Banking On Blockchain Review – Worst Crypto Trading SCAM!

Banking on Blockchain Scam Review

Is Banking on Blockchain a SCAM or Legit Trading Program?

Banking on Blockchain at claims to be the #1 Crypto Trading Signal Software that earns thousands per day! You probably hear the presentation saying $5,000 daily income with an over 90% trading accuracy is possible with Banking on Blockchain Program. However, before you decide to trade with this trading tool, we have bad news for you! Our investigation revealed some alarming factors that proves this is a poor trading system.

Worst of all, a scam behaving trading tool that aims to trick viewers into believing their poor performing trading system!

Firstly, cryptocurrency has reached a new height with ground breaking price spikes providing good profits for even new investors. There’s no doubt about riding this price movement will earn you some money, if not a lot if you manage to invest in the early stages. However, in terms of day trading with cryptocurrency, many scammers took advantage of the hype to produce poor quality trading solution.

We have strong reasons to believe that Banking on Blockchain is yet another “Get Rich Quick” type of scam. Worst of all, a lousy trading solution that lies without providing good trading signal.

Why is Banking on Blockchain a SCAM?

Through our first impression, Banking on Blockchain doesn’t seem like an obvious Be a Millionaire Scam. At least not like the typical trading scam we expose every now and then. But as we look into the details within this trading software, we notice some subtle scam factors! Although it is unlike the typical promises of millions, Banking on Blockchain scam claims to earn $5,000 profits daily, if not thousands per week!

To get along with that claim, Banking on Blockchain claims to have over 90% accuracy rate as well! If you’re not my follower, let me tell you this. Any trading system that claims to have over 90% win rate or accuracy is very likely to be lying. They are over promising profit potential that scams use to lure innocent investors. Why I said so? Well, because any experienced traders can tell you that statistically, it is not possible. Even for the best traders in the world.

However, that’s not saying that trading can’t make you money with a lower winning percentage. But a more believable win rates are about 75% to 85% in options trading, or perhaps lower in stocks or FX trading. Even with the mentioned win rates, we as traders are able to grow our account with good profits!

So, Banking on Blockchain definitely has the first sign of lie and red flags of a typical scam. Another strong reason to support that lie is the poor performance we hear from Banking on Blockchain actual users. We have received emails stating poor trading performance and not a single positive feedback.

Upon hearing that news, we have no reason to actually test Banking on Blockchain Software on our own. We are better off with our current Reliable Trading System which we test with our own money!

More False Details in Banking on Blockchain!

Poor Banking on Blockchain Result is not the only concern though. There are other scam aspects we commonly see among all the other scams I EXPOSED previously. For example, Banking on Blockchain employs fake reviews and testimonials to support their unrealistic claims.

We realize that the testimonials are simply random names pairing with other random pictures from the internet. In fact, many other sites uses the same picture for their marketing material. The difference however is that Banking on Blockchain is using it trick viewers into impossible results.

Furthermore, we also notice the results under the ‘Software in Action’ section has a serious problem. Take some of their claims or trades as example. How can a Litecoin position that has a “Lost” Status earn any profit? We see ‘losing’ trades that earned profits from $300 to $500!

How is that possible? That is simply not possible at all based on experience! This illogical results are surely fake and their trade histories is not trustworthy! Legit trading services would have show real trade history very much like ours.

We show real trade executions in our trading videos on Youtube like the ones below! Check them out if you haven’t!

Banking on Blockchain Result

Banking on Blockchain Review Verdict!

I can safely conclude that Banking on Blockchain is a SCAM that tricks viewers! This trading solution simply promises the impossible and the use of fake details to support their lies are strong sign of scam! On top of that, no actual position feedback is ever seen anywhere in the internet or from my subscribers. Trading with Banking on Blockchain Software is unwise and your money is better off elsewhere.

If you are seeking to invest or trade into cryptocurrency, my trading videos may be of interest to you! I have shown some reliable trading solution and technique where I actually profited with my own money! You can also check the videos out at my Reliable Trading System page where I recorded some trade executions for you guys.

Hope this article helps you out in some ways! Good luck & Trade Safe! 🙂

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