Automated Cash App is a SCAM Review! (Obvious Lie!)

Automated Cash App is a SCAM Review!

Please read our review on Automated Cash App before investing into this binary options auto trading system!

Automated Cash App Scam Webpage and Offer

Automated Cash App is a scam binary options auto trading system that was launched in December 2015 with a rather simple presentation video on it’s landing page. The presentation itself does not offer much information about what’s unique about this binary options auto trading software but rather it attempts to pull viewers that is interested in making money online and it requires your email to proceed to the next page. The only take on the first video was the claim of making $56,000 in 60 days on a complete auto-pilot mode and it is 100% free. We do not have much to comment on the first video and not many suspicious activity can be identified there. Fortunately, there is more information provided in the second video after we offer our email address, where viewers can learn more about the software and it is where Binary Options Sentinel is able to pin point a few very suspicious and scam-like aspects in Automated Cash App.

Obviously the second video is targeted more to viewers that is attempting to make money online especially through online marketing, and in the eyes of experienced traders/reviewer, this video honestly does not provide any value added pointers to us in terms of the uniqueness of this software. Nevertheless, we shall proceed with the suspicious presentation for Automated Cash App scam. The alleged founder/narrator for this system, Jason Howe, claims to be a successful trader in the stock markets and works for a reputable company for years. He then decided to develop this app by contacted some skillful programmers to trade his stocks and generate revenue. The reason for this action is because he would like to free up some time for his family and does not want to work 8 hours a day anymore. Hence, he wanted to automate his task to gain some freedom in his lifestyle. He then claims to make $25,000 every month for the past 6 months and decided to share this algorithm to the public. Obviously we would respect any person that decided to decide to automate their task to free up some time, however, the important point to realize is that an automated program with an algorithm to trade stocks in the stock markets AND algorithm for binary options are very very different. Hence, if we were to believe that this algorithm is design for the stock markets then we would most likely end up with a huge FAILURE.

Jason then continues to offer a demonstration/walk through for Automated Cash App system, where the platform is rather similar to Virtnext and Centument’s platform. Rest assured that even the binary options auto trading system’s platform looks the same, they are using a completely different algorithm. This is probably because these parties has approached the same developer and we can confirm that the performance on these auto trading system can differ very much due to their different algorithm. Both Virtnext and Centument are trusted on Binary Options Sentinel as a profitable auto trading software, however, Automated Cash App is a scam system.

Automated Cash App is a SCAM; SCAM binary options system

Automated Cash APP Trading Platform – similar to Virtnext and Centument but with different algorithm

Moving forward, Jason also claims that Automated Cash App can generate over 70% win rate success and he had experienced using other auto trading software which only can generate a maximum of 58% win rate. We totally agree that a reliable auto trading system should be able to generate over 70% just like our trusted binary options auto trading system like Centument, Virtnext and Mike AT. However, we received negative feedback from unfortunate testers/users that Automated Cash App lost their money to this software and some even in the first day of trying. Should viewers investigate his demonstration video closely, we also found that his trades (where he profited $879 dollars in 8 trades, in 2 hours; well it is actually just about 27 minutes – from 14:08 to 14:35) is COMPROMISED/ALTERED! We believe that he actually made those 8 trades, but instead of a 7/8 ITM results, it is a 4/8 ITM results, a disappointing 50% success rate – even lower than the 58% which he claims to be best app he used previously. The reason for our previous statement is because we found that he had modified the WON/LOSS statement and PAYOUT for 3 trades (OIL, AUD/USD, USD/JPY)! Thank goodness he forget to change other details of the trades, because we would not have been able to spot this TINY change to fool viewers! The OIL trade which he had executed was a Call with entry price of 38.521 and the price at expiry is at 38.4, and the trade is indicated as WON with a payout of $241. HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE, when it is an obvious LOSS simply because the price at expiry is lower! Please refer below for our proof of Jason altering the trade results where the 3 trades suppose to be LOSS but it was altered into WON! (Click HERE for original screenshot)

Automated Cash App  Fake Results

Automated Cash App is a SCAM: binary options scam

Automated Cash APP demonstration by Jason Howe: Obvious LIE at won/loss statement after expiry!

Our last part of our review would be the binary options broker that Automated Cash App syncs with. Based on the demonstration, Jason’s account is synced with GT Options, an unregulated binary options broker but it has a pretty good reviews going around. Hence, not much qualms on that. We also found out that Automated Cash App is synced with Binary Brokerz, which is a very new unregulated binary options broker established in 2014 and they are based in the UK. We have very little information about this broker because of their young age in this industry and we would not be very confident in the withdrawal capabilities as of this moment. We probably wait a little longer for more reviews on this broker should we ever decide to invest in this broker.

Automated Cash App’s Conclusion

Our conclusion on Automated Cash App is definitely a SCAM software, even our alleged founder, Jason Howe, provided us with evidence that his software has a 50% ITM on his first 8 trades instead of his claim of over 70%! We strongly advise not to invest your money into this binary options auto trading software and save your money. Please refer to our Binary Options Signals page for a reliable auto trading system which has positive reviews and tested by many traders around the world! Do remember that binary options is not a GET RICH QUICK platform, it would most certainly be profitable should you employ the right strategy and get reliable help! Good luck and trade safe!

Verdict: Automated Cash App is a SCAM!

Trusted Binary Options Signals/Auto Trading System!

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