Arab Money Machine Review – SCAM Details Exposed!

Arab Money Machine Scam Review

Is Arab Money Machine a Cheat or Good Trading Software?

Arab Money Machine by Daryll Graham, the alleged CEO and founder of this Trading Software announces crazy millionaire potential! With a pledge of having a high chance of making you a millionaire and over $20,000 per day. All this with a small investment of less than $300! Before you get too excited about this trading opportunity, please read our Arab Money Machine Review before investing! I will be discussing some information that reveals this scam that doesn’t genuinely perform well.

More often than not, any opportunity that promises millions of dollars of return on small investment or effort are fraudulent! Especially when it comes to financial instruments related to online trading. If you are wondering whether can you actually make money by trading the markets? Yes, you can! But to earn millions or thousands per day with hundreds of dollars capital is very unrealistic! Arab Money Machine is an example of a trading software that is actually a “Get Rich Quick” Scam with poor trading results to steal your money.

Traders Note: My personal experience of on trading the markets allows me to gain 10% – 30% account gain per day as a realistic goal. In the other hand, with a minimum $25 per trade, I managed to achieve $100 per day average on my account. Although not every single day is ‘Sunday’ as markets tend to act differently every day. But if you would like to know how I achieve such learning, please refer to the “Best Software” Page.

Arab Money Machine Scam Aspects!

According to the presentation, Arab Money Machine is a trading software that runs on an algorithm based on Oil trading strategy. It claims to be able to generate at least $20,000 to $50,000 per day on autopilot. In addition to that, Daryll asserts that this very app was so effective that it made 1,300 people in the UAE 2 million dollars. So much so that it appears in CNN news covering this success story.

Guess what? My research reveals that none of it is actually true. On the contrary, the trading community shows more hatred towards Arab Money Machine due to its money-losing performance. More complaints come in every single day when more newbie traders use this trading app. This is why I and my team strives to expose such poor quality trading tool into our Blacklist.

Just to be clear, Arab Money Machine was never featured on CNN news ever! The scam artist showed us a fake snapshot of an article that never existed! Moreover, a quick check within the trading community quickly disproves the 1,200 so called ‘rich UAE’ residence to be a fantasy. I’ve actually heard UAE traders lost their initial investment due to this Arab Money Machine scam.

Who is Daryll Graham of Arab Money Machine?

Another typical scam tactic I see among all those I have exposed is the use of bogus founder/CEO and phony testimonials. These are scam strategies that scammers love to use to trick viewers on their unrealistic success. For instances, Daryll Graham is not a real person because the picture used to depict himself is actually a stock photo. Whereby many other sites uses the very same picture to advertise their product. Hence, his story about himself nor Cedric, his computer engineer friend isn’t trustworthy.

Plus, I stumbled upon familiar scam actors that support Arab Money Machine lies too. It is common to find scams that use actors from to read their scripted profits that can never be real. Any experienced trader would tell you that your potential profits depend on your initial investment. Hence, it is wiser to judge your account growth on a percentage basis rather than numeric amount.

The reality is that legit trading method or tool can indeed grow your account with some basic knowledge and know-how. But Arab Money Machine is clearly not a trading software that anyone should rely on to get trading signals nor executions! Even the trade history in the member’s area aren’t focusing on ‘Oil’ as their underlying asset. Which is very strange since Daryll claims that this software trades Oil!

So, it is very likely that the trade history is a fake as well.

Arab Money Machine Results CNN

Arab Money Machine Review Verdict

Referring to the information above, Arab Money Machine is a dangerous SCAM! More often than not, when an offer that sounds too good to be true, promising you being a millionaire, it’s a huge scam. It is unfortunate that scammers decide to tarnish the trading industry with “Get Rich Quick” software that has no actual capability in making good trades. You will be better off investing elsewhere with a realistic approach and proven success. (Demonstration video available at Binary Options Sentinel Home Page)

Earning Extra Income via Trading!

Basically, there is two approach you can take to trade online, using an Auto Trading Software or Manually Trade. You can either do one or even both depending on your daily schedule as they are viable methods. However, please make sure to avoid trading offers listed in my Blacklist as they are SCAMS that will not make you money!

Auto Trading – This is suitable for investors that have a busy schedule and limited time in managing their investment account. Hence, the trading software will be executing trades on your behalf utilizing an algorithm. Users only need to be cautious of the time of usage and settings which are covered in my ‘Best Software’ Reviews! As mentioned above, avoid fraudulent software and only use the Tested & Proven Trading App listed Below!

Manual Trading – For those prefer to be hands-on in trading to pick up a new skill in life, you can learn trading strategies and method. Or even follow trading signals/recommendations. You can also use a Manual Trading Signal Software to get access to trading signal with specific direction and expiry. Be sure to sign up for a Free Demo Account to test them out and practice your executions for optimal win rate too. Check out BELOW for example of good ‘Manual Trading Software’ & Review for more Details!

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