Bank Tracker Bot (BTB) Scam Review! Truth on $10,000/week Software Revealed?

Bank Tracker Bot Auto Binary Trading Scam Review

Is Bank Tracker Bot a SCAM or LEGIT Auto Trader?

Stumbled upon Bank Tracker Bot or seeking an automated trading system that could make you money? It’s important to understand the Bank Tracker Bot Scam Review before you invest your money into it. Due to the increase number of poor performing auto traders spreading like wild fire on the internet, you’ll need to find out the truth about your possible investments. Such can be exhibited on our Blacklist whereby more money sucking software surfaces as compared to profitable ones. Let’s have a look at whether Bank Tracker Bot is just another hoax.

Bank Tracker Bot (BTB) by Michael George is an auto trading system that claims to have a 98.7% accuracy with the ability to make $10,000 in a week. The video presentation at explains that this trading app trades on the less volatile bank’s stocks. Which Michael further affirms bank stocks are less prone to wild fluctuation. Although the selling point seems logical, there are irrational statements made at other parts of their offer. Not to mentioned, there are typical scammer tricks employed in their website as well. Please continue reading for more information!

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Classic Deceitful Tactics in Bank Tracker Bot!

First and foremost, BTB’s pride of taking on the “less volatile” major bank stocks may seem like a practical function. However, we have received feedback from users that this system does not execute trades on bank stocks at all. Worst, feedback on Bank Tracker Bot not performing at 98.7% was shared. To be honest, the quoted success rate is too good to be true. Not even the world’s best trader/algorithm are able to achieve such a performance. Hence, we are dealing with an auto trader that basically lied about it’s capabilities notwithstanding the focus on bank stock plus unrealistic success rate.

Obviously as a user, you’d probably be interested to seek genuine proof of success. The only “proof” of success that is shared in this offer are actually fabricated. Noticed that the social media feed on the registration page are basically fabricated. Tweets that contains #banktrackerbot can’t be traced back to the respective tweeter Even the Facebook users can’t be tracked back to the specific user. Additionally, the written feedback shared in the second registration page are also made by stealing random pictures online! Mostly from fake Tweeter accounts since one picture are associated with many different names.

Bank Tracker Bot’s website proclaimed that it is the “Best Software of 2016” that is placed next to the logo of major news companies. Like the CNN Money, BBC and CNBC. Unfortunately such allegation are proven to be a sham because we are unable to find any written report/article on Bank Tracker Bot on their databases.

Bank Tracker Bot Lies Testimonial & Social Feed

The phony aspects of Bank Tracker Bot that we have exposed so far are indeed very alarming. It simply shows that this auto trader is completely untrustworthy. Michael George’s points about this trading system does not sound logical especially on the story of “taking a tiny fraction of the bank’s profits” or “making money of the big banks”. Binary options trading has no actual influence or relation with the stock market apart from receiving live-feed of asset prices. Meaning that the Call/Put option placed by us will not affect the prices at all. Simply because we do not actually Buy/Sell these assets through the stock exchange!

Stay Away from Bank Tracker Bot!

Binary Options Sentinel have blacklisted many fraud auto trading app that lurks around the corner to trick inexperienced traders. The trickery revealed above are actually common scam tactics that we’ve observed! Sincerely, this is not a good phenomenon for the binary options industry as it only benefits the scam-artist themselves. This industry is actually a dynamic industry that traders do have a fair chances to profit however only with the right tools! Thus, newbie traders is recommended to refer to our Blacklist before deciding to invest your money into any system. We can also be reached at for any related queries!

In good time, there are indeed GENUINE and PROFITABLE auto trading system that emerges. Such trading app are normally like a needle in a haystack since there are just too many poor performing trading systems around. Do check out BELOW!

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Bank Tracker Bot Conclusion!

Due to the misleading information about Bank Tracker Bot’s capabilities and fake testimonials, we conclude that Bank Tracker Bot is a SCAM! The negative feedback received from victims of this fraud further proves that traders should avoid this trading system at all cost! This is just another software designed with false promises/information to lure trader’s deposit without actual intention of success!

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