Automata Formula Group Scam Review! George Coleman Steals Money!

Automata Formula Scam Review Auto Binary Software

Is Automata Formula a SCAM or LEGIT Trading Software?

Automata Formula, brought to us by George Coleman, the CEO of Automata Formula Group (AFG Asset Management) is taking the internet by storm. This viral binary options auto trading software promotes a 98% winning accuracy and $950 profits per hour income! Now obviously this is going to be eye-popping for many viewers especially when claims of making 5 figure income per day becomes a focus. But for some, they might think that Automata Formula is promising something impossible, very much like a “Get Rich Quick” scam! Thus, we investigated Automata Formula Scam to get a clearer picture, then ultimately exposes the truth! Please read before you invest!

Honestly, George Coleman’s allegation of producing an auto trader that could almost guarantee near 100% win rate (98% to be exact) is highly suspicious. Even more, crazy million dollars profits become the main focus and pledged by George himself. Beware! Our experience in binary trading has shown us similar offers or deals that don’t quite deliver its promises. Declaration such as 100% win or near it is impossible over a long period of time, notably every single day. Although there are indeed reliable auto traders around, our Automata Formula Scam Review exposes fraudulent behaviors with empty promises!

The Return of Scammer George Coleman!

Readers that are interested in making money online with Automata Formula Software will be disappointed George Coleman’s proposal! Instead of actually making $950/hour, we have received negative review stating its poor performance. It’s not surprising because the individual promoting Automata Formula is actually a scam actor! Similar to the Orion Code Scam, the exact same person has disguised as Edward Robinson and George Coleman. Hence, Automata Formula Scam is literally a comeback deception to fool traders!

Automata Formula George Coleman

In reality, the best automated trading software which we discovered and tested goes at best 83% win rate! Additionally, long-term profitability with legit auto traders allows 10% to 30% account growth per day! Unlike the Automata Formula Group’s Software, traders have complaint losing a significant amount of funds on the first day. As much as George declares his hate towards scams, the presentation video did make a statement of “George found a legal loophole 2 years ago”! Which is one the characteristic he declares as phony in the video too! Clearly, his contradiction towards his own software is highly suspicious!

That’s right, $950/hour can’t be achieved by a minimum deposit of $250! These are misleading statements made by phony software to lure inexperienced traders. Furthermore, scammers love to disguise their offer with luxurious dreams appearing like “Be a Millionaire Offer”. Truth is, binary options trading can be an exciting investment tool but Automata Software is simply a recipe for disaster! These too good to be true scams that promise unrealistic profits with minimal investment are common signs of frauds! READ BELOW AS WE DEBUNK AUTOMATA FORMULA!

Automata Formula Group (AFG Asset Management)’s Lies!

Automata Formula Software has zero genuine information in apart from fake details supporting their “get rich quick idea”. For one, our research on Automata Formula Group as an actual company reveals the shocking truth. THERE IS NO AUTOMATA FORMULA GROUP operating in the financial word. George blatantly lied about AFG being a binary options hedge fund firm! We sourced the original article that links back to and AFG Asset Management is NOT on the list!

Automata Formula Group Hedge Fund

Thus, with the discovery of the non-existing company, George’s claim of perfecting the impractical 100% win software by inviting 30 beta testers is an outright lie. The web page, have been actively hunting for innocent traders for more than 24 hours! George’s lies continue to stack even more when we attempt to research about his non-existing character too. Evidently, George was not an ex-Wall Street traders nicknamed the Golden Eagle since he’s a scam artist representing poor performing software!

What about the testimonial videos in the presentation videos? The fact that Automata Formula Software’s fake success stories are coming from paid actors as well, it’s not exactly a great source of demonstration. These individuals that supported Automata Scam are people who provide acting services at A cheap marketplace for people to read lying scripts for $5. Some of the actors are also seen in other scams which we have blacklisted previously! Hence, seeing this faces in an offer also indicates a high risk of trading frauds! Authentic trading software shall be provided by actual traders like us with real deposit!

Automata Formula Scam Testimonial

Automata Formula Conclusion!

Automata Formula is undoubtedly a SCAM Auto Trading Software with “losing money” algorithm! Our findings above merely supports the misleading nature of their offer with no authentic trading details. Unrealistic fantasy of earning $950 and fake actors promoting this poor performing software are common red flags we notice among frauds! The trading community also confirms the inaccuracy of details within this offers, especially after receiving negative feedback from scam victims!

Need a GOOD Auto Trading Solution for Inexperienced Traders?

Success in binary trading is achievable for everyone but only with the right tools and knowledge! There are many trading software similar to Automata Formula Scam that outright doesn’t care about its users. Such software is compiled in a list of scams that traders or investors should avoid depositing money into. More importantly, traders should work with effective trading tools which we have tested and proven to give profits! Also, traders can always benefit with an additional trading knowledge that could enable them to execute high-quality traders! Thus, supplementing additional income alongside the trading software as guidance.

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5 comments on “Automata Formula Group Scam Review! George Coleman Steals Money!


They guaranteed 100% win for this software!!..LOL.. rather easy to say this Orion Code just another crap scammer indeed!..please don’t bother investing in this service..thanks Sentinel for another important scam exposed!..please keep it up!

Benjamin Trader

I believe this scam is very similar to the Quantum Code too. Almost bought into that one though, luckily your article came at the right time. Great job Sentinel!

Blake G

Sneaky Fraudsters!!!!!!! Thanks bro. Can I know more about the SnapCash Binary Software? Issit making money?

Binary Options Sentinel

Hi Blake,
It’s working really great for us now. You can refer to We update it with regular test updates and profit results.


These crappy software does lighten up my day when I hear their typical BS in their presentation. Trading can be your success, but surely not with this Automata Bankcrupt Formula


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