Auto Trader Alpha Scam Review! Is Tim Gold a SCAM?

Auto Trader Alpha Binary Signal Scam Review

Auto Trader Alpha is a SCAM Review! Is Tim Gold’s Secret Algorithm a SCAM?

Welcome to our review of Auto Trader Alpha automated binary options trading software by Tim Gold. You have made a right choice by doing your due diligence before investing into Auto Trader Alpha to make the right decision. Chances are you may have been offered a “private invitation” to by spam emails or maybe clicked on an advert somewhere. Nevertheless, we are here to warn you about Tim Gold’s scam and above all, to not waste your money into this scam system.

Auto Trader Alpha is a binary options auto trading scam that is claimed to have a 96% accuracy that is able to double up your money within minutes. The one thing that we have learnt from review and blacklisting many other scam system is that when a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. We have not seen any auto trader that is capable of maintaining a winning percentage of over 90% accuracy. Even the best traders in the world are unable to achieve such a standard. Tim spent his time claiming many unrealistic and false facts like Auto Trader Alpha’s algorithm is the secret loop hole that makes millionaires to billionaires. However, that is not the most concerning red flag that we have identified during our investigation. Please continue reading our review for more fraud tactics that Auto Trader Alpha employs!

Why is Auto Trader Alpha a scam?

Although Tim tries to appear like a Robin Hood in his presentation video, the fact is not trustworthy at all. He claims that he had left his job in Wall Street to start his own company to help regular people to earn massive profits. But is Tim Gold truly an expert in his field where he worked with many billionaire clients where he aided the rich get richer? NO, he is not. We have identified that Auto Trader Alpha is a typical scam that is filled with inauthentic actors! The true identity of Tim Gold is Sean Dennison, and he is a paid actor that will say anything that the script says. We have attached the proof to his involvement with the Auto Trader Alpha scam HERE. So if Tim is a fake, how could we trust any of his claims! He is probably a character that has no idea what binary options trading actually is. Perhaps that is the only reason why he is comfortable saying all the unrealistic claims about Auto Trader Alpha!

Fake Testimonials Auto Trader Alpha Scam Review
Fake Testimonials with Paid Actors Reading Scam Scripts!

Tim blatantly demonstrated how his fund from $250 actually doubled up within minutes with 60 seconds trades and how he invested his entire fund into a trade. To be honest, his demonstration is a perfect recipe for your money to disappear! Trading with a 60 seconds trades with ALL of your funds is very risky and it is very similar to gambling a 50 50 chance. 60 seconds trades are too volatile to profit consistently over a long run. Aside from his claims of doubling up are very fraudulent, the testimonials that he attached as proof are also fake. We noticed that the paid actor that portrays as Tim Gold has a bunch of other paid actors that came along to produce Auto Trader Alpha’s scam too. The video testimonials from Mike Chan and Kate Mark are paid actors similar to Tim that can be sought after by you at It is quite shocking to realized that whatever that is being said from Auto Trader Alpha are all fabricated and FAKE! Guess Tim and the rest of the actors are prepared to receive an Oscar with their movie titled Auto Trader Alpha!

Judging from the proof mentioned above, we believe that it is rather easy to not put your trust into Auto Trader Alpha! The claims of Auto Trader Alpha being a profitable auto trading utilizing an algorithm that makes millions from Wall Street are all being said by an actor! Even Tim’s Robin Hood intentions that seemingly honest can’t be trusted as well. The Satisfaction Guarantee badge that claims to return your deposit if you are not satisfied is NOT going to happen. It is a blatant lie that scammers use just to prompt you to register with this fraud system!

Please DO NOT invest in Auto Trader Alpha scam!

Due to the reasons above, we highly recommend to STAY AWAY from Auto Trader Alpha and not risk your money with such a scam that features so many actors! If you are seeking for a reliable system to profit from binary options trading, do refer to our TRUSTED Auto Trader below! Should you have any question regarding binary options trading, please feel free to contact us at

Auto Trader Alpha’s Conclusion

We hereby declare that Auto Trader Alpha is a SCAM binary options auto trading system! This system is definitely joining our long list of Blacklist due to their unrealistic claims and over-promising profits from it’s presentation video. What’s worst is the alleged founder of Auto Trader Alpha, Tim Gold, is a paid actor and other video testimonials are also paid actors that comes from the same source.

Verdict: Auto Trader Alpha is a SCAM!

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