Altronix Trading App Scam Review! Using Social Media to Trade?

Altronix App Scam Review

Altronix App is a SCAM Review!

Please read our review on Altronix App before investing into this binary options auto trading system!

Altronix App is a new binary options auto trading system that is presented by Frank Sounders, the alleged founder for Altronix App. This system is inspired by the famous phrase on Wall Street “buy on the rumor, sell on the news”. This auto trading system is designed to keep track of news released, twitter news and other social media which acts as an indicator for trade executions. The trade execution is claimed to be able to be done within milliseconds upon news/social media release. The Altronix App is said to be able to perform all that task automatically where users is not needed to sit in front of the computer or do any monitoring.So far, there is indeed studies and theories that Twitter is used to measure the potential market, however it is not proven to be a consistent indicator as a sole source of trading signals. Additionally, prices may just stabilized within minutes should there be a certain spike that occurred due to the noises from social media. While having a theory that may be effective in trading in certain situations, we found that some of Frank’s claims to be suspicious! Please read our review for more details!

Altronix App Suspicious Claims

This system has recently goes live and we have already seen quite a few negative reviews surfacing around the net. On top of that, we hear that there are some unfortunate traders that already lost money to this scam system. To be entirely honest, there is not much we can work with in this review other than Frank’s word of mouth. His words are the only source of information that we can look into and just by watching the video once, we are able to identify some unrealistic and misleading claims mentioned in the video.

We shall list the unrealistic and misleading claims in the list below just so that it is organized for your viewing pleasure:

  • Based on Frank’s explanation, Altroniz App is so advanced that it is able to scan through billions of bytes of data that appears in the web. On top of that, it is able to scan through OFFLINE content too. Whereby, the system will store and process all the information and execute trades within a split second. The most suspicious factor in this claim is that the system is able to process offline data as well. How can we believe that such a system is able to extract data if it is offline? It is clearly a bold statement to be made and it is clearly impossible.
  • Altronix will enter and exit trades in milliseconds while trading in the market. Any experienced binary options trader can share that there is this delay that exist within binary options brokers’ trading platform. No matter whether it is Spot Options, Tech Financials or any other platform, there will be delays and lag occurring from time to time. Hence, this prevents auto trading system to execute trades in milliseconds consistently. On the topic of exiting trades, well, this is rather a stupid claim to make in binary options, because unlike forex, binary options has a fixed expiry time. So trading systems OR traders have no choice but to abide by the expiry.
  • The claim that anyone can use this program is logically true, but not advisable! Trading in binary options is more suited for 18 years old and above! We also advise beginner traders to equip themselves with some basic trading knowledge before using trading system or trade independently.
  • While we do not have solid evidence of Altronix App prior to it’s website registration which is dated on February 9 2016, the presentation video shared trading demonstration dated in September 2015. Which leads to a highly suspicious demonstration! The demonstration is therefore a fake and fabricated demonstration which we can’t trust.
  • The “Best Software of 2016 award” is highly suspicious as well since it is only the beginning of the year! There is no endorsement for that award which we can verify as well. Apart from that, the CNN Money, BBC and CNBC endorsement which is placed at the bottom of the webpage is also fake. We are unable to find any related article of news with regards to Altronix in all three databases.
Altronix App Fake Endorsement and Award Scam Review
Fake Award which can’t be verified and Fake Endorsements from Famous Publishers!

Altronix App’s Fabricated Founder and Meaningless Spot Counters

Who is Frank Sounders? That is a question which we have tried to find out but to no avail. We are unable to source for his details apart from negative reviews which surrounds Altronix App. He clearly does not have Facebook account, Linkedin or any other social media account which could prove his existence. We believe that he is a fabricated character paid to represent this scam system since articles online available in the net online consist mostly negative reviews about this system.

The fake founder also mentioned that only 50 spots available left to get Altronix App. This is simple a high pressure sales tactic to create a sense of urgency in hopes to encourage sign-ups to this scam system! We hope that our viewers realize that there is no need to rush to sign up for such systems! It will still be available online in couple months the road even after 50 people have been scammed. The only reason that Altronix website is offline is due to the overwhelming negative reviews! There is no turning back after investing in scam system, hence, better to be safe and do your research prior to signing up!

Altronix App’s Conclusion

We conclude that Altronix App is a scam binary options auto trading system due to the fabricated owner, meaningless high pressure sales tactic, unrealistic and suspicious claims about this system! There are probably more scam-like aspects which are not in this review, but we are sure that should our viewers do their own research, they will be able to highlight more suspicious aspects and false credentials.

Verdict: Altronix App is a SCAM!

Best Binary Options Signal or Auto Trading System 2016! Safer than Altronix App!

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4 comments on “Altronix Trading App Scam Review! Using Social Media to Trade?


Wish I found this review sooner. I already lost my starting capital. To anyone that’s reading DO NOT invest they are a scam.


Great article!! I have already received 3 emails about the Altronix app software, and was unsure on whether to try it or not. I am glad I came across your article before registering for this system. Keep up the good work.


Thanks for the review Sentinel! It kinda seem convincing at first, but after reading this review, I think it is too risky!

Max Carlton

Thanks for the Review Sentinel… yes this app does look a bit too suspect. Best to just avoid it altogether


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