Bahama Banker Review – Scam Evidence EXPOSED!

Bahama Banker Scam Review

Is Bahama Banker a SCAM or good Trading System?

Bahama Banker expresses as a trading system capable of making large profits each day. Or so does Harold Beckman says! Even though we see successes in several auto traders and signal software, mostly exhibits impractical trading methods. In this case, the beautiful place of Bahama functions as a symbol of luxury and wealth but with little honesty! Simply due to the unreal winning accuracy along with negative aspects in Bahama Banker System! Thus, we strongly believe this option is not a worthy investment or your money. Please read our Bahama Banker Review before putting your money into this financial instrument!

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Herald Beckman’s Bahama Banker System asserts a 96.1% winning rate and says it only “enters and exits profitable trades”. Utilizing a high-frequency trading (HFT) algorithm to buy and sell shares within a fraction of seconds, enables this scam software guarantees high profits. HOWEVER, we know that HFT’s algorithm is not compatible with binary trading at all. The reason is because it relies on the ability to enter and exit within a fraction of seconds! Naturally, binary options which have a fixed expiry time doesn’t allow traders to exit within split seconds. So on a nutshell, we’re dealing with a phony system telling us an inappropriate concept! Also, we identified few scam elements common to much other frauds in the past!

Scam Aspects Within!

There are literally over hundred of lousy performing software attempting to lure newbie sign-ups so far. Many offers impractical trading achievement serves to only entice viewers without providing genuine performance. Take Bahama Banker App, for example, it basically uses the Bahamas to encourage luxurious outlook on this software. Also the use of voice narrator is generally a bad representation of a product a lot of scams has. Additionally to represent the potential of being a millionaire by using an auto trader is yet another red-flag which won’t come true. We have tested both good and bad software in the past, but Bahama Banker is not worth our effort in testing! Due to the negative complaint and feedback we received from the trading community.

We shall also expose the falsehood in Bahama Banker Scam below for your reference!

Who is Harold Beckman?

As mentioned, Harold Beckman is nothing but a voice narrator hiding behind a scam video. Any research attempted to verify his existent gone to waste because there is no such trading services neither the man himself. It’s rather strange to have over 10,523 members and we have yet to hear about such a trading services! Same can be said about Harold Beckman’s 12 years professional experience as a private banker and Dimitri! Unfortunately, these achievements are all false and fake that explains why Bahama Banker System actually doesn’t perform for many traders too.

Why Bahama Banker System’s algorithm Doesn’t Work?

With reference to Bahama Banker’s video, it runs on a high-frequency trading algorithm that relies on fast in and out method. It is rather common for large investment firms to employ this to gain several pips of profits within seconds. But as we know, binary trading is completely different. Despite that binary options only require traders to trade either Higher or Lower than the strike price for fix profits, HFT is not suitable! As we have said, this platform doesn’t allow a trader to exit or sell trades! We as binary traders will trade in according to a fixed expiry time instead!

Don’t get us wrong, binary trading has it’s own benefits because it doesn’t matter how many pips we profit but as long as it is higher/lower than the strike rate. Even if it is 0.1 pip and we’re in business. The point is that Bahama Banker Algorithm simply doesn’t work in this specific trading platform! Additionally, a win rate of 96.1% is basically a fraud level win accuracy. Any experienced trader can testify that any win rate above 90% is basically a cheat! Also, our research proves that was only recently launched in September 2016! So we’re doubtful that they actually have 10,000 successful members instead of a newly launched hoax.

Bogus Testimonials!

In fact, Bahama Banker Members testimonials show an untrustworthy support by actors! The individual supporting unrealistic claims from Bahama Banker seems to come from Which is a marketplace for scammers to employ their fake actor at a minimum price of $5! It’s also rather natural to see other fraud to get their actors from that website as well. Picture below reveals the origin of the actor supporting Bahama Banker Scam!

The demonstration provided at reveals several 30 seconds trades and highly risky way of managing money. It seems that the user has grown $1,000 to $7,000 with several trades and risking all their funds in every trade. Please do note that this is a very bad example of good money management. There is no such thing as a 100% guaranteed profits and hence good money management must be a habit to all trader. This is to ensure long-term sustainability and profitability!

Bahama Banker Conclusion

Guess that it is rational to conclude that Bahama Banker System is a SCAM! The evidence and reasoning above include bogus Harold Beckman, unsuitable trading algorithm not applicable to binary trading and false testimonials. On top of that, the very notion of applying the Bahamas as an emblem of rich lifestyle is not attainable with this fraud system. Bad reviews and feedback from traders render this app as unsafe! Thus, we shall not test this software and save it for other applications which are worth to profit for us! Stay away from Bahama Banker!

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Can We Profit in Trading?

The answer is YES! However, you’ll need a suitable tool to help you gain profits! Obviously, with additional trading knowledge would basically enable traders to have full control of their daily profits too. Nevertheless, newbie traders can kick start their journey with our Recommended Trading Software & Signal Services. These services provide additional learning platform for new traders and also earn some profits at the same time.

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2 comments on “Bahama Banker Review – Scam Evidence EXPOSED!

Emmanuel Zondje

Your conclusion that Bahama Banker System is a SCAM! is Very true. I deposited yesterday $250< After sending all the requirements, they advised me to add another 250, which I did not. The last message I recieved from them is. Your account is verified and active. But no trace to be found. This serves as a lesson on my part. Not all Brokers are reliable
But i decide to take back my money from the broker can you help me?

Binary Options Sentinel

Hi Emmmanuel,

I’ve dropped you an email on a possible way you can get help on this issue! 🙂 Do send me an email at if you didn’t receive it.


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