BinaDroid Scam Review! Is this a SCAM or LEGIT system?

BinaDroid is a SCAM Review! (Approved by Reputable Industry Reviewer)

The BinaDroid is a newly launched binary options auto trading system that is recently gaining MASSIVE attention even on highly reputable binary options reviewer blogs like Binary Options Watchdog. We have received a few emails from our subscribers prompting us to have a look at this unique auto trading system. Why do we say that it is unique? In a nutshell, it is an auto trader that allows $5 minimum investment! That’s a pretty good deal especially for traders that have stricter money management and starts with lower deposit of $250. Aside from that unique feature, we have discovered a few more positive aspects that would benefit us as binary options traders!

BinaDroid Auto Binary Signal

Does BinaDroid smell of SCAM?

Based on our first impression on Binadroid’s landing page, we find that the webpage is rather simple and neat. It gives us a positive feel that the offer is rather straight to the point and it does not employ typical scam tactics such as fake endorsements banners, “limited spots left”, Stock Photos testimonials, Fake trade history or any other typical scam tactics. Hence, it is always a good sign that cheap scam methods are not being used and we can focus on the presentation. The summary of the presentation is basically about the narrator himself, Troy Everett, the founder of BinaDroid and BinaDroid itself. Basically it is about his brief past and he also explains why he is giving this auto trading software for free at this present moment. Long story short, he was betrayed by his boss and he was discredited from his work efforts. Hence, he is releasing his high performing algorithm to the public after consulting with a friend that deals in binary options trading. BinaDroid’s algorithm is said to employ short-term trading technical analysis strategies, and paired with it’s Android technology that allows automated sentiment analysis as well as fundamental analysis. Although we do not entirely understand the science of how it works exactly, we do know that this auto trader allows it’s user to select how many trades to execute each time and also the expiry time. BinaDroid specializes in turbo/short term trading so the available expiry available are 60 seconds, 180 seconds, and 300 seconds trades. We honestly do not feel that this auto trader has strong signs of SCAM. Nevertheless, we would definitely be interested to find out whether this auto trading system is able to make us some money!

There is similar article by BinaryUmpire‘s Binadroid Review that shares positive opinion and they are in favor of it’s unique features that many binary options auto trading system does not have! “Never before has short-term trading been so easy. For newbies and inexperienced traders, the AutoTrading mode is recommended, in which the robot will place turbo trades for you on 100% autopilot. All you need to do is to select your desired risk level and your trade amount.” – BinaryUmpure

What is Great about BinaDroid?

  1. Minimum Investment of $5! Most auto trading system has a minimum investment size of $25. As mentioned above, this may be a great feature for traders that is interested in trading in a smaller scale with a deposit of $250! It allows greater flexibility in your money management.
  2. Ability to choose between 3 different expiry time frame. (60 seconds, 180 seconds, 300 seconds)
  3. Ability to choose how many trades executed at a given time! Yet another great feature to manage your risk!
  4. BinaDroid is available for traders WorldWide! Great news for some countries which are often restricted in terms of trading binary options like the US and some Europe countries.
  5. Able to choose which Binary Options Broker selection. This is a rather rare feature coming from an auto trader. Obviously freedom to choose your preferred broker from the list is always a good thing. We believe that BinaDroid is working with quite a few regulated and reputable binary options brokers.

BinaDroid Performance and Results

As the positive hype for BinaDroid pumping up in the industry, we have intentions of testing this auto trader to get a true feel of it’s performance. We came across reports from reputable binary options review site like Binary Options Watch Dog that claims to have a 80%-90% accuracy rate in it’s early test. We have also heard some positive feedback from traders that gave this system a try and they have confirmed the early positive results for BinaDroid (standing strong above 80%). Based on a video demonstration below, the BinaDroid is able to produce 80% accuracy results on 60 seconds trades!


BinaDroid’s Conclusion

BinaDroid has a positive outlook in the industry as of this moment, and we strongly believe it’s feature is very unique. It is rather different to the Copy Buffett Software which is also a high performing auto trading system which we reviewed recently. However, the difference is in the features that BinaDroid offers as listed above. Due to the positive feedback from some traders and reputable reviewer, we have a good feeling about this auto trading system! The BinaDroid had indeed achieve great results with their short term expiry and being able to bring profits with it’s unique Turbo Trading platform!

How to Sign-Up for BinaDroid?

  1. Clear your Cookies (press CTRL+SHIFT+DEL and click “Clear Browsing Data”) to avoid syncing errors!
  2. Click the BinaDroid Link HERE!
  3. Enter Your Name and Email at the form below the video.
  4. Complete the Registration Form at the second page. Click SETTINGS + in order to select your preferred broker and currency!
  5. Deposit the minimum amount of $250 in your broker account.
  6. Upon account verification, Log into your BinaDroid platform and ENJOY trading!

BinaDroid Auto Binary Signal


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