Azure Method Scam Review! Anthony’s Deception Revealed!

The Azure Method is a Fraudulent SCAM? No Loss Trading App?

Stumbled upon Azure Method by a special invite and looking to earn some extra cash from binary options trading? It’s essential for you to understand this Azure Method Scam Review before investing money into it. There is indeed no doubt that you are able to profit from this dynamic industry. However, is Azure Method the right trading tool for you? The binary options industry is targeted by scam-creators that only aims to lure inexperienced trader’s money. As such, to prevent bad decisions, our inspection hopes to shed some truth on the Azure Method as well as all other frauds we Blacklisted to all our readers!

The Azure Method by Anthony Azure (aka Tony), allegedly the CEO/Founder of this trading app, is said to be a “No Loss Software” that makes $8,000 an hour. Literally, “NO LOSS”! He affirms that this trading app has not seen a losing trade in months and has the capability to make you hundreds of thousands in a month! Despite the fact that there was no information on how exactly such a staggering performance is reached, the video presentation is very well staged. Well, can this be truly a “miracle software” that makes you hundreds of thousands richer by the end of the month? We investigated the offer and found alarming facts used in the proposal and offer that traders need to be aware of! Read below for more information.

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The Azure Method OR BS Method?

Having experienced in reviewing auto trading system related scams/frauds, we typically have very strong skepticism against over-promising claims. Azure Method falls under one many auto trader that claims to have 100% winning rate (No Loss). Truthfully, there is no algorithm or even the best trader in the world that could realistically achieve such a track record. Trading simply does not allow such a performance! Also, growing your account from a $250 to $8,000 in a day is also another wishful thinking. These are typical dishonest allegation that scammer used to get viewers hyped up to invest. Such is the case of negative feedback we received from a victim, stating: “I have invested in Azure Method, but I lost 50$ at the end of first day”.

Still have a little faith that Azure Method may still be Genuine? Fraud Tactics Exposed!

Naturally as a consumer, you’d probably be looking for proof of success correct? The video introduction did provide snapshots of their “beta testers” like Paul Carr, Ann Moris, Terrance Sanderson and Carla. However, the photos are taken straight from their broker account instead of Azure Method’s trading platform. Apart from that, they are dated back in April 2016. A simple study would reveal that was created on 30th May 2016. Hence, the auto trading platform can’t have possibly made them money when it has yet to exist! We also found that Paul Carr, one of the beta testers, is known as Brian Fox from Perpetual Formula SCAM! This only prove that this guy is a paid actor lying in fraudulent trading systems! Domain Age

The second registration page shares a “verified members’ results” that uses random pictures attainable from the internet. Hilariously, it returns “live trades” even on Weekends (as I am writing this analysis on a late Saturday)! There should be no trading activities during weekends as the market closes, but how could Azure Method have trades? Because this “Live Members Verified Results” are fakes with NO legitimacy in it. Same can be spoken for the “VIP SPOT TIMER” which prompts you to sign up before it reaches zero. Guess what? We were still able to register even it reaches zero and it refreshes itself upon your next visit!

Fake Testimonials Azure Method Scam Review

WARNING! STAY AWAY from Azure Method!

Cunning tactics mentioned above are actually typical strategies that con-artist applies attract immediate sign-ups. Unfortunately, these sign-ups or registrations is not returning profits to it’s users but simply misleading information! This phenomenon does not benefit both the binary options industry and traders except for the scam-artist! As such, please refer to our site for information BEFORE YOU INVEST! We can be reached at, and certainly be happy to lend a helping hand.

As harsh that the real world sounds, there are in fact GENUINE and PROFITABLE auto trading system which emerges every once in a while. Check out BELOW!

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Azure Method’s Conclusion!

With all the SHAM trickery exposed above, we have no choice but to declare Azure Method is a SCAM auto trading system! The deceitful expectation placed upon it’s viewers are illusions to lure immediate deposit! The fabricated bank snapshots & verified trade outcome, paid actors and meaningless timer are added lies supporting it! Invest Wisely, Do Your Research, and Trade Safe! 

Trusted Binary Options Signals/Auto Trading System!

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Wow, this is a good read. Thanks for the heads up. I was invited to Azure Method’s website and was quite interested. But your article did change my mind about investing in this. I’m a new trader, would you please recommend the best performing trading app?

Binary Options Sentinel

Hi Ryan.

You can check out our Neo2 Software Review! It’s our current recommended automated trading app since it’s performing well. 🙂


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