Auto Money Maker SCAM! DANGER Arthur McCool Software Review!

Auto Money Maker Binary trading Software Scam Review

Is Auto Money Maker Software a SCAM or LEGIT Auto Trading System?

Beware of the latest Auto Money Maker SCAM, traders! This Arthur McCool’s Software is just another reproduced fraud designed to entice newbie traders with false words! On a nutshell, the Auto Money Maker is nothing more than a poor performing trading robot that emphasizes on “Get Rich Quick Scheme”! Allegations of making $2,765 per day with a 92% win rate are Arthur’s reasons to why traders should place their trust! However, our study on this offer unfolds several distressing aspects within Arthur’s McCool Trading Robot, the Auto Money Maker! Read Below!

Extra Info: The Auto Money Maker System’s emphasis on luxurious cars, houses, and financial freedom clearly oversells its true potential. Although we are able to gain attractive profits from binary trading, fantasies such as overly expensive cars and houses are a little too impractical! We uncloak the Auto Money Maker fraud’s claims below and include reasons why it is unrealistic to invest with Arthur McCool!

Arthur McCool’s Auto Money Maker Lies!

If this is your first time hearing about binary trading, well, it’s not very much different as compared to another form of trading. Instead, binary trading’s basic concept is rather simpler to grasp since it is between Up or Down decision. Although its simplicity of understanding binary trading, traders is requires tools to increase their odds of getting a profitable trade. For instances, an auto trader would be a great tool if it has a functional algorithm with good accuracy. Many time, we observe fraudulent & dishonest software around that aims to only lure inexperienced trader into poor performing auto trading system. And, many inherits false promises.

Upon examining the Auto Money Maker, we found that its presentation is in fact, selling a “Get Rich Quick” type of software. The emphasis of rich lifestyles with expensive assets further enforces the ‘sales’ part with an impractical potential of profits. Despite Arthur expresses his dismay on software that is designed for sales only, it’s embarrassing to see that Auto Money Maker behaves like one too. Firstly, the lack of trading algorithm descriptions creates suspicions on the actuality of this software performance. Secondly, a win rate of 92% minimum as stated by Arthur McCool is basically impossible. Our ACTUAL Trading experience and other traders could vouch that such win rate is unrealistic. In fact, Arthur asserts that Auto Money Makers sometimes performs with 99% accuracy! Completely absurd!

Auto Money Maker Scam, like much other phony software, simply implies crazy profit potential with no actual or verifiable performance/results. Take for example the assertion of $6,000 from a $250 deposit from Arthur! It’s definitely not possible to grow your account 24 times within the first 24 hours of trading. Especially on proper money management where we only risk 5% of your total funds per trade. Thus, a realistic 10% to 30% account growth per day is what we usually observe! More alarming, we’ve looked into Auto Money Maker’s proof of success which we debunked below! They are fake!

Make Believe Auto Money Maker Scam Results & Proof!

After investigating the possibility of Auto Money Maker SCAM, we determined the true legitimacy of the Auto Money Maker Software. Which is a hands-down fraud offer! Upon auditing the testimonials, we find Auto Money Maker Software supports its fantasy claims with actors. We’ve seen some of these actors from marketplace that offers “script reading” services for $5 minimum. Also, scammers love to use these actors for its cost efficiency to produce their money sucking software. Scam software tends to use them and it’s also considered as a major sign of fraud.

Fake Testimonial Auto Money Maker Scam Arthur Mccool

Next, the so-called “Live Trade History” is not only unverified but also NOT LIVE for obvious reasons. We have access in October 2016 and it still indicates many “Open trade” in September 2016! Undoubtedly odd indeed! Furthermore, the trade history that shows profits are also altered to cover up their losses! Clearly that this trading history is untrustworthy and a lying offer! It’s always better to cross check trade executions with actual traders with real/authentic trade histories!

Auto Money Maker Fake Trade History

Auto Money Maker Conclusion

As a final point, with the debunked details above, we have no choice but to place Auto Money Maker into our SCAM list! This offer is evidently untrustworthy due to their false pledge of profits potential pairing with fake proof of success! The altered trade history is unforgivable with an obvious discrepancy that attempt to fool newbie traders! Luckily for us, it wouldn’t be too hard for an inexperienced trader to identify that mistake! Stay Away from this “Buy Your Luxurious House Software”!

Binary Software Best Solution!

Thank you readers for taking some time in understanding our Auto Money Maker Scam Review! This piece of writing hopes to share the basic outlook of binary options trading software and better investment tips. Despite the heavy influx of poor performing trading software, we do come across few good ones. So, do cross reference with our list of frauds before choosing to invest in any automated trading software. Should the trading app you are concerned about isn’t covered here, please let us know via comments so we’ll check it out!

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