxer also provides two testimonials from members who have earned more than $60,000 dollars since they used the system. This may be over exaggerating simply because we find that the is created in mid December 2015 and assuming that members has joined on the first day, it is pretty tough to profit that amount in 3 weeks (currently early January). Usually, binary options services including binary options bots and strategy will usually provide their ITM value and Binary Boxer has no additional details regarding their ITM. Binary Boxer also do not provide a walk through or example of their user interface. Although the application form states that there is a “Step 1: Get familiar with Binary Boxer User Interface”, we are unable to find any form of information regarding the interface except for an empty box that indicates “Video not found” and a “Get Started” button that brings you to a broker registration straight away. We advise traders to avoid this binary options scam and not risk losing any money.

Verdict: Binary Boxer is a SCAM! Avoid this

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