Amissio Formula Scam Review! 100% Accuracy, Zero Loss?

Amissio Formula Auto Binary Signal Scam Review

Amissio Formula is a SCAM Review!

Please read our review on Amissio Formula before investing into this binary options auto trading system!

The Amissio Formula is one of the latest scam binary options auto trading system in 2016 with it’s highly ambitious claims of being the only NO LOSS TRADING ROBOT! This claim alone is enough to tick us reviewers off and instantly label Amissio Formula as a scam, no doubt! There is no such thing as a Zero Loss system and 100% win trading system in the world! Among the extravagant claims that scam systems used, this is the most ridiculous claim to actually be said! Even a young teenager can judge this system logically and smell scam from a mile away. Well, we’re going to continue our review anyway to highlight other scam-like aspects from this system that viewers should be aware of.

Amissio Formula’s Claimed Background

Craig Phillips the alleged CEO and founder for Amissio Holdings claims that this system was made by 4 other professional traders and they have made the first version of Amissio Formula in 2014. Craig was previously Head Trading Supervisor for one of the largest banks in the world where he was responsible to oversee trading activities on the trading floor. However, in 2008, the financial crisis hit the world and thus reducing the amount of money that he could make dramatically from his current job. Due to the drastic change of potential income, he had invited 4 best traders to quit their jobs and to create an auto trader to earn money for themselves. Which where the first version of Amissio Formula was created, which has a claimed result of having 90%. The 2014 beta testers group that had the opportunity to use this system back then were claimed to already be millionaires right now with earnings of $800 to $4,000 per day. Of course, in this current offer, Craig claims that he and his team had improved the 90% accuracy system to a currently “NO LOSS trading software” since then. Hence, as what viewers will see now on the webpage, offering this no loss trading software to a limited 50 beta testers only!

Amission Holdings and Craig Phillips a Bogus Fictional Characters?

Craig’s attempt to represent this scam system as one of the fruits from Amission Holdings, however we are unable to verify the existence of this company! The webpage itself represents this product as Amission Formula and the terms of condition did not include any Amission Holdings for any liability terms too. It just clearly shows that even the narrator himself fears to represent Amission Holdings as a company because it just does not exist! Craig Phillips who claims to be a former trading supervisor is also a fabricated character. There are no information about him or Amission Formula aside from this newly created webpage and the Amission Formula’s webpage is currently about 1 month old only! This is simply just another fabricated story to further support their scam product, Amission Formula! Moreover, Craig claims that “trading is 24 hours a day 7 days a week” while trying to highlight the potential of profits with this scam system. As a former trading supervisor, he should know that there are no trading activities on weekends! Clearly, Craig has no experience in trading and yet he promotes an automated trading system.

Amissio Formula Auto Binary Signal Scam Review

Shady Demonstration and Fake Trade History

The trading platform that was shown in the demonstration video reveals that there is both auto trading and manual trading function. This means that users can either choose which signals to trade with or let it run completely on auto-pilot. The additional features that is added is the compounding trade, where the investment per trade will increase based on your current funds. However, we do not see any setting to change the investment size in the first trade. This may be something to be cautious about as users. We certainly do not want the program to actually tell us how much to invest. Compounding may be a great options but it is not advisable to do it with a deposit of $250!

Apart from that, the scam maker is nice enough to attach a trade history to further support his 100% win while running for over 400 days. As we have mentioned before, that is impossible and it will only lead to disappointment should anyone choose to believe in this system. Apart from that, there are also trading activities indicated during the weekends! There is definitely no trade markets open during the weekend! As uneducated as Craig which mentioned that trading activities happen 7 days a week, it just further proves that the narrator himself and the system developer have no idea what trading is.

Amissio Formula Fake Trade History Scam Review
Fake Trade History! Trading Activities on Weekends!

Amissio Formula Conclusion

We conclude that Amissio Formula is a scam binary options auto trading system! The claim of having 100% accuracy and never lost a trade is an impossible and over-ambitious statement! There is no such thing as 100% certainty in trading. Apart from that, scam-like aspects like bogus CEO and company, Amissio Holdings paired with fake trade history that indicates trade activities on weekends further enhance our suspicious on this system. We advise our viewers to stay away from this system and not waste your money to Amissio Formula!

Verdict: Amissio Formula is a SCAM!

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4 comments on “Amissio Formula Scam Review! 100% Accuracy, Zero Loss?


I keep getting emails from these people telling me to invest with this scam software. I almost did until I found some reviews like you guys telling the truth. Thank you guys, great work!

Binary Options Sentinel

Glad that this review helps, Paul. 🙂


hello is there any truth behind this automated trading ?, i wanted to invest in the Drexel code software but i wanted to find out first , can you review them please or prehaps help to fid legitimate ones?

Binary Options Sentinel

Hello Jonkie, we have indeed wrote a review on Drexel Code and similar to Amissio Formula, we blacklisted them. You can read our review on Drexel at

So far, we truly believe Copy Buffett Software to be the most reliable and they are truly a legit auto trading system. You can read about it here

Please feel free to contact us if you have any more question.


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