BinaBot V2 aka (Binadroid 2) Review! Scam Test & Trading Report!

Is BinaBot v2 (Binadroid 2) a SCAM or LEGIT Automated Trading System?

January 2017 UPDATE!


Greeting Traders! Binabot has recently gone through upgrades to compete with some of the current strong contenders in the market like Swarm Intelligence and Penny Millionaire! Thus, giving the trading platform a new look similar to some of our Recommended Signal Software while maintaining good accuracy! First off, one main advantage for Binabot Software is that it accepts US traders at the moment!

On top of that, we believe that the broker assigned, Omega Options for US traders allows a minimum trade size $5! It will differ for other countries, so it will may be better to explore other trading software as alternative if you are residing outside the US for alternative brokers!

This allows flexible risk & money management even with the minimum $250 deposit as compared to the traditional $25. Rather than risking 10% of funds in each trade, you will be able to risk 2% of funds from a $5 trades!

Binabot Interface

Welcome to our BinaBot v2 (Binadroid 2) Scam Review! Do go through the details below before you invest into this auto trader for vital details to ensure best profit potential. Naturally, this software is named after one of our previously identified auto trader called Binadroid. Considering that Binadroid had a good run about 6 months ago, it had received positive feedback within the community and was well received. Thus, we have invested some money to test BinaBot 2 out to inspect it’s performance or whether it’s a scam.

Investigated System: BinaBot v2

Binadroid 2 Auto Trading Software is basically a spin off from the previous Semi-Auto Binadroid 1 by Troy Everett. That means the trade executions no longer require users to physically executes/click for some trades to come in. At the same time, it retains it’s manual trade signals with additional information which we have yet see in other auto trader. Even more, the Android Technology enables Troy Everett to gather information vital to trading binary options. Information such as the Market Sentiment measures the market’s psychology or attitude which shows the best possible market direction.

For that, it’s algorithm studies influences that affects humans trading behavior and produce trading signals. News/rumors that could affect the financial markets does occur almost every single day and this is the key to Binadroid 2’s success. In other words, Binadroid 2’s trading signals reads real time financial markets’ probable variables and produce accurate trading signals. Further more, the manual trading signals was proven to be highly accurate in our preliminary test as well. We’ve back tested with trade executions as well as real time charts to show that the trend picked up by Binadroid 2 is indeed RELIABLE and LEGIT!

Why is BinaBot (Binadroid 2) LEGIT?

Obviously we’d rather not waste too much time in talking about its presentation video on the webpage as it is self explanatory. However, we’ve noted that the offer does not include typical scam tactics seen in various fraudulent apps such as over-promising “Get Rich Quick” millionaire elements, fake sense of scarcity or even senseless countdown timers. Hence, we’ll cut straight to the chase on its profit potentials and trading platform. Long story short, our test reveals good results of over 80% ITM in the first week of testing which makes Binadroid 2 as a strong contender!

Please refer below for more information on it’s trading platform!


BinaBot v2/Binadroid 2 Awesome Trading Platform

Even more, the Manual Trading section is what Binary Options Sentinel found highly reliable at this moment. The Binadroid 2 developer made the algorithm to share the Trend Start-Off and Trend Ending column which contributes to higher accuracy. This information allows traders to cross reference with real time chart and have a rough estimate on when the trend is ending. Due to that, traders will be able to estimate a good expiry or good entry point. Note: Please note that the time indicated in these columns are based on your computer’s timezone. When in fact, trading accounts indicates time in GMT +0 formats.

AWESOME Manual Trading Signals!

We noticed that by implementing basic support/resistant and basis indicators as our basic trading strategy. And we were able to get AWESOME accuracy level with our trades. It’s essential to read up on identifying the current market movement such as trending and ranging as well. As follows, we’ll be able to utilize the manual signals provided by Binadroid 2 accurately as it indicates the estimated ending for a trend. Below are is a short video demonstration of trade executions referred by the manual trading signals:


How To Sign-Up for BinaBot v2/Binadroid 2?

  1. Click our BinaBot v2/Binadroid 2 Link HERE!
  2. Complete the Binadroid 2 Registration Form
  3. Deposit a minimum $250 with a broker and verify your account to prevent withdrawal issues
  4. Log into your account at with your login details the next time you’d like to trade’
  5. Looking for another broker? Please email us at and we shall advise you accordingly.

We shall post frequent updates about the Binadroid 2/BinaBot v2 performance! Please Subscribe to our Blog or our Social Media Channels at Facebook, Twitter, Google+.

Also please feel free to contact us should there be any questions relating to binary options as well. If you are completely new to this industry, you could also practice Binadroid 2’s manual trading by using a DEMO account upon once you have deposited!

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Binadroid 2 Trading Scam Review

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