Aurum Tech Review! Marco Shoemaker & AurumTech Inc SCAM Report!

Aurum Tech Scam Review

Is Aurum Tech a SCAM or LEGIT Auto Trading Software by AurumTech Inc?

Aurum Tech is a trading software by AurumTech Inc, founded by Marco Shoemaker, and a highly deceiving SCAM! This super viral fraud is asserting a 100% win guaranteed performance in their auto trader. Unfortunately, Aurum Tech Software’s performance is nothing but a fraudulent trading app. Meanwhile, we have seen countless high-quality production scams tarnishing the industry with some “Be a Millionaire Scheme”. Similar to Aurum Tech Scam, Marco tricks traders to invest $250 to be AurumTech Inc’s trainee and turn them into millionaires!Beware! Our Aurum Tech Review shall expose the TRUTH of this crooked deal!

Scam Investigated Login Page:

Making money online via auto-trading software or binary trading can be a profitable venture for everyone! However, scammers have produced countless scam software with a low quality algorithm that never actually makes money. Scams often camouflage themselves as a completely unrealistic and false “Get Rich Quick” type of offer. Binary options, unfortunately, is used by this con-artist as an avenue for them to create yet another type of “Ponzi Scheme”. So, it’s vital to avoid fraudulent software and invest with only recommended legit services. Aurum Tech is one perfect example of such fraud claiming $250 to millionaire and ZERO Losses where scam victims report falsity!

Who is Marco Pierre Shoemaker & AurumTech Inc?

Be a millionaire on the first year and earn $4,000 on the first day with $250 investment? Get real guys! Any traders could smell a scam from a mile away when an offer sounds too good to be true. Even though we do have success with auto trader, millionaire results or earning thousands with $250 deposit is unreal! Typically our daily goals would be 10% to 30% of account growth OR $100 – $200 a day from a $25 per trade value. Which is a realistic and achievable target using a legit auto trader? These false promises of being a millionaire by Marco Shoemaker are simply lies to lure inexperienced traders!

Also, we’re pretty sure that Marco Shoemaker, the alleged CEO of AurumTech Inc is a bogus character with no actual trading experience. Although he claimed to be a mid-level trader for a Wall Street broker, we notice much misleading information. For one, the Temporal Margin Exploitation (TME) with super fast connection speed doesn’t make sense. It’s a made-up trading concept that has zero logic and definitely not applicable in binary trading. Secondly, Marco himself is a scam actor that has appeared in an old viral scam known as “Push Money App“. While he was known as Dennis Moreland previously, it’s rather obvious that he is an actor sharing falsified trading knowledge.

We have attempted to investigate AurumTech Inc and discovered that the company doesn’t actually exist. Do take note that ArumTech Solutions is not the same entity as they are a legit IT company with an official website. Unlike this scam, there is no official page or any verifiable business entity anywhere over the internet. It’s not surprising, though since Marco himself is a fraud character thus AurumTech Inc is equally fictitious.

Legit Endorsements?

Considering that Marco Money himself is a suspicious character, we look into possible success stories or testimonies as well. In our journey to confirm the phony 100% Win Software, we detected falsehood in Aurum Tech testimonies. The news article by Financial Times, Sky News, CNN Money, and Bloomberg Business are forged by scammers. A quick research could confirm that there are no actual articles within any of the databases covering Marco Shoemaker. Additionally, his explanation of generating over 100 millionaires and zero losses in the past 6 years goes unproven. 100% win is not possible by the way, any traders can vouch for that!

Deeper study on the testimonials at reveals falsified statements made by fake users. It’s noticeable that scam-artist stolen pictures over the internet to support unrealistic claims. What about the trade history Alexei Mefdah shown in the video? Well, Aurum Tech’s 100% win trades are undoubtedly fake trades! You can see that the trades are dates back 6th and  7th Feb 2016, during a weekend! Financials markets closes during weekend making such trades impossible to be executed unless it’s futures. Even trading futures would only give results on the following Mondays because prices aren’t exactly trade-friendly.

AurumTech Inc Marco Shoemaker

Aurum Tech Conclusion!

With reference to our investigation results above, Aurum Tech is a SCAM traders should avoid! Aurum Tech’s presentation’s claims are impractical and unrealistic similar to typical “Get Rich Frauds”. Thus, providing low-quality trading performance in auto trading results at below satisfactory level. Bogus characters such as Marco himself resembling an old scam flags yet another misleading offer. Sham Aurum Tech Inc is only going to bust your account within the first day of trading flooding negative complaints in our community.

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Best Make Money Auto Trader!

As mentioned, there’s many scam software lurking around to deceive viewers with poor performing auto trader. Despite that, it’s really nice to identify great auto trading software capable of earning profits! So, viewers will avoid all the Blacklisted Scams and invest in reliable software! It will be vital for interested traders to employ the right tools able to earn money online!

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